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Top 3 All-Around Boards


You’ve ended up here for a reason. What is that reason? Are you looking to buy a new all-around inflatable SUP?

I hope that’s the reason because then we can help! Here are our Top 3 All-Around boards we tested in 2018.

Paddling Inflatable SUPs

What You’ll Find Here

A brief write up of each wonderful item, followed by a link to an in-depth review for those who want to nerd out. You’ll also be treated to such delicacies as a comparison table for the on-the-go buyers and summary of which SUP is for who! Lastly, you’ll notice these were picked with a low, middle and high range budget in mind.

May your new all-around serve you well!

 iRocker All-AroundERS SkylakeRed Paddle Co Ride
11 All Around by iRocker
Price $$$$$$
Length 10' or 11'10'6"10'6"
Weight27 lbs (11')22 lbs22 lbs
Weight Capacity435 lbs (11')220 lbs220 lbs
🙂All accessories
High weight capacity
Lightweight fusion technology
Flexible fins
All fins removable
Special deckpad
Lightweight, compact design
LOTS of performance
High quality materials
🙁Heavier than the rest
Less performance
No paddle
Not much storage space
No extra handles on board
No accessories included
Tri-fin thruster setup tricky for

iRocker 10’/11′ All-Around

Blue and White SUP

The 2018 Model of the iRocker All-Around saw an upgrade in materials and style. Opting to go for a quad layer board to increase rigidness and durability, the difference was noted.

While the fin setup as well at thickness doesn’t offer the same performance as the others listed here, the iRocker All-Around is a bargain for what you get. Not only will this SUP stand the test of time, but you also are equipped with everything you could ever need from the get-go. The other plus side it has on the others is its ability to attach a kayak seat, so you get a huge amount of versatility out of the board.

Full Review

ERS 10’6 Skylake 

In the middle of the price ranges here is the ERS Skylake SUP. It’s got some really cool features like all its removable flexy fins as well as the raised heel and kick pad. Built with a fusion technology to keep the weight down but the rigid feeling up. It’s versatility as an all-around board comes with its pre mentioned fin setup.

You get the most of your performance by being able to swap fins out. If you were paddling shallow waters, you can chuck in a low profile fin or if touring, a single large center fin. The flexy plastic the fins are made from also protect them from any damage by allowing them to bend and move against objects. Just a note though, no paddle is included in this kit.

Note: Use the code SUPBOARDGUIDE at checkout. You also get a free fiberglass paddle worth $169 as well as a free leash ($39)!

Full Review

Red Paddle Co 10 ‘6 Ride

Red Paddle Co Ride

The most popular kid in the town, of course, gets a mention. Red Paddle Co’s Ride is one of the most well known and bought inflatable SUPs on the market. For the right person, this is a dream board to own. Though it comes with a price tag, it definitely is justifiable. Not only is it made with some of the best technology and materials, but it’s also a fun, versatile SUP. It’s got all fixed flexy fins for a quick setup/ stress-free paddling in all conditions.

Though it’s worth noting for beginners having a thruster style setup on your first SUP may take some getting used to. You may be doing donuts until you get the hang of your paddling strokes without that large center fin you find on most other boards. This board is tough as concrete, you can follow links in the full review to watch a video of it being run over by a 22-tonne digger. Keep in mind no paddle is included in this kit.

Full Review

The Final 3 Conclusion

Yo! Break it down!

No, I’m not going to rap this out to you. I’m definitely not that creative. I’ll make it as straightforward as I can though.

The most versatile SUP, as far as in what conditions you can get the most performance out of your board in, would be the Skylake. Largely due to its dynamic fin options. However, if you want a lot of performance in more advanced conditions like rapids, surf, etc. then the Ride will definitely serve you. For those who aren’t quite at those levels, the iRocker all-around is amazing value for what you get.

Get in all-around it! (Sorry couldn’t resist)

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