GILI Meno 11’ 6’’ SUP Board Review – 2020

Gili Meno 11'6 Inflatable SUP













  • Long, wide all-around SUP with fantastic stability.
  • Incredible 485 lbs weight capacity, able to support two adult paddlers.
  • Durable dual-layer PVC construction + carbon rails for extra rigidity.
  • 17 D-rings + 3 Scotty mounts + 1 action mount. Heavy accessory compatibility.
  • Two beautiful color options. Iconic GILI turtle stamp found on the underside.
  • $12 to $15 of every purchase supports ocean preservation charities!


  • While the deckpad is comfortable, deeper grooves or diamond traction pad would make it truly great.

SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Review

Those who are in the market for a great family or tandem all-around that you can hike in with will appreciate the Gili Meno 11’6’’.270 liters fully inflated, the Gili Meno 11’ 6’’ is the largest and most stable SUP produced by GILI Sports. Capable of supporting between 485 to 500 lbs depending on your skill level, this SUP not only fits paddlers of every size but can support paddling with kids, pets, or a partner as well. The long 11’ 6’’ length and versatile fin set helps it maintain great tracking and glide, and with some practice you won’t have too much trouble turning the Meno 11’6’’ either. The dual-layer fusion balances strong durability with maintaining lightness, the SUP weighing just 24 lbs. Carbon rails add further protection, while also increasing the firmness of the SUP for maximum comfort, stability, and overall performance. Lastly, the included paddle, kit, and pump are all great as well, and includes everything you need to get on the water right out of the box.

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SUP Board Specs

Weight24 lbs
Rider Capacity (lbs)485 lbs
Recommended Inflation12-18 PSI
  • Tri-fin setup, US center fin, snap in side fins
  • 5 pieces:
  • Center fin: 9’’, 4.5’’, 3’’
  • Side fins: 4’’
Paddle TypeCarbon fiber shaft, Nylon blade
Weight: 29 ounces
MaterialsDual-layer, fusion laminated military grade PVC with a drop stitch core, carbon rails

Who Should Buy This Stand Up Paddle Board:

The GILI 11’6’’ Meno has something to satisfy almost every type of paddler out there. Those who will like it the most though include:

  • Beginner paddlers trying to get used to standing on the water, especially larger paddlers.
  • Paddleboarders who want something they can comfortably use with their kids, pets, or a partner.
  • Anyone who wants a light SUP they can hike long distances with while still having premium performance.
  • Those who want an all-around SUP that they can stretch out on, or even use for yoga.
  • Fishers who want a very stable SUP with the basic essentials like a few D-rings and Scotty mounts.

You can configure your fins to make the most of wherever you want to go. Regardless of the fins, you’ll have the most fun on:

  • Still, calm, open water settings like a lake, bay, or marina.
  • Easy going ocean waves.
  • Light chop and wind. With some experience and the right mindset, you can enjoy some moderate chop and wind as well without too much trouble.
  • Slow going rivers and small, easier rapids (and we’d recommend the 10’6 Meno over the 11’6 for whitewater because it’s more maneuverable).



SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Stability
With a weight capacity of 485 lbs, the Gili Meno 11’6’’ is among the most stable SUPs on the market. The 35’’ wide deck and 11’6’’ length gives you plenty of room for yourself, kids, pets, or even another adult paddler for a tandem experience. Even beginners won’t have too much trouble paddling with another person on this SUP.

Larger paddlers, especially those who might have struggled finding a SUP that would support them in the past, will love the stability of the 11’6’’ Meno.

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SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Maneuverability
Given that this is an 11’6” x 35” iSUPyou might expect it to have poor maneuverability. What we found was quite the opposite, that the Meno 11’6’’ was highly maneuverable! We had no problems exploring the water with this SUP, despite its long length and wide deck. The lighter, 24 lbs build of the SUP is a huge influence on the maneuverability, though the multi-piece fin set and carbon rails boosted performance and maneuverability as well. If you know how to do a step back turn, you’ll have zero problem navigating the water with the Gili Meno 11’6’’.

SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Tracking1


SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Tracking

If you want a SUP that can just hold its momentum and go straight, the Meno 11’6’’ will certainly do just that. The long length of the SUP, along with the high quality 9’’ center fin, will help even inexperienced paddlers go where they want as they improve their paddle technique. The 4.5’’ and 3’’ center fins help with tracking as well if you are in a shallow water environment where the 9’’ fin is just too long.

The Meno 11’6’’ glides comfortably on the water, and with the raised rocker you won’t have too much trouble handling light chop. The lightness of the SUP does it make it a little tricky to handle in moderate chop or wind, and you will suffer a small performance loss no matter your skill level. If you are adventurous and experienced though, we think you can still have a fun time even with some moderate winds and water conditions.


SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Materials
The Gili Meno 11’6’’ is constructed with dual-layer fusion military grade PVC with a drop stitch core, and further enhanced by carbon rails. If that’s a lot to take in, no worries, as we’re here to break down what each of those terms mean.

The innards of the Meno 11’6’’ is the tight drop stitch core. Thousands of strings connect several sheets of fabric together that expand with air, acting as an inflatable. Instead of being shaped like a balloon though, the strings help the inflatable attain the SUP shape you see above. Like other inflatables, it can burst if it is pierced, so several layers of fused military grade PVC is applied. The dual-layer fusion helps the Meno 11’6’’ attain the ultra stability and high SUP performance that it has, while maintaining a light 24 lbs weight. The PVC also helps protect the Meno 11’6’’ against the accidental drop or collision with rocks, sticks, and other objects on the water.

The Meno 11’6’’ also has carbon fiber composite rails, which further protects the seams of the SUP. However, carbon rails are awesome because they also increase overall SUP performance without significantly increasing weight or cost. The carbon rails increase the rigidity and firmness, further helping the inflatable SUP feel like a hard paddleboard. Between the carbon rails and the dual-layer fusion, the Meno 11’6’’ is definitely a well put together SUP.

Board Design/Shape

SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Board Design
The long, 11’6’’ length will help you track straight in the water and maintain your momentum as you paddle. A 35’’ deck with the 6’’ thickness provides stability and strength to support up to 500 lbs. While a little bit wider than most all-arounds, you’ll be able to engage in a ton of fun activities without feeling like you’re being left behind by your friends.

While it takes a little work to build up your speed, the Meno 11’6’’ can be used for fun races or long distance paddling alike. Those interested in yoga or just the occasional stretch will have plenty of room to spread out on their SUP. The included Scotty mounts make this a good option for fishers who want the essentials for fishing while maintaining good all-around performance. Due to its lightweight nature, the Meno 11’6’’ design even lends itself to be a good premium SUP you can hike long distances with. Whatever you do with it though, you’ll appreciate the stability the Meno 11’6’’ provides.

Board Features

SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Features
Another reason why we love the Gili Meno 11’6’’ is because of how many awesome features it includes out of the box. Some that stick out the most include:

  • Carbon Rails: Generally, the more rigid and firm a SUP is, the higher performance you’ll get. Adding additional PVC layers helps accomplish this, but so do carbon rails. It can make rolling up your SUP a bit trickier, but otherwise they’re a great inclusion that increases the overall performance of the Meno 11’6’’.
  • Dual-layer fusion military grade PVC construction: The dual-layer fusion offers a great balance between protecting your SUP, providing the weight support you need, and also staying light enough to hold. A 2-year warranty and 60-day guarantee also help protect you against the rare thing where something serious goes wrong with the SUP.
  • Dual Bungee caro area: The forward bungee area is great for large containers, while the rear bungee area can hold bags you need quick access to. Coolers, gear boxes, and dry bags can all be quickly and easily stored underneath these bungees. You can also use your front bungees as a makeshift paddle holder as well!
  • 17 D-rings + 3 Scotty Mounts + 1 Action Mount: We would like the D-rings to be a little thicker, but they will still work for clipping on most SUP accessories and bags. Fishers will be able to use the 3 Scotty mounts with rod holders and other fishing accessories. Finally, the nose action mount is great if you have a GoPro camera mount, cell phone mount, or speaker mount you’d like to take with you while paddling.
  • Carbon Fiber Shaft, 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle: This ergonomic paddle rests easy in the palm of your hand, and can be adjusted to most adult paddler heights in seconds. Weighing just 29 ounces, this is a lightweight paddle that is great to have right out of the box.
  • Three Carry Handles: The center handle is the best, with a neoprene cover that isn’t just nice to hold, but doesn’t irritate cold or wet hands either. The two other handles don’t have the neoprene, but they still work great for pairs wanting to carry this long SUP together.
  • Long Eva traction pad: Outside of the forward bungee area, the EVA traction deck pad covers much of the SUP. The EVA foam won’t get hurt by the water, while staying smooth and soft for standing, sitting, or stretching activities alike. We would like some grooves or a diamond texture for increased traction, but it provides good grip to help you stay on your feet as it is!
  • 2 Color Options: Available in blue and teal, the pictures we’ve used feature the blue option for the Gili Meno 11’6’’.
  • Charitable Donation with Every Purchase: The turtle symbol stamped on the bottom of the Meno 11’6’’ is a pledge. With every brand new purchase of this SUP, $15 to $18 dollars is donated to ocean wildlife charities and preservation efforts. You’re not just getting a great board, but are making a step towards improving the world too!


SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Fins

We’re really happy with the fins included for the Gili Meno 11’6’’ kit. The side fins are easy to install, snap lock fins that you can use in deep and shallow water alike for increased stability. The fantastic thing with the Meno 11’6’’ though is the center fin, which you can change out for three different options:
Gili Meno 11’6’’ Center Fin Options:

  • 9” Center Fin. You’ll get increased tracking and stability in traditional water environments with this fin.
  • 4.5” Speed fin. You’ll get increased speed and maneuverability in traditional water environments with this fin.
  • 3” River Fin. You’ll get a bit of a performance boost with this fin, but it’s meant for shallow waters where the other two fins aren’t an option.

The center fin box is also a standard US fin box. While the included fins will be more than enough for most paddlers, the center fin box is compatible with many other fins as well. If you want to fine tune your performance even more than you already can, you’ll be able to do so with the Meno 11’6’’.

Deck Pad

SUP Board Guide Gili Meno Deck Pad
For the most part, we do like the deck pad on the Gili Meno 11’6’’. It’s nice and long, giving plenty of space to do yoga, fishing, or other activities beyond just paddling on the SUP. The EVA foam is smooth, soft, and fuzzy, so besides being nice on your feet kids and pets will enjoy sitting on it as well. The design, be it blue or teal, usually stays clean and can hide most stains well, and water that does get on it tends to dry or drain from the deck pad fast.

Be that as it may, it is an area we would really like to see improved in the future. Previous GILI Sports SUPs had a diamond textured deck pad, which we would like to see make a return as they improve grip alot. Something else that might be changed is adding traction grooves on the SUP, as the lines you see are just for looks. Even making the deck pad thicker than it already is would help, though hopefully not at the expense of significantly increasing the SUP weight


There are three handles of varying quality on the Gili Meno 11’6’’. All of them are good, though only the center handle is great. Made with a neoprene cover, you can grip the center handle without hurting your hand no matter how cold or wet they are. The other two handles are firm and tightly built into the SUP, located on the nose and rear of the board. However, we do find these handles not as comfy as the center handle, and can be rough on wet or freezing skin. It’s a very minor thing, but it would definitely be another positive if a future Meno 11’6’’ covered all three handles with the neoprene.

D-Rings/Bungees/Cargo Areas

With 17 D-rings, the Meno 11’6’’ is more than ready for a wide assortment of accessories you can clip onto inflatable paddle boards. We have noticed that the D-rings are a little smaller than what we generally see on SUPs, although it hasn’t proved to be an attachment problem yet. Accessories you’ve used with other SUP D-rings in the past should still work with these D-rings, though we would like to see these rings made bigger in the future to match other SUPs.

Beyond the D-rings though, you have the large forward bungee area and small rear bungee area for boxes, containers, or dry-bags that you can lock down without even clipping in. The 3 Scotty mounts, one in front of the center handle and two on the rear, work great with fishing accessories. There’s also an action mount on the nose of the SUP for GoPro camera mounts and similar screw in mounts, with additional mounts available from GILI Sports. There’s a ton of compatibility for add-ons with the Gili Meno 11’6’’, further making it a great SUP for every type of paddler.

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Carbon Fiber 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle

Carbon Fiber paddles are some of the lightest paddles on the market, so it’s fantastic that it’s included with the Meno 11’6’’ right out of the box. Weighing just 29 ounces, you’ll have no using the paddle for hours, especially with the well designed and easy to adjust grip. The whole paddle itself is easy to adjust, with the sliding shaft customizable for any adult paddler 5’ and taller. You won’t have any problem adjusting and switching out the paddle with your friends, and it will float in the water if you accidentally drop it while trading with your buddy. The paddle also breaks down into 3 separate pieces, making it easy to store in your SUP bag.


The dual-chamber, triple-action pump can inflate even this large SUP in 10 to 15 minutes by following the instructions printed on chambers of the pump. GILI Sports pumps deserve special praise though for also including a separate nozzle that you can use to deflate your SUP as well. Adults and teenagers alike should be able to use the dual-chamber SUP pump without too much trouble.


The 2020 GILI Sports backpack got some nifty upgrades over past backpacks. The bag itself is thicker, which will provide better protection against rips, tears, and from the sand and water that will get on it. The front compartment is useful for storing small items like keys, your wallet or some food, besides your fins and leash. The SUP, pump, and paddle all fit in the main bag compartment, which is built with extra space so you don’t feel cramped like with a tent. The top handle was there before, but the handle on the side is new to the 2020 Gili Meno 11’6’’ kit for easy short distance carrying. If you do intend to hike with this board, the shoulder backpack straps are adjustable, besides the back of the bag being padded. Lastly, the Meno SUP bag also has roller wheels, a feature not included with any of the other GILI Sports kit bags. We really like the improvements they’ve made to the kit bag, and overall find it very durable but comfortable to wear.


The 10’ coiled leash is easy to use. You can wrap it around your ankle or calf, and connect the other end to one of the D-rings. The leash is meant to help your SUP stay close if you fall off, with the coiled nature of the leash helping you avoid tripping over it as you paddle.

What the leash won’t do is help you stay afloat if you fall off. Most countries around the world already have laws requiring you to have a PFD when you paddleboard. For those few places that don’t require one, we still recommend going out with a PFD. It’ll keep you safer as you paddle, and many cool new PFD options will help you float without impacting your paddling technique.

Repair Kit

The repair kit is simple, with two key items you can use if something goes wrong on your SUP. The patches are meant to seal small holes and tears in the Meno 11’6’’, though they won’t work if the tear is on the seam. The inflation wrench can be used to tighten the Halkey-Roberts inflation valve if it comes loose with use and time. For any significant damage or problems, we recommend going to GILI Sports directly.

Optional Accessories

If you look online or at your local surf shop, there’s going to be many different accessories that should work with your Gili Meno 11’6’’. GILI Sports themselves also make a few that are guaranteed to work with this SUP. Those we recommend taking a look at include:

  • Kayak conversion seat
  • Paddleboard carry straps
  • Waterproof dry bag
  • Waterproof phone case

Company Review – GILI Sports

Founded by Jay Regan, GILI Sports was founded and continues to operate based around two principles. These two objectives are to build the best stand up paddleboards they can, and to do so in a sustainable way that will help save the world’s oceans. With this goal in mind, every GILI Sports SUP sold will contribute $15 to $18 dollars to an ocean charity. Charities like the Coral Reef Alliance, Project Aware, Oceana, and Save our Turtles have all greatly benefited from GILI Sports SUP sales. If you buy a GILI Sports SUP with the turtle stamp on the bottom, know that you’ve made a small contribution to restoring our world’s oceans.

GILI Sports is a great company beyond their charitable efforts, as their products have extensive coverage as well. The GILI Meno 11’6’’ is covered by a 60-day guarantee and a 2-year warranty. If anything goes wrong with your SUP, they are fast to respond and happy to do what they can to help. Their SUPs have constantly improved year over year as well, along with their paddles and kit bags. We love GLII Sports as a company, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Conclusion/Bottom line

The GILI Meno 11’6’’ might be the largest SUP produced by GILI, but it is surprisingly lightweight at just 24 lbs. Light it may be, it offers incredible stability, capable of supporting even two adult paddlers with its up to 500 lbs weight capacity. We enjoy the maneuverability, tracking, and glide on the Meno 11’6’’, especially with the 5-piece fin setup you can use to finetune your performance. The deck pad could use some improvements, but we’re more than happy with the carbon fiber paddle, the dual-chamber pump, and the thick but highly adjustable wheeled kit bag. The GILI Meno 11’6’’ is a great all-around SUP for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels, and an awesome choice for families or friends who want a lightweight SUP they can paddle on together.

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Have any questions about the Gili Meno 11’6’’ or our review? Want to know more about paddleboards and SUP sports in general? Then feel free to leave a comment below, or send us an email with your thoughts. We like to update our reviews based upon the feedback of those who’ve tried out inflatable paddleboards, so let us know what you think!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you have fun SUPing!

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