Black Friday and Cyber Monday Stand Up Paddle Board Deals

‘Tis the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the best time to buy a SUP board. Below are links to all the best paddle board deals for 2019 – and there are some really great deals this year. So far, from our conversations with companies like iRocker and Isle, their 2019 Black Friday deals are expected to be even better than last year!

Now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and even after, as most companies will continue to run specials through Christmas and even after Christmas), keep checking this page and the links below to see the latest updates on current holiday specials. You’ll note we haven’t put the exact deal details below. That is because they keep changing. So we are going to instead focus on making sure the link takes you to the correct place (i.e., if there is a secret Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale we will link to that vs. a regular product page when we can).

Have a great Black Friday / Cyber Monday this year, and take advantage of the deals below on inflatable paddle boards (and hard boards as well)!

iRocker / Blackfin Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

iRocker/Blackfin is a US-based company that produces some of the most durable and versatile boards on the market. They have quad-layer PVC construction, and the Blackfin has an additional carbon fiber rail. The boards are great, and the deals this year are killer. iRocker did some great deals last year, but they really have outdone themselves this year with great discounts PLUS a ton of free gear, including a free electric pump!

You can see all the iRocker/BlackFin Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales here:
See All iRocker/BlackFin Deals Here

Below you will also see links to some of our favorite boards from iRocker:

iRocker Black Friday All Around 2019

iRocker Sport Black Friday 2019

iRocker Cruiser Black Friday 2019

Isle Surf & SUP Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Isle is another US-based company who’s boards are lightweight and durable. They are some of the best looking boards you’ll find. And they don’t just look great, but also perform great. We’ve seen some of the best center fins as well as tracking performance from Isle.

Thurso Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Thurso makes a superb board that has a higher weight capacity than other similarly sized boards. The max weight capacity of their smallest board is 260lbs. They have a really cool retro look with a wood grain graphic and an overall impressive feel.

Thursosurf Expedition Review

Nixy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Nixy is a company that designs their boards based upon the input of local California beach-goers. You’ll see that their boards have that fun California look. Their boards are lightweight and extremely maneuverable.

ERS Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

ERS is a company out of the mid-Atlantic that produces truly premium boards. Their ethos is “quality, value, and integrity,” and their boards demonstrate the keeping to those core values. They are incredibly versatile, lightweight, and they perform fantastically.

Gili Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Gili is an excellent company out of Catalina Island, CA that makes great all-around boards for a great price. They’ve got some great designs and comfortable options. During Black Friday, their boards become even more affordable.


As you can see, there are some really great sales this Black Friday & Cyber Monday from some of the best brands out there. We’ve done our due diligence in trying to find the best prices for you and would love to hear about your shopping experiences! If you see better deals, please leave a comment below and we’ll check it out and add it to the site. That way we can be sure that the absolute best discounts are available for everyone. Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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