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  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Perfect for flat water and cruising
  • Stable board that is still fairly quick
  • Usual superb iRocker quality
  • Upgraded paddle and bag

All Around 11 by iRocker

Note: iRocker released a new model of the All Around. Read my review of the 2018 All Around here.

Sometimes just going for a paddle down a lake or river can seem a bit repetitive. So perhaps you decide you’d like to take your dog or a friend. Or maybe go fishing and take a picnic. Even being able to have a play in some smaller surf is fun. Luckily boards are being made with these things in mind. These boards are also a good match for the heavier rider.

The 11’ iRocker All Around fits the bill, and so I tested it out and here’s what I have to say.


The 11’ iRocker All Around is an inflatable SUP suited for both waves and flat water conditions. It offers lots of stability and speed for flat-water and still enough maneuverability for small wave riding perhaps 1-2ft.

With all the necessary (and some unnecessary, they just make you feel spoilt) extras like a dual-action pump, fiberglass paddle, durable coiled leash, secured tie-downs, repair kit and spacious bag, iRockers irrefutable reputation for quality for an affordable price shines on.


Weight24 lbs
Capacity385 lbs

Board Quality/Materials        

Red Stripe SUPI’m sold on iRockers quality; this applies to their whole range. All the reviews you’ll find elsewhere with reiterate this too. Worrying about damaging your boards on any debris in the water is a thing of the past. So far iRocker exclusively use military grade PVC layers with an internal drop stitch fabric for all their boards. Not sure what that means? The military grade just means it’s super tough, PVC is the type of material used and if you want to get real cluey can look at this study about drop stitching.

The Eva deck pad is superbly comfortable and covers most of the board, which is appealing to anyone who may be wanting to do some yoga on their board or if you have a friend coming along. Not to mention it’s also substantially grippy and so apart from being great for beginners, any 4-pawed friends who may jump on will be grateful for the extra stability.

The inflate process is also newbie-friendly, with an integrated pressure reading system to reach the ideal pressure level of 15 psi. It’s also a time saver, being a dual action pump, unlike other single action pumps you’ll get when buying with companies like Peak and Isle.

iRocker also added a new color this year to make the board really stand out. The blue and white we already know from previous models looks great. However, the 11′ version is now also available in what they call “Red Stripe” (picture on the right). It looks cool and is a great addition to their new line of boards. You can check out the Red Stripe here.

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10' vs 11' SUP
The 10′ next to the 11′ All Around

The performance of this board depends on where you take it. Seeing as it’s advertised as an All-rounder, one would think it’s suited for all condition. It still manages in the surf on smaller days. However, the 10’ version’s maneuverability for wave riding is slightly better. The reason you would want the 11’ over something with less length in the surf will be if you’re a bigger rider. So, in that case, the 11’ is a fantastic board for you! There’s no point getting a smaller board for better performance in waves if it can’t hold you comfortably. When I say the bigger rider, I mean about 5’10 and above. The 11′ board holds up to 385 lbs. That means it can easily hold one larger rider or 2 riders at the same time. Tandem SUP-ing!

In flat-water conditions, you’ll be effortlessly gliding on the 11’ All Around. The board’s width, a stable 32”, combined with the 6” thickness, give max stability to put full power into your paddling. You’ll notice the tail though slightly pulled in still maintains enough width for even more balance. It’s not the fastest board on the market but one of the easiest to paddle. Easier paddling makes it a fantastic choice for a beginner. Check out the 11′ Sport if you want a faster board.

Another aspect that accentuates this effortless gliding is the fins. A single detachable fin with, two side fins. The side fins allow for tighter controlled turns on waves, but at the same time, the significantly larger single fin acts as a fixed rudder to help keep you tracking in a straight line for the flat-water.

Given its width and length, the iRocker 11’ provides a perfect platform for any SUP fitness activities. SUP yoga is on the rise and a board like this is superb. Or choose your adventure! Added D-rings to attach the optionally purchased kayak seat turning your board into a super stable and comfortable kayak ride for some leisurely fishing or bird watching.

Board Accessories

The Paddle – A lightweight, adjustable fiberglass paddle compared to its predecessor the aluminum version. The only other paddle on the market any lighter is the carbon shaft paddle. Though to bring the two paddles on par again, iRockers fiberglass paddles also have a plastic edging that protects damage from when you may push off from any hard surfaces. The 10’ version on the All Around has a more comprehensive review of this paddle.

Hand Pump – Dual action pump, quickening your inflate process with also the option to switch back to single action for when the pumping gets intensive as the PSI rises. You can keep a close eye on the gauge to pinpoint when this happens too with an integrated PSI reading system.

Leash – You get an included leash with stash spot on ankle strap for your keys. A coiled leash that doubles in length when stretched out straight ensures plenty of room for you and the board if you happen to go overboard.

(Optional extra purchase) Kayak Bundle – You can buy this separately which includes and extra blade to attach to the other end of your paddle, turning it into a kayaking paddle as well as the Kayak seat.

Extra SUP gear
Backpack, pump, fin, leash, the paddle with the extra kayak blade, kayak seat, and a repair kit.

Boards Extra Features

D-rings and tie downs – The board features a set of D-rings at the nose with secure tie downs, brilliant design for the adventurer who wants to bring gear or to store the paddle as your practice some SUP yoga. The D-rings on the sides of the board is there for the previously mentioned optional kayak bundle.

The Bag – I guess this is kind of an accessory as well as a feature. The bag your board rolls up into is big enough for not just the board but also all the extras and then some still! A marvelous addition to the bag, as well as the already glorified improvements with support and comfortability as can be seen on the 10’6″ Cruiser review.

Well padded backpack with straps
iRocker Backpack

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So it’s pretty obvious by now that I don’t have much bad to say about iRockers.  Of course, if you are looking for a high-performance board, whether it’s for racing or surfing bigger waves, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Fanatic has a great range of surf SUPs and Red Paddle Co produce inflatable racers.

If you are looking for something in the middle and also want to be assured that your board will last, it’s hard to go past one of the iRockers. And if for some rare chance your board has an issue iRockers exemplary customer service alongside with a 2-year warranty will have you covered.

With the iRocker 11’ you get a beginner friendly board that still performs well enough for the intermediate rider to enjoy themselves. If you desire to take someone else regularly or suit the previously mentioned description of what I classify to be a heavier rider, this 11’ All Around is a magnificent board. It’ll provide the stability you need without losing on too much speed/maneuverability.

Not the board you’re looking for? Then you might want to check out the iRocker Sport if you are looking for a faster board that’s more touring oriented. Need something more stable to bring your kids or try a new yoga pose? The 10’6″ Cruiser is the board you’re looking for. Or if the All Around sounds great but you just need the 10′ version here is a link to the 10′ All Around review.

Full Range of boards
Cruiser 10’6″, All Around 10′, All-Around 11′, Sport 11′
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