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iRocker All Around 11′ Review (2024)

iRocker All-Around 11' Inflatable SUP





  • Paddles really well - perfect board for beginner to intermediate paddlers
  • High Weight Capacity (435 lbs), great for packing gear or kids
  • Lightweight, but not too lightweight - board feels solid in the water
  • Tons of great features (4 action mounts, 21 d-rings, etc.)
  • Durable triple layer PVC Construction
  • Lots of color options + great looking board


  • Could move the back 2 action mounts more to the side
  • Not much else - it’s a fantastic board that you should strongly consider!

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The iRocker All Around 11’ inflatable stand up paddle board is one of our favorites to review every year. It was one of the best-selling isups last year, and has once again performed really well in our tests.

Given that iRocker kept the core of this board pretty much the same as last year’s model, but spiced it up with some new color options, we expect the 11’ All Around from iRocker to be on the top selling and best rates sups for 2024 as well.

Now, for those of you new to the board, the iRocker 11’ All Around is an all-around shaped inflatable paddle board that is a great value. You get a lot of board for the money, and it’s significantly better than the random branded boards you find on Amazon. If you are looking for a solid all around sup, then stepping up in quality to the iRocker All Around is a great option. It’s a great board for anyone who:

  • Wants a well-built, solid inflatable SUP that’s great for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike in a variety of water conditions
  • Needs a board with high weight capacity (435 lbs)
  • Wants an all around SUP that also is decent touring across the lake
  • Would like to paddle with kids and/or additional gear
  • Wants to load their SUP with all kinds of accessories for a fun day out on the water

We think the iRocker All Around 11’ is great for the following water conditions/situations:

  • Flat water paddling (lakes, bays, marinas, etc.)
  • Recreational paddling (beginners, just paddling around flat water w/ friends and kids)
  • Ocean paddling
  • Surfing in small surf (1-3 ft)

iRocker All Around 11’ Review: Overview

As I mentioned, iRocker kept the core of the 11’ All Around intact from the previous year’s model. This makes sense given how popular the board was and how well it performed (it was also one of our top rated iSUPs last year too). Another weird quirk this year was once again due to COVID – it’s been hard in the iSUP industry to keep up with demand and had iRocker made too many drastic changes I think the quality would have suffered. Most high quality brands haven’t done anything too crazy this year, and we think that’s a good thing in order to keep quality consistent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean iRocker didn’t do anything. Notable upgrades include adding wheels to the backpack (we love it), improving the paddle (love it again), and adding several new color options to appeal to more consumers (also love).

Note: We have paddled this board A LOT. We ask all companies who send us board to allow us to keep them so we can test them throughout the year. We hope you can tell, but we don’t just write quick spec reviews. This is a real, in-depth review of the iRocker All Around 11’. In fact, we even talked iRocker into sending us 2 All Arounds just so we could see multiple color options (thank you iRocker!!). Bottom line – we spend hours and hours on these boards, and more hours testing them. As such, if you have questions about the board, drop us a line – we’d love to answer your questions and help you out!

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iRocker All Around 11’: Spec Sheet

Main CategoryAll-Around, Inflatable
Board ShapeAll Around / Inflatable
Board Dimensions11” x 32” x 6”
Listed Board Weight26 lbs
Listed Max Capacity435 lbs
Recommended PSI15-18 psi
FinsNylon, triple flip lock, removable
Paddle TypeFull carbon matte shaft + Nylon blade
MaterialsTriple layer composite PVC, high density drop stitch inner core
Price RangeMedium
Warranty2 yrs + 1 yr for accessories

Official Test Results: iRocker All Around 11’ (2024 model)

Below are the results from our in-depth SUP testing. The goal with these tests is to verify the information manufacturers claim about the stand up paddle board, and also help consumers get a great idea of exactly how the board will perform in the real world.

In-House Measurements:

Board ShapeAll Around / Inflatable
Tail Width16”
Nose Width7 1/8”
Nose Rocker14.4°
Weight24.6 lbs
Tested Capacity:Coming Soon

Overall Score: 9.7

As mentioned, we put the iRocker All Around 11’ in the ‘All-Around’ category, meaning it’s judged from the standpoint that it should be good at most everything, but we don’t expect it to be fantastic at any one thing.

From that standpoint, the All Around 11 performed extremely well in our tests, and once again has earned top honors as one of our best all around SUPs for 2024. Comparing vs the other iRocker’s, the All Around 11 is not going to be the fastest (that’s the iRocker Sport), or the most stable (Cruiser), or the lightest (10’ All Around). However, it’s going to be the best in terms of all around performance and is our top recommendation for most people when it comes to iRocker boards.

  • Stability: 9.5/10

  • Speed: 8.5/10 (above expectations for an all-around iSUP)

  • Glide: 8.5/10 (above expectations)

  • Tracking: 9/10 (slightly above expectations)

  • Board Stiffness: 9.6/10 (excellent)

  • Weight Capacity: 9.6/10 (excellent)

  • Construction Quality: 9.6/10 (excellent)

  • Accessories: 9.5/10 (excellent)

*Also, please keep in mind that we don’t award a 10 very often (if ever). If you see anything with a 9 that is exceptional and beyond our expectations for that kind of board. A 7 is considered to also be above expectations and is a very solid score.

Our overall rating of 9.6 for the iRocker All Around 11 ranks this as one of the top inflatable SUPs for 2024, and is our top board for anything under the $800 price range.

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In-Depth Review of the iRocker All Around 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Performance Review: Stability, Speed, Glide, Tracking, and Maneuverability

You will see in the results below, the iRocker All Around 11 performs really well for an all around iSUP. Another note I wanted to make before you dive too deep into the review: iRocker recommends the 11’ version of the All Around for those 5’7” and up. For those below 5’7”, they recommend the 10’ version. While we agree that those above 5’7 should get the 11’ All Around, we also do recommend this version for those under that height who want to carry extra cargo, kids, or just go a little faster in the water and use the board more on the touring side of things.

Speed Test

At 11’ x 32” x 6”, we expected the iRocker All Around 11 to perform better in terms of speed than all the other iRockers, with the exception of the Sport. It’s longer than both the Cruiser and 10’ All Around, which helps with speed once you get the board going. Compared to the Sport, it’s just marginally slower, which we chalk up to the extra weight and being 1” wider.

Basically, in terms of speed, the iRockers rank in the following order:

  1. Sport
  2. 11’ All Around
  3. 10’ All Around
  4. Cruiser

Now, when comparing the Blackfin models, we found the 11’ All Around to be slightly faster than the Model X and XL, but not as fast as the Model V.

Glide Test

Average Distance Per Stroke:

(results to be posted soon)

Sorry we don’t have the glide test results yet, but we’ll get that post soon. However, part of glide is also how the board ‘feels’ in the water and is a combination of the board’s dimensions, fin setup, stiffness, and also who is paddling the board.

In terms of how the board feels under our feet, we think the board is exceptional. It glides nicely through the water and performs above our expectations for an all around board, especially in this price range. As with everything iRocker, the board is built very solidly and is a great investment.


We really like how well this SUP trackes. At 32” wide, it’s right on the average width for an inflatable SUP, which makes it fairly easy to maintain a vertical paddling position and proper stroke. Combine that with the triple fin set up and the board does a great job going straight.

Tracking on the 11’ All Around is also a little better than the 10’ version, even though they are both the same width. This is because of the extra foot you have in length, which improves tracking, speed, and glide in the water.

Side note: As an all around, we like how this SUP comes with the triple fin set up. This isn’t quite as fast as a single-fin set up would be, but does provide a little bit more stability (see below) when moving on the water and we think that’s a plus.


The iRocker All Around 11 is a great board for maneuvering around, although it’s not quite as maneuverable as the 10’ or Sport versions are. However, we found it very easy to not only maneuver lazily around the lake, but with a 16’ tail and just under 26 lbs, it’s a great board for step back turns as it’s pretty easy to get the nose out of the water.

As such, we think you could easily take the 11’ down a light river and move around as needed, even with some fast spots (as long as you know what you’re doing). No, it won’t be as high performance in the river or quite as durable as the Blackfin Model X or XL, but it will do a decent job.

Board Stiffness

Stiffness Test:

1” Bend (board on top of saw horses placed 7’ apart, with 150 lbs of weight added right by handle in middle of the board)

The iRocker lineup does not come with the carbon fiber rails that the Blackfin series gets. The question we get all the time is: how much does this affect performance? While this the first year we’ve done what we call ‘The Bend Test’, we are finding that while carbon fiber rails do help, it might only be on the margin. Other factors such as max PSI, board construction quality, width of board, and weight (which indicates how much material was used in construction) come into play as well.

With that being said, the iRocker 11’ All Around performed really well on the bend test – and actually tied the Blackfin Model V with 1” of bend. This is a pretty “solid” board for being an inflatable SUP.

Weight Capacity/Stability: 9/10

Listed Weight Capacity:

435 lbs

Tested Capacity:

(coming soon)

We’ll talk more about the construction below, but suffice it to say: given the high weight capacity of the 11’ All Around we can tell it’s made out of quality materials.

The board is listed at being able to carry up to 435 lbs. Stay tuned for our weight capacity test (we are kind of waiting for warmer waters to do this one as we haven’t fully embraced the Wim Hof method yet). However, know for now that this is a very high capacity board, and is going to be a great option for those who want to paddle with a child and/or a lot of gear. I’ve had me and 2 kids on this board. Yes, it slowed the board down, but it supported the weight surprisingly well. I’ve also paddled with my wife (5’7), and as long as she was sitting down we had no problem (I would not say that this is a great board for 2 adults paddling together while standing up).

From a stability standpoint, this is a fantastic SUP for beginners both big and small. Our tallest, least experience tester is 6’5 and around 240 lbs and he had no problem paddling this board. If you’re concerned with stability, this is a great option. The only iRocker with a higher weight capacity would be the Cruiser; however, you do lose a foot of length with the Cruiser so I find that you can actually get a little more people + gear on the All Around 11.

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Construction Quality: 9.5

iRocker builds all their ‘iRocker’ lineup using the same construction materials: triple layer PVC around a drop-stitch core (1000’s of high density nylon threads attached to a fabric layer that gives the board its shape).

Important Note: iRocker uses 3 actual layers of PVC on top of the drop stitch core. One layer of solid PVC wraps around the core. A second layer is actually a mesh PVC, then a third full layer of PVC is added to finish things off. This is what makes the board weight right around 25 lbs (the one we received weighed in at 24.6). The board is listed at 26 lbs, and I think iRocker is being conservative with that number and choosing to err on the heavy side of things given the boards measure weight.

The deckpad is a nice, high quality EVA foam that feels right in between soft and hard, with pretty deep lines running from the front to the back. I like the lines as they really help keep water off the deck, and the pad is a nice “medium” on my personal firmness scale (sorry, we don’t have a deck firmness test, so this is simply my own personal comparison scale I’m using). It’s a deck pad that I can paddle pretty much all day on and not have my feet get sore. And before you laugh at that, sore feet when paddling is a real thing, and until you’ve spent 8 hrs paddling across Lake Powell with 4 kids you won’t quite know what I’m talking about when I say it’s important to have a good deck pad (matter of fact, I did that paddle on an iRocker with this same deck pad).

Our only complaint on the deck pad is the placement of 2 of the action mounts (you see them in the above photo). They are located towards the rear of the deck pad, and we wish they would move those and combine them with the side d-rings. They did that one the front 2 action mounts, and it would be nice to clean up the deck pad by moving the back two mounts to the side as well.

The lacking feature of the iRocker lineup is simply the carbon fiber rails that come with the Blackfin line. We’ll be doing more testing on that in terms of stiffness, but I do think that the carbon fiber rails are an upgrade when it comes to durability, which is why we do rank the Blackfin line a little higher than the iRockers when it comes to construction quality and durability. However, not having the carbon fiber rails make it easier to roll up the iRocker’s.

Accessories: 9.5

iRocker always shines when it comes to accessories, and to be honest it’s hard to tell much of a difference between the iRocker and Blackfin line up when it comes to accessories, with a few key exceptions. The iRocker All Around 11’ comes with the following out of the bag (i.e. you don’t need to buy anything to get out on the water):

  • 3 piece carbon fiber shaft, nylon blade paddle
  • Dual chamber, triple action pump
  • 10’ lease
  • Wheeled SUP backpack
  • Standard SUP repair kit
  • 4 multi-use action mounts (Blackfin’s come with 8)
  • 20 d-ring attachments

The iRocker lineup DOES NOT have the following:

  • Sand spear and fishing rack mounts

In other words, if you are looking for something to fish on, we would highly recommend looking at the Blackfin lineup. However, you can easily fish from the iRocker All Around 11, you’ll just need to figure out your own system like you have to on most other SUPs since you can use the fishing rack or sand spear.

Paddle: 8/10

iRocker upgraded their paddle from a fiberglass/carbon fiber blend to a full carbon fiber matte paddle. It’s also lighter, weighing in at just 28.5 oz. For a stock paddle in a mid-range priced board, it’s a good buy. It’s also nice how they match the colors and logos of the paddle with the colors of the board. Just note that the paddle colors do tend to scrape off, so that is one thing we wanted you to be aware of.

Another area we’d like iRocker to improve on would be the locking mechanism on the paddle. It’s a simple pin lock, which does a good job. However, we’d love to see iRocker add a clamp lock to keep the paddle even more secure and eliminate all twist when paddling.

Pump: 9/10

While we really do like iRocker’s triple action, dual chamber pump, we are going to recommend that you upgrade to iRocker’s electric pump if you can. If you can’t, you will be able to pump up your board in just about 10 minutes (give or take given you size and fitness level). The included pump is great, but it’s not as good as Red Paddle Co’s new Titan pump.

However, almost no matter how good the pump is, we would still recommend iRocker’s electric pump, as that’s our favorite electric pump on the market today, hands down. It’s super reliable and can pump up boards up to 20 psi. We don’t leave the office without it (or 2 or 3 of them depending on how many boards we take out).

Backpack: 8.9/10

The iRocker backpacks also got an upgrade in 2021, with iRocker adding wheels to the pack. We love that move personally, as the vast majority of our use is from car to lake and having those wheels really makes moving these bags around a lot easier. In total, the iRocker set up (board, bag, accessories, etc.) weighs around 36 lbs. So, not too much to carry by any means, but it’s just nice to have the wheels.

The bag also has the following features, which are similar to the Blackfin lineup. The main difference between the two is that the Blackfin is a thicker, better material all the way around and has a larger front pocket that can put the pump, whereas the iRocker front pouch is significantly smaller. I personally think it’s iRocker trying to create areas where the Blackfin just feels a little more high end. From a functional standpoint, the iRocker backpack is pretty much just as useful and we don’t really have any complaints.

  • Rolling wheels, placed on the front of the bag so they don’t get caught in the wheels and don’t dig into your back when hiking.
  • 2 mesh side pouches
  • 2 small zipper side pouches
  • Small front compartment
  • Top zipper compartment (fits the iRocker electric pump)
  • Side and top carry handles
  • Bungee front straps
  • Color matching to your board!

Optional Accessories

iRocker offers almost too many accessories to list. With the 20 d-ring attachments and 4 multi-use action mounts, you can do a lot with the iRocker All Around 11’. And don’t forget that you have a full 11’ of deck space for those accessories!

Some of the more noteworthy accessories you can add onto the Blackfin lineup includes:

  • Electric Pump
  • River fin system (shorter, smaller fins for shallow river beds)
  • Kayak conversion kit (we can’t recommend this enough)
  • Kayak seat cushion (makes the kayak seat way more comfortable – highly recommended if you buy the kayak seat!!)
  • SUP anchor
  • Cell phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Vibe waterproof speaker (a fan favorite)
  • Soft cooler deck bag
  • Hard cooler (great for sitting on or storing a nice cold beverage, snacks, and more)

Summary Review of the iRocker All Around 11’

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We like the iRocker All Around 11’, and just like last year’s board, it’s a paddle board that we like out of the box but somehow end up liking it more and more as the year goes on. I think it’s because of how functional the SUP is. You can do just about anything on this board, it’s well made, and it’s priced pretty fair given all you get.

If you’re someone looking for a top-rated, tested, and proven all-around SUP for you, your family, or your kids, this is a great option you should consider!

Happy paddling, and as always if we left out anything in this review of the iRocker 11’ All Around, please let us know in the comments below!

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Justin - Chief Paddler

Heyo! At we are a team who love the water, the outdoors, and are more than grateful that our full-time job allows us to review stand up paddle boards. We paddle year round (it helps that we are just about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas), and we bring in a wide range of paddlers with the goal of providing our readers with the best, most in-depth, and accurate stand up paddle board reviews.

108 thoughts on “iRocker All Around 11′ Review (2024)”

    • HI Sarah

      I’ve spent most the morning reading all the reviews and they’re super helpful and really informative 👌

      I’m about to buy my first sup and was all set on the irocker all around. It would be mainly used in the sea on flat days and more than likely transporting the kids around the bay for the majority of the time. I would however been keen to do a few further paddles and catch a few small waves myself. I did also look at the Thurso waterwalker, but now I’m reading the reviews there quite a few other models available and I’m not sure which way to go. I’m 5ft 11 and about 12 stone, and I was looking at both 10’8 and 12″ boards. Any advice on a suitable board would be much appreciated. Many thanks Dan

      • Dan, for what you are describing I don’t think you could go wrong with the iRocker All-Around. Given you want to surf a little bit I would recommend the 10′ vs the 11′ foot. You still will be stable and have enough weight capacity to take your kids around the bay and it will a little easier catching waves on the smaller board. If you decide to go with a Thurso, then I’d go with their 10’6″ Waterwalker – just keep in mind that you will have a little less weight capacity (300 lbs vs 370). Let us know if you have any other questions!

  1. Hi Sacky,

    Congrats for the site/reviews! Very informative, thorough and objective.

    I am a beginner in paddling and currently searching for all around board that can stand small waves, as I am from Greece where the end of summer gets a bit windy.

    Currently struggling to choose between the iRocker All-around 11′, the Thurso Waterwalker 11′ (those two are directly comparable) and finally the iRocker Cruiser. Those are on a similar price range, have a 2yr warranty, can carry a kayak seat and seem to be equally appreciatted a solid beginners choices. Therefore, as mentioned before, the key question would be which of those 3 boards can perform better in a windy/small to medium waves, choppy waters situation? Any advice would be more than helpful!


    • Hey Yiannis

      Do you need the full 11′? Because both the iRocker all-around 10′ and 10’6 Waterwalker would be better if you are smaller and don’t need the extra weight capacity/stability. Both are great boards for what you are looking to do, just a toss-up between what you want the most!

      Hope this helps you Yiannis 🙂

  2. Hi! Looking at the 10’6 vs 11’ all around irocker. Love the kayak accessories! I am 5’. Plan to use this on calm waters. Maybe a little yoga as well. What length would be best?

    • Donna, thanks for the question! At 5′ tall you will be just fine on either board (note – the iRocker All-Around comes in either a 10′ or 11′, not a 10’6 length). The main difference between the two is going to be: the 10′ will be a little more maneuverable and 3 lbs lighter, but slightly less stable. For most people around 5′ we would recommend going with the 10′ board, as it’s a fantastic board, is a little cheaper than the 11′, and should be plenty stable for you.

      Does that help?

  3. Hi,
    Would I also be able to yoga on the Waterwalker 10’6?
    I’m 5’7” 140.
    Would like yoga, paddle, put my 50# dog on with me, some touring,
    Flat and mild choppy Lake Michigan water and ability to travel.
    Appreciate your recommendations.

    • Kelly, great questions! The Thurso waterwalker is a great board, and would be great for what you are looking to do. The weight capacity will easily handle your 140 lbs + your dogs 50 lbs, and it is very stable for things like yoga. If you are concerned about stability and weight capacity then you could also look at the BLACKFIN Model X – that’s one of our favorites for an all-around, multi-person, and yoga SUP.

  4. At 5’8” and 190lbs, would I be fine on the 10ft board or would you recommend the 11ft? The 10ft board is ideal as I can easily store and transport it while inflated but the 11ft would need to be deflated after each use.

    • Anna, while the 11′ would be a little more stable you should be just fine on the 10′ board – iRocker recommends the 10′ all-around for people under 5’10” and it has a weight capacity of 370 lbs. You can find the latest offering here (I think they just launched a deal that gives you a free carry strap and cooler deck pad).

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Hi,
    I’m new to paddle boarding and just recently bought an irocker 11’ all around. Was looking for something that I could cruise around on at the lake or catch a few waves at the beach. I’m 6’0 and 190lbs….did I make the right choice by picking the 11’ over the 10’ board??

    • Hey Benjamin

      Both will do, but the 10′ is easier in the waves. I’m sure you’ll love your 11′ anyway, the differences aren’t huge 🙂

  6. Hi there, great reviews! I am looking at the iRocker but am also drawn to Nixy Newport (better bag and design), both 10’6 in length. I am 5’5 and weighs around 135 lbs. My pooch is around 36 lbs. Will either one works? We will be using it mostly on lakes and ocean (small choppy waves).

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Susi! Glad to hear you are looking into a SUP board – you’ll love it! Given your height and weight, either the iRocker or Nixy will be great options. Just note – the iRocker comes in either the 10′ or 11′ All-Around, or the 10’6″ Cruiser. The Nixy Newport is their 10’6 in option. Between the two brands, we’ve found that the iRocker’s are a little more stable boards, while the Nixy is a little more maneuverable and does come with a fantastic bag (one of the best in the industry, as the founder of Nixy hated carrying all his snorkeling gear around with bad backpacks). So, really your choice will be between the slightly more stable vs more maneuverable, plus design and bag options. Does that help? Please let us know if you have other questions!

  7. Hi Susi, I’ve been addicted to your site for the past week and am now hooked. Really thorough and fair reviews.

    Long story short, I’m 6’ 185lb. Will primarily be using the board in an open bay (not totally flat, but pretty much) and potentially in the ocean on very calm days (I’m not a surfer). In the bay, I’d love to bring my 6 year old.

    I’m looking at the irocker all around 11 and blackfin x. The price difference isn’t huge, but would allow me to get some accessories. Durability is super important as I won’t be using it all the time and need it to last (im in ny). Are there any other boards you’d recommend as well?

    Thanks so much.

    • Matt, thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoy the site! For what you are wanting to do, there aren’t any boards I would recommend more than the iRocker 11′ or the BLACKFIN Model X – those are our top 2 boards. Give your height and weight you will be able to bring your 6 year old on either board, and both boards will be super durable. The BLACKFIN will be a little higher quality (hence the price tag), and will also be a more stable platform for when you and your son are paddling around so that would be my top pick for you, if the $$$ works out. If not, then you really can get a FANTASTIC deal on the iRocker 11′. For the quality of SUP you get and the price, it’s tough to beat the iRocker All-ARound.

      Sorry, I wish I could make the decision for you! Basically, the BLACKFIN is a little bit higher quality and a little more stable. The iRocker is still a great board and will let you get a few more accessories (and I’d recommend getting the electric pump if you can). Either way, you will be super happy with both boards!

      Let me know if you have other questions!

  8. Thank you so much for writing this blog! I’ve been researching this board for days weeks now and couldn’t make up my mind on whether the Cruiser, All Around and whether 11′ or 10’….now after reading this I’ve made my decision! Thank you Sacky!

  9. Sacky…………Your reviews page has been most helpful as I’m new to SUP. We bought a yacht (for the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta) and want 2 SUP’s on it. Also want the ability to take them in the motorhome for when next to a lake, or in the plane for mild streams like in Aspen.

    Me; 5’11” 185, athletic, been paddle boarding only once on the river with know issues.
    Her; 5’4” 140, not real athletics, has boarded a fair bit.

    So I’m considering the 2 of the iRocker All-around, need to know what size to get. Or in your professional opinion, is there a better choice of boards for us?

    • Hey Mike

      Welcome to the world of SUP! The choice is a little overwhelming, isn’t it…
      Thanks for reaching out and hope I can help. First of all, congratulations on your yacht! I am actually currently out sailing myself with a SUP.

      I think the iRockers are a great idea. You also get $80 off when you buy two (applied automatically at checkout).

      Thanks to some incredible construction and your given heights, I would think you both would be fine on the 10′ All-Arounds. The iRockers don’t pack down much smaller than one another but the smaller they are to maneuver off and on the boat the better. Depending on where you go, you can tie the SUPs by their nose D-ring and tow it like a tender too.

      The backpacks aren’t the best for traveling by plane because they don’t have wheels but if that became something you were doing regularly, you could easily purchase a Blackfin bag. If just want it all then the Blackfins X is also another great option for you both – they are just a bit heavier and bigger so not as easy to travel with!

      Finally, there are two compact SUPs on the market. The NIXY Huntington (compact) and Red Paddle Co compact. The NIXY bag is a bit bulky and the board a little squirrely to ride – given this is the first one ever, Id be waiting to see what happens next year. The Red Paddle Co is AMAZING but it comes with the price tag (worth it in my opinion). If you are really wanting to travel light and can afford it, that would be my reccomendation. Otherwise, go with the iRocker or Blackfin X!

      Hope this helps and let us know what you go with – may the wind be with you.

  10. David,

    How much experience do you have stand up paddle boarding and surfing? If you have some experience, then you will be fine on the 10′ All-Around, and it will be a little faster in the surf. Yes, the 11′ is a little more stable, but even the 10′ has a weight capacity of around 165 KG. Plus, you save a little $$ with the 10′ board. You can see their latest pricing here, hope this helps!

  11. Hi Sacky,

    I have been spending a lot of time reading all your great reviews on the website – it truly is a great resource, thank you ! I am looking to purchase an inflatable SUP board and I am hesitating between the IRocker all around 11′ and the Retrospec (Ten Toes) Weekender 10′. I am hoping to ride on lakes and mostly calm waters. Hopefully, I would also like to be able to do some yoga on my board, which I have done in the past on rented boards. Which board would you recommend ? Also, what is the main difference between 10′ and 11′ in the feel of the board ? As a reference, I am 5’7 and 130lbs. So far with rented boards, I have never really had stability as an issue as I am very comfortable on water and have good balance. What do you think ? Thank you so much !

    • Charlotte,

      Thanks for your compliments! When comparing the Ten Toes vs the iRocker All-Around 11′, I would recommend the iRocker 11′. It’s just a better board.

      When comparing the 10′ and 11′, the main difference is the 11′ is going to be a little more stable. They both have the same shape, same construction materials, and same accessories/features (another area where the iRocker is going to be better than the Retrospec). Typically, we recommend the 10′ for people who are under 5’8″, but given that you are wanting to do some Yoga I think you would appreciate the extra room and stability that the 11′ offers. If you are looking for a slightly more nimble, sporty board, then you would love the 10′.

      Does that help?

      Here’s a link to the new 11′ by iRocker, btw.

  12. Hi looking at getting 2 SUP . Have kayaking experience.
    Me – 164 cm and 73 kg and hubby 180cm and 73 kg. Was looking at irocker All rounder but not sure whether to go 10’ or 11 ‘ for each of us. Will take 30 of dog with me. Water will be rivers, marina and maybe some flat ocean. Thanks

    • Sue,

      Given your heights, weights, and that you want to take your dog, I’d recommend the 11′ All-Around for each of you. I think you’ll both really love that board. The 10′ is a great board as well, but when compared with the 11′, it won’t give you as much space for you and your dog. I also think it will be a bit more stable but is still a ton of fun to paddle around the river, marina, and flat ocean.

      The board is also a really great price right now (just follow that link and it will take your right there), with iRocker offering a great ‘pre-season’ discount!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • I’m new to Sup world. Looking at iRocker iSUPs. Torn between the 10’6” cruiser or the 11” all around.
        I’m 5’6” 112lbs and will likely be paddling around with my 4’6” 70lb son and sometimes the 60lb dog.
        Mostly leisurely paddling and swimming in lakes and rivers. May have to deal with small wakes from boats at times. Do you recommend one over the other for us?

        • Heather,

          For just cruising around lakes with kids and your dog, I’d recommend the Cruiser. Honestly, you’d be fine with either, but I think the extra weight capacity of the Cruiser vs the 11′ All Around will be nice when you have your child and dog onboard with you.

          I hope that helps!

  13. Hi,
    I just received my iRocker All Around 11′ board. I read a lot of great reviews hence why I bought it but only found this one after I already bought this board. I’m 5’3 and am wondering if this board will still be okay for me? On the other side of things my bf is 6’4 so I know it would be good if we both went on the board but as an individual will it still be okay for my height?
    Thank you

    • I think you are going to be completely fine on the 11′ All-Around. If you were the only one paddling, then the 10′ would be a good option. However, given you will have someone who is 6’4 riding at times as well, then the 11′ is the better choice in my opinion. Also, just to keep in mind – I’ve talked to many shorter individuals who still prefer the longer board. 11′ is for not not ‘too long’ by any means for your height.

    • Hi, thanks for the awesome reviews, really helps to clear through all the information out there, which can be a little intimidating.
      About to buy my first board…have only been out on a friend’s fairly basic and large board a couple of times and already addicted! Can’t decide between the All-Around 10 or 11…and have also been looking at the Waterwalker 10’6. I’m 5’7” and just under 160lb, fairly sporty. Will mostly be using this on slow river, lake and perhaps in the sea in future (most likely calm). Will probably be taking out either one or both my children half the time. My 5’2” wife May also use a little before getting her own board (also a newbie). Will the 10 suffice…or will the 11 or Thurso boards be better for flexing between activities? Looking for something I won’t need to upgrade for a while.

      Thanks! Tony

      • Tony,

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I would recommend going with the 11′ All-Around. You would be completely fine on the 10′ All-Around, however I think you are going to appreciate the extra space and stability when you add your kids. It’s a fantastic board that will last a very long time!

        You could also consider the Thurso 132. It’s a also a great board, and you would be happy with either. The main difference is that the Thurso is going to be a little heavier in the board and the paddle. It does glide really well, and feels more stable where the irocker is both stable but is a little more sporty.

        I hope that helps, please let me know if you have further questions – and let me know what you decide to go with!

  14. Hello!
    I’m looking to get my very first SUP and am stuck between the irocker 10′, 11′, and blackfin x. I am 5’8″ and 235 lbs so I’m not sure what one would suit me more. I’ll be going fishing in the ocean with my husband and his blackfin xl but also want to be able to handle a variety of different types of water as I grow my skills over time. I’m hoping to get one that is versatile enough to travel to a bunch of different places with us and is just a fun time all around.
    What would be your recommendation between the three?
    Thanks for the help!

    • Haley, I would recommend going with the BLACKFIN Model X. It will be much better than the All-Around for fishing, given it has the scotty mounts and extra action mounts. However, it’s also a great board for other types of waters, like fast moving rivers and rapids. You also shouldn’t have any issues traveling with it. It’s a little heavier than the All-Arounds, but by only a few pounds.

      Let me know if that helps, and what you decide to do (or if you have any other questions)!

  15. Hi Sacky

    I’m having trouble deciding between the iRocker cruiser and the all around. I’m 5’4″and around 55kg. I’ll be mostly paddling in fairly flat seas, sometimes going on long distances. Speed and manoeuvrability will be quite important but I didn’t know if the cruiser might be better if I want to take a friend out too… I’m hoping the board will last me a long time so might end up using it in small waves as I get better. I’m basically very torn so any help appreciated!

    • Eve,

      Great question, and I hope we can help! Given that you speed and maneuverability are quite important, and that you want to use the board in small waves at some point, I would recommend going with the 11′ All-Around vs the Cruiser. I love the Cruiser, but the 11′ All-Around is faster, more maneuverable, and has more weight capacity to take a friend out on. In fact, the 11′ All-Around has a weight capacity of 435 lbs vs 400 for the Cruiser.

      Let me know if that helps!

  16. Hello!

    Thanks for all the great info! I am hoping to get my first SUP and am 5’5” and 145 lbs. I’m torn between the iRockerCruiser, the 10 ft All Around or the 11 ft All Around. I will be using it on lakes and perhaps rivers. The tricky part is that on a calm day I want to be able to paddle with both my young daughters around for the ride. What do you recommend??

    Thanks so much for the help!!!

    • Catheryne,

      If you are looking to paddle with you + your young daughters (assuming more than one daughter), then I think you would like either the Cruiser or the 11′ All-Around. The Cruiser is 10’6 x 33″, and is the most stable of the group. If you are wanting a board that is a little more sporty and also will support multiple people, then the 11′ All-Around would be a better option.

      When it comes down to it, you will love either of the boards.

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  17. Thanks! The only thing is money with the 11’… I’m wondering whether it would be possible to go anywhere with another rider on the 10′ all around? If not it’s a decision between friends and speed haha!

    • Eve, I don’t think you’ll need to choose between speed and your friend! The iRocker 10′ All-Around has a weight capacity of 370 lbs, and you will be fine to take someone else on the board with you. I’ve paddled that board with my wife, and together we weight around 300 lbs.

      As far as speed goes, yes the 11′ is a little faster than the 10′ – but only slightly, and the fact is that only very experienced paddlers would really notice.

      Does that help? You can also go for the 10′ and if for some reason it doesn’t work for you and a friend you could switch it out for the Cruiser as well (but I don’t think that will happen).

      • Thanks so much for all your help, just placed my order! Hoping it arrives in time for bank holiday, very excited 😀

  18. Hi!
    I’m looking at the iRocker 10 or 11. I want a board that I can take my daughter on (she is 3) and also one the I can go on weekend camping trips so can load up but I still want manoeuvrability as I will mostly be on my own – basically I want it all!! – I’m 5.7 and approx 65kg.
    Will the 10 be man enough for the camping trips and the kiddy or will a 11 be best do you think?
    Very excited to upgrade from my cheapy board!!

    • Rebecca,

      You will be fine on either the 10′ or 11′ All-Arounds. The 11′ will give you just a little more room for the kiddo, but will be just a little heavier if you ever end up hiking with the SUP in the mountains. In addition, the 10′ board is a little more sporty than the 11′. Both will support you + your child.

      Does that help?

  19. I am going to buy 2 SUP’s to be used by a group of families that share a boathouse and beach off the coast of Maine.I am trying to decide between the 10′ and 11′ Rockers. There will be many users – women age 22-40 weighing 125-140 lbs, men age 30-40 weighing 150-180, young teens, Dads and Moms with their little 3-5 yr olds, and some older folks in their late 60’s. Most are beginners now. Several folks are super athletic. The 11″ Rocker sounds just great, but I am worried that it might be too big/not as maneuverable for the women in their 20’s-30’s that are 125 – 140 lbs. Your review says the 11′ is best for larger, taller individuals. Maybe the best solution is to get one 10′ and one 11′? What do you think? Thanks so much for your advice!

    • Barbara,

      That sounds like a ton of fun! To answer your question, I would recommend getting one of each. That gives you the best of both worlds, and each individual can choose whichever one they want/prefer. You may find that some of the smaller paddlers prefer the stability of the 11′ All-Around, and some of the larger paddlers prefer the more sporty 10′. If you get one of each you’ll be able to figure that out, and I guess in a worse case scenario if you end up really wishing you had ordered 2 11′ boards, then you could even send the 10′ back to iRocker and swap it out.

      I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions, and I’d also love to know what you decide!

      PS – I’d recommend checking out the new iRocker pump as well, it is really nice when you have more than 1 board!

      • Thank you so much for the advice! I have been really stressing as to which way to go.
        Knowing that we could return the 10′ board if everyone loves the 11′ is comforting.
        So I think I will get a 10′ and an 11′.

        And good idea about the electric pump, especially with 2 boards to pump up.

        Thanks again!

        Barbara Morse

        • Barbara,

          So glad that helps! One quick note – I doubled checked with iRocker, and I just want to make sure you know that if you do decide to switch from the 10′ to the 11′ that you would have to pay for the return shipping. Not a huge deal if you end up wanting to change, but it can add up – so I wanted to make sure you were aware of that!

  20. SupBoardGuide Rep.,
    Due to the COVID-19 limitations at iRocker, I am still waiting for a response from their customer service. In the meantime, I am wondering if their boards have carbon reinforced sides like some of the other boards in your reviews. I am 6’4″ & 220 lbs. and am searching for higher weight capacity boards for myself and so I can bring one of my girls along with me as well. I cannot find on the websites if the iRocker brand boards have the extra reinforcement. It sounds like they should be able to handle my size and weight, but wondering if I should focus on boards with the carbon bands instead for the increased stability. Your thoughts?

    Thank you.

    • Shawn,

      Sorry for my slow reply – I was out on Friday, so you might have heard back from iRocker. I know they have been slammed with over 1000 questions a day!

      The iRocker boards (10′, 11′, Cruiser, and Sport) do NOT come with the carbon fiber rails. However that doesn’t mean they won’t handle your weight. We have 2 different members of our team who are 6’5 and 220 lbs +, and both of them do fine on the 11′ All-Around (the 10′ is too small). They do prefer the BLACKFIN X or XL though, as you do get more weight capacity and a stiffer board. If your budget allows it, I would recommend looking at the Model X or XL – we feel that for someone your height and weight it is more than worth the extra investment (and they are really fantastic boards!).

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  21. Hey,
    My mom is looking at the irocker all around 10, all around 11, and blackfin model v. She will be on lakes and ocean, mostly calm. She would also like to be able to bring another person out with her on the board. She is 50, 5’1″ and 145 pounds. What do you recommend?

    • Garrett,

      The BLACKFIN Model V will be the best board for bringing another person out with your mom. It’s longer and has a higher weight capacity than the 11′ or 10′ iRocker All-Arounds. It will also be the fastest board and the most stiff, given the carbon fiber rails.

      If she is wanting to spend less and it becomes a choice between the 11′ and 10′ iRocker All-Arounds, then I’d recommend the 11′ All-Around – again for the reason that it will do better with multiple people than the 10′ would be.

      I hope that helps – please let me know if you have any further questions!

  22. Hello. This will be my first isup and I’m trying to decide between the 10 all around or the 10.6 cruiser. Unfortunately it looks like the 11 all around is currently sold out. I’m a 5’4″ woman with medium athletic ability. Which would you recommend when BOTH stability and maneuverability are important to me? I will mostly be using it in calm ponds or calm rivers.

    • Annie,

      Both boards are very stable – it’s just that the Cruiser is 1″ wider in the middle and 6″ wider in the tail so it’s extra stable. So, if you are more worried about stability, then go with the Cruiser. If you care more about maneuverability then go with the 10′ All-Around.

      My personal recommendation is at 5’4″ with some decent athletic ability, that you will like the 10′ All-Around a little bit more. I’ve paddled with several people who are taller than you and they all loved the 10′ All-Around. Yes, it’s more maneuverable and sporty, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a stable board.

      I hope that helps! Let me know what you decide and if you have any other questions!

  23. SUPBG.

    You’re reviews and summary are very helpful.. maybe too helpful b/c the Blackfin X and iRocker all around 11 are both out of stock :-).

    Me and my wife, each of us nearing nearing 50yrs age, 5’8″ and 195-200lb. Big boaters on the Chesapeake Bay MD. Looking for 2 isup’s to take on our boat, anchor near a beach and go sup’ing on relatively calm days (but with some residual wakes from boats passing by) to practice, have fun, and become comfortable to join others on weekly sunset outtings. I’m slightly nervous about NOT getting one with the carbon rail support, or too narrow. Was really torn between the Blackfin X and iRocker All Around, but went to order one of each but both are out of stock. Any backup suggestions? Thurso or Atoll? or Should we wait for them to be back in stock. What would be your recommendations? It’s a lot of money for 2 if they aren’t ‘right’ for our situation.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Andy,

      If you are looking for something now, then I’d recommend the Thurso Waterwalker 132. It’s right up there with the iRocker/BLACKFIN lineup in terms of our favorite boards, and they are available right now.

      It is 32″ wide and not 35 like the Blackfin Model X, but does have carbon fiber rails and is a super stable board that tracks and glides really well! You can read our review of the board here, and of course please let me know if you have any other questions!

  24. Hi there! Thanks for all
    the info.. very informative & with so many options out there it gets a little confusing.

    I’m very new to paddle boarding & looking for something thats good for beginners but I won’t grow out of too fast once I get better. I’m surrounded by lakes where I live so would be just for flat water paddling. Been back & forth between the irocker cruiser & all around 11. I’m 5’9 & 190 lbs. Like the idea of having something support both me & my husband at the same time ( he’s 6’2 & 185 lbs (ish). Also my niece & nephew when they’re here visiting. Not sure if the all around 11 would be to big & harder to maneuver for beginners than the 10. The cruiser looks fun but as I get in to intermediate level I’m not sure if I’d outgrow it.

    Also wondering what your thoughts are on the thurso waterwalker boards quality wise & if they’re accessories that come with the board are on par with irocker!

    Thanks so much for any feedback 🙂

    • Toni,

      If you are wanting a board that will support both you and your husband, I would recommend looking at the Blackfin Model X or XL. The extra width of X, and the extra width and length of the XL make a big difference when you get over 300 lbs on the board. I personally struggle a little bit with my wife on the All-Around 11′, and do really well with either of the Blackfins. They are a little bit heavier, but just a few pounds. And as far as maneuverability goes, the X would be a little more maneuverable while the XL will give you a little more space.

      Our thoughts on Thurso – we love Thurso! Their boards are fantastic and so are their accessories. iRocker has a little more accessories offered currently, and I’d say their accessories are a little better than Thurso’s (better electric pump, kayak seat, more cooler options, etc.). Basically, iRocker is a little older as a company and have developed their accessories just a little more.

      I hope that helps. Let me know what other questions you have!

  25. Hi Justin

    Thank you for all the info you have given. I’d really appreciate your advice regarding which irocker to purchase. I’m 5ft 11 and 140 lbs. I’ll be on lakes, rivers and canals for fitness. I’ve only been out a few times before but it’s time to take the leap and buy my own.

    Many thanks Suzy.

    • Suzy,

      I’m stoked for you! You are going to love having your own SUP! (Also, sorry for the late reply, we were out of the ‘office’ due to the holiday).

      Given your height I’d recommend either the iRocker 11′ All-Around, the Blackfin Model X, or the Thurso Waterwalker 132. You would be fine weight wise on some of the shorter boards, but we’ve found taller people tend to prefer 11’+ boards.

      Let me know if that helps, and what other questions you have as you dive into the board options more!

  26. Hello! I loved your review and initially wanted to Cruiser but now I am leaning more toward the All Around 10. I am 5’8″, 150 lbs so I figured the 10 wouldn’t be too small. However, now I am unsure if the Blackfin X wouldn’t be a better choice although it is a little out of my budget.

    I plan to use it for yoga, exploring bays and lakes, but then the occasional creek and river. I am very nervous about using a paddle board in the creek but that is one of our favorite ways to get on the water. What is your opinion on these paddle boards in creeks? Would they uphold or is it a little sketchy due to water levels/flow? Being able to control the board is very important to me. I used to have a 13′ kayak and it was very different to maneuver.

    • Guen,

      No matter which board you decide to go with you will be OK in creeks. If you do get into a more fast flowing river with some whitewater then I would recommend the Blackfin Model X over the Cruiser or All-Around, as it has the carbon rails and does better in whitewater situations. If you aren’t getting into whitewater spots, and you are wanting a little more maneuverability, then the All-Around 10′ would be a little better than the Cruiser. Of course, the Cruiser will be a little better for Yoga. As always, there is a little give and take in choosing a board, so I’d recommend focusing on your main 1-2 priorities and ensuring the board is top-notch for those.

      Let me know if you have other questions, I’m happy to help!

  27. Hey Justin,

    Thank you so much for the review! This is all incredibly helpful – I just would love your thoughts on the 2 boards I am stuck between. I am looking at the iRocker All Around 11 and the THURSO SURF Waterwalker 126. They are pretty tied in terms of costs, performance, etc. But I am wondering which board would be better for my intermediate skill level, on lakes but mostly in marinas and open ocean. I enjoy speed and touring, but neither are deal breakers. And I would love to have the option of heading out with my partner (together we weigh about 280). Let me know what you think!

    • Meg,

      Those are both great iSUPs! However, if you are looking to occasionally head out with your partner then I would recommend the 11′ iRocker All-Around over the Thurso 126. You’ll have an extra 6″ in length, and a little more weight capacity. It also does help to have a longer SUP when it comes to touring, so that’s another reason to go with the 11′ All-Around.

      I hope this helps – please let me know if you have any further questions, and what you decide!

  28. Jose,

    The Model V is a little more stable, and is faster/tracks straighter given the extra length and firmness of the board. I personally prefer the Model V over the 11′ unless your looking to surf small waves because it is faster. However, you can’t go wrong with the 11′ either and it will work great for what your looking to do.

    I hope that helps!

  29. Hi, Justin!
    I am planning on burying my husband a board as a gift (for our 20 year anniversary!). I was drawn to iRocker/Blackfin as they have a kayak package. We live in Illinois, so he would use it mainly on calm waters (small lakes), small rivers, and, when we visit family, on the inner-coastal waters on the Gulf of Mexico. He is a pretty athletic guy (5′ 10″ around 150lbs – we are about the same height/weight) – and would love to be able to maneuver around quickly, but my plan is to also buy myself a board (in a few months) so that I can tag along with him – but at a more leisurely pace. Our kids are teens so would want their own board. In short, we would probably only have one person per board (though I may tag on once or twice), but might throw a dog on with us. So, not sure on the iRocker All-Around (They only have the 11′ in stock)/Blackfin X?
    Any recommendations you could provide would be most appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Katherine,

      I think the iRocker all-around 11 would be a great fit. It’s a solid, fun board to paddle around on, but it also has the weight capacity that would enable you to add another person when you do want to tag along. The Blackfin Model X or XL will be a better option for multiple people, but the All-Around 11′ is still very capable there.

  30. Hi. I’m fairly athletic 60 year old 5’11” and 215 pounds. Trying to decide between the all-around 11 and the sport 11, which is narrower and less stable. No riders, maybe a small dog and some gear. New to SUPs, but avid PWC rider. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

    • Keith,

      As an experienced PWC rider you will probably be fine with either board. I personally like the Sport, as it’s a little faster and I don’t need the extra width personally (5’11” and around 175). At 215, you might appreciate the little bit extra volume on the All-Around and I think it still would be really sporty for you. As such, for you I would recommend the 11′ All-Around and think you’ll really enjoy that board.

      I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

  31. Hi,
    I’m 6’3″, normally 240-250lbs, 65 yrs old and would consider myself an athletic beginner. I’m looking for a board that will be good for me now and also as my skills at SUP improve. I think the 11′ All-Around or the Blackfin XL would be my best choices. I’m afraid I will quickly out grow the XL’s 34″ width and 11’6″ length. Plus it’s $200 plus more expensive. I don’t plan to use it for surfing or fishing or 2 person riding, just paddling with my girl friend who has a 12’6″x27″x6″ race board. She’s a more experienced rider but I want to keep up with her. I’d like your opinion as a rider (not a salesman 🙂 please).

    • John,

      My ‘not a salesman’ answer: If your girl friend is paddling a hard SUP, then you will have a hard time keeping up on an inflatable – hard SUPs are faster by about 10-15% from my experience and other data I’ve seen. Inflatables are still a great option, and the only option for some, they are just a little slower.

      With that being said, you want a board that is long and thin. I actually would recommend first the RedPaddleCo 12’6 Sport or the Blackfin Model V. Sadly, I don’t think you’ll find the RPC sport in stock anywhere, but it’s a great, fast iSUP at 12’6 x 30″. The Blackfin V is 12’6 x 32″, so it’s longer and thinner than the XL and I do notice that difference when it comes to speed. It’s also a very stable board, so as a beginner that will help. For me, I prefer a 30″ touring board, but I’m only 5’11. At 6’3 you might actually prefer a 32″ width (although I think you would most likely be fine with either). I personally wouldn’t recommend something thinner unless you can test it out, as it might be a little tough to learn on.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  32. Hi,
    After lot of great reviews here, i’m stuck between Irocker 11 allround or Bluefin Cruise 12 (10.8 maybe). Wich one do you recommend ? Both will be for same purpose. Family paddling across the choppy sea (rarely lakes), me and my 160 lbs wife together on it with some weekend stuff. Easy surf rarely. I am 5.10 and 190 lbs. Is the 11 allround big enough for two of us, or to go with Bluefin 12 ? I want sometimes go paddling alone too. Thanks in advance for answer.

    • Goran,

      The iRocker All Around 11 is big enough for both of you as long as one is sitting down. I’d say the same for the 12′ Bluefin, although you do have an extra foot of space which is nice when paddling with 2 people. If you are wanting a SUP that is built for 2 people to both be standing up and paddling, then I’d recommend looking at the Bluefin 15′ Cruise or Cruise Carbon. It will do a much better job with both of you standing, and you can still paddle that board by yourself (although it is very heavy and wider so you will have to reach over an extra 1-2 inches to keep your paddle vertical).

      • Thank You,
        My wife will only sitting, so between Irocker or Bluefin in quality terms??
        Irocker have huge discount now,

        • In terms of quality, those are both fantastic SUPs. Between those two, I think it really comes down to if you want a 12′ SUP or the 11′ SUP. Either way, I think you are going to be happy. One note – the Bluefin Cruise Carbon series is much more firm than the Bluefin Cruise due to the dual chamber technology, so I would recommend the Carbon series if you decide to go with the 12′ Bluefin. If you choose the 11′ iRocker, all you’ll need to do is pick out your color!

  33. Hi,
    I really appreciate your great unbiased reviews and recommendations. I am 6’2” and 285 lbs. I live in the Florida panhandle and am interested in doing it all. I want to get exercise, be able to pivot around on the tail, surf in the gulf, and fish the back bay. I had owned a 12’ Bote Flood and found it to be fine for cruising, but with a 300 lbs max, it was a huge challenge to stay on when attempting to catch waves and fishing was totally out of the question. I’m conflicted between the Blackfin X, Blackfin XL, and the iRocker All Around 11’. They all sound like great boards but which one is the best when you want to do it all?

    • Dale,

      I’d go with the Blackfin XL. While the iRocker All Around 11 technically has the weight capacity, I think you’ll end up having some of the same challenges you did with the Bote Flood. The Xl has the most volume, and I also think you’ll like the extra length for fishing.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  34. Hi!

    Thanks for this really great article! I’m currently torn between the iRocker 10’6″ Cruiser and the 11″ All Around. I’m 5’7″ 140lbs and will mostly be paddling in lakes where it can be calm to somewhat choppy. I want something stable to learn on but also don’t want to sacrifice speed or find myself unable to keep up with others. My understanding is that the Cruiser is more stable than the All Around, but I worry once I’m more comfortable on the board I will appreciate the speed of the All Around over the Cruiser. I’ll typically be on the board alone but want to be able to take someone with me at times.

    Any advice or help making this decision would be appreciated 🙂


    • Bree,

      Given you are concerned about speed, then I’d recommend the iRocker All Around 11 vs the Cruiser. In reality, you don’t lose that much stability with the All Around and you don’t lose that much speed with the Cruiser. The differences are somewhat marginal. At your height/weight I don’t think you will have any issues at all balancing on the 11′ All Around.

      I hope that helps!

      • Thanks for the response!!

        If I do end up going with the Cruiser (I know looks shouldn’t matter but in Canada right now colour choices on the All Around are limited haha), is 10’6” long enough to take a friend or dog with? Or would it be pretty tight?

        Thanks again!

        • Bree,

          10’6 is long enough to take a friend or a dog for sure, especially with the wider board and higher weight capacity you get with the Cruiser.

  35. My wife has been wanting a SUP ever since my brother in law took her boarding last year. He has two Gilli boards and she liked the Meno as it is 11’6″ long and seemed more stable. As we were looking around we saw the iRocker All Around 11′ and was wondering how that would compare to the Meno as it appears to only be about $100 cheaper. Also, with it being 6″ shorter if that makes any difference between the two.

    • Jeff, we have found that the Meno 11’6 is more stable than the iRocker All Around 11′. It’s longer and wider, and just has more volume. However, the iRocker is still a very stable board. The main advantages of the iRocker would be it’s a faster board and tracks a little better since you don’t have to reach over as far to maintain a vertical paddle. It’s also a little bit heavier, which can be a pro and a con – it’s a little harder to carry out to the water, but has a more solid feel when paddling.

      I hope that helps!

  36. Thanks for all the information! I’m looking to buy my first inflatable paddle board and your site has been really helpful. I’m torn between the iRocker All Around 11′, iRocker Cruiser, and CostCo’s Body Glove Performer 11′. I typically ride a fiber glass paddle board on a lake which is very stable and smooth however I recently rented an inflatable and it was very unstable and made it uncomfortable to ride. I’m 5’8 155 and mainly looking to cruise around our local lakes. I prefer to go when it’s smooth and easy riding but sometimes there can be a lot of ski boats, jet skis and windy conditions. I also really like the optional kayak conversion. Any suggestions you can give me to make the right decision? TIA!

    • Sarah, great questions. First off – an inflatable is typically more stable for beginners who don’t have the balance side of things down. Inflatables have higher weight capacities due to higher volume than hard SUPs. However, hard sups perform better in chop and wind. Sadly, there isn’t really a way around that. It also depends on the quality of the inflatable. The vast majority of inflatables I still see out on the lake are the cheaper amazon brands that just don’t compare to the quality you find with the iRocker. Body Glove makes some decent stuff, but I still find iRocker’s quality and performance much better.

      From what you’ve told me, I think you would really like the iRocker All Around 11. I don’t think you need the extra width and stability of the iRocker Cruise, and the iRocker is going to perform better than the Body Glove Performer (and I also am not a fan of how Costco treats brands and forces them to skimp on quality to hit price targets).

      I hope that helps, let me know if you have further questions!

  37. Hello! Fantastic review! I’m debating between the irocker 11’ sport and the 11” all around. I’m 5’4” and ~135 lbs. I’m fairly athletic and have experience both with kayaks and paddle boards. I’ve been using my parents Pelican SUP for the last few years but want to purchase my own. Their board is 10’ by 31”. I have no issues with stability on that board. I would mainly be using it on the lake, which is a rather large and often choppy lake but also on rivers. I would want to get the kayak conversion kit from Irocker as an add on to the paddle board I would purchase. Which would you recommend for me?

    • Ashley,

      Given your experience level, I’d recommend the Sport. It’s my personal favorite of the iRocker SUPs, and I think you’ll love it!

  38. Thank you for the in-depth review. I’m trying to decide between the iRocker 11′ All-around and Atoll. I would be using this for recreational purposes about 1x/week (nothing intense, just want to get out on the lake). What are your thoughts on how the iRocker 11′ All-Around compares to Atoll in terms of its speed/gliding and quality of build? I really like the functionality of iRocker’s board (eg, extra handles and bungees) but heard that the board is lower quality than Atoll.

    • Sharwin,

      While I think you’ll be happy with either board, we do rank the iRocker All Around 11 higher than the Atoll. It performed slightly faster in our speed tests, and has an extra layer of PVC so we have found it to be more durable as well. The main advantage of the Atoll is how lightweight it is.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

  39. Overall


    Thank you for all the great info! I am replacing a 10’6 Isle Pioneer for better speed and tracking. I am really torn between the I Rocker 11″ All Around and the Atoll 11″. I paddle in San Diego Bays, small ocean days and lakes. Really curious about any notable differences in the nose, rocker, and tail width. Want a board I can continue to grow with that has good speed, tracking, glide, and is durable. Any big differences in paddle design? Pros/ cons to the fold down fins of I Rocker vs. the fixed side fins and universal box center fin of Atoll in performance and durability? Please help the decision process ! 🙏 THANK YOU!

    • Andrea,

      Sorry for the slow response! If you haven’t decided already, I would recommend the iRocker 11′ over the Atoll. The Atoll will feel more like your Isle Pioneer just a little bit longer. The iRocker has an extra layer of PVC, has quite a bit more in terms of features and accessories, and just feels more stiff and performs a little better on the water from our testing.

  40. Hello,

    Thank you for the fantastic review. Would you be able to suggest if I should get the 10 or 11′ allaround if I want something that the whole family can use? I’m 163 cm, 58 kg, my husband is 188 cm and 76 kg, my son is 8 years old. We will be taking it out in pairs as well. We live 5 mins walk away from the ocean, where we will mainly be using the SUP. The ocean is usually quite calm.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I would recommend the 11′ over the 10′. That will work better for your husband, especially when you have your son on board with either of you.

  41. Overall


    Great reviews and guidance! Thanks.

    I am about ready to purchase the iRocker 11′ on their July 4th sale and looking for some validation on my selection. I am 5′ 10″, 195lbs. Even though I am a novice, I’ve used SUPs a couple of times and expect my learning curve to be fast. I am looking for the versatility of an All Around board:
    -Primarily lakes, reservoirs and flatwater rivers with journey’s up to 3 – 4 hours
    -Curious about and want the flexibility to be able to go on ocean bays and maybe even some light surfing, long boarding would be fun enough
    -Could see doing an overnite tour at some point
    -Definitely want the weight capacity to carry my wife – would at least put us over 325 lbs
    -Speed is probably more important than maneuverability to keep up with friends and get to more destinations

    I looked at the new iRocker Ultra’s but the weight carrying capacity looks too low. I really like the low weight and small backpack capacity of the Ultra All Around 11, but maybe not versatile enough to carry my wife with me. Plus its $375 more, though it comes with an electric pump.

    • Hi John,

      I think the iROCKER 11′ All-Around will be a good choice for everything you’re wanting to do. I will note that it may take a bit of practice before you can bring along a passenger; it shouldn’t take more than a couple of sessions and getting used to it though. Definitely take advantage of their 4th of July sale. As for the Ultras, I do love them for their portability, but I agree it may not fit the bill for everything you’re wanting to do – and we did find the 11′ Ultra to be not quite as stable as the original 11′ All-around. The inclusion of the electric price is nice too, but at the price the original all-around is at right now, it’d be worth it to buy an electric pump separately to add to your kit.

  42. Love your reviews though I’ve spent way too much time watching them this past week and deliberating! So, I need some help narrowing it down!

    I really wanted a kayak but do to my inability to transport one, I’ve been looking into SUP boards.

    I rented a cheap end one yesterday to try out (tiki) and managed to feel confident on my knees on small ocean water chop. It was only a single chamber pump and I managed to inflate it to 12psi. I plan to try it out again on the calmer inlets today but my main concern is that I have a partially torn ACL. I’ve been reading about the stability of 2 layer vs 3 layer as well as the width/length/volume impact on stability, but without the experience of testing these out it’s hard to know how significantly different any of these would feel.

    Where I’m new to the sport and unsure I’d ever get up the the standing level, I don’t want to spend a fortune. I know the nauticals come with the electric pump right now (which is appealing) but the all arounds are on sale and I feel they are a better investment/deal for the quality.

    I’m wondering if the all around 10 would suffice (cheapest right now) or if the 11 or cruiser would be better for me. Also, if the nautical would be worth it for the luxury of the pump? I’m 5’9 and in the 155-160 range. I’d be a solo rider with a very VERY occasional niece or nephew on board if they were brave enough! I don’t see them coming on longer paddles more of a novelty factor while at the beach!
    Thanks in advance !

    • Hi Allie,

      I think the iROCKER Cruiser would be a great middle ground for you. Given your ACL injury, it is the most stable of the bunch, and because of that, I think it’s the most comfortable when you attach a kayak seat. It will also be more than capable of carrying your niece and nephew, while functioning great as a solo board as well. The 10′ is a great solo paddler board, though it does have a bit of a learning curve since it’s on the sportier side. iROCKER’s 11′ All-Around is also a great board with a lot of stability, it’s just a bit longer than the Cruiser, so may take some getting used to when you attach the kayak seat.

  43. Hey thanks for the in-depth review! I am ready to buy the All-Around 11’ board but it looks like they’re out of stock on irocker’s website. Do you know of any other sites to buy from? I know Amazon has them but they’re a lot more than irocker’s sale. Thanks!

    • Hi Kaden,

      It looks like the 11′ All Around is available on iROCKER’s site, but only in orange.

    • Hi Kate,

      We love the Ultras; they’re lightweight and fast all-arounds and all of them have improved tracking capabilities compared to the original iROCKER all-arounds. Our main note though is that the Ultras aren’t quite as stable as the iROCKER originals; it’s nothing that’s insurmountable, but we’d rather our readers are aware rather than being taken by surprise.


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