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Atoll 11′ Inflatable Review 2020

11' Atoll iSUP Inflatable SUP Board













  • Good adventure SUP due to how lightweight the board is (hiking, backpacking, traveling, etc.)
  • Machine laminated dual-layer PVC construction. Durable and stable board with high 400 lb weight capacity.
  • Solid tracking and glide, which is further improved with included 8’’ composite center fin.
  • Very grippy, diamond-grooved EVA foam deck pad. Comfortable to stand on as well. Also available in 4 unique color variants!
  • 4 Different Color Variants
  • 15 D-rings for multiple accessory options. Spaced out throughout the board to keep things from getting tangled or feeling squished.


  • Would love to see removable side fins.
  • Dual Chamber pump would be a nice option for those not needing a lightweight/compact pump.

Atoll iSUP 11 Review
For those who want a high-adventure paddleboard, with solid overall performance while staying light and easy to carry, we happily recommend the 2020 Atoll 11’ all-around inflatable SUP! With a few key improvements over the past year’s model, the 2020 version of Atoll’s signature paddleboard offers good stability, tracking, and glide in a lightweight package. Despite weighing just 21 lbs, it’s built to withstand almost anything you can throw at it with its machine laminated dual-layer PVC construction. We also love the diamond-grooved deck pad, which is comfy yet very grippy, along with the performance boost provided by the included 8’’ center US standard fin. Two of our major complaints about the kit from last year have also been revamped, the 2020 Atoll 11’ kit now featuring a lighter fiberglass paddle and a more adjustable, reinforced padded backpack. The board also comes in four unique colors, letting you stick out on the water, and features the awesome Atoll bison logo on the nose and underside of every board. Overall, an already solid all-around adventure board has been made even better with the 2020 Atoll 11’ SUP.

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SUP Board Specs

Weight21 lbs
Rider Capacity (lbs)400lbs
Recommended Inflation14.5 psi
FinsCenter: Standard US Fin Box, 8’’ Composite fin
Side: Molded plastic side fins, 2.5’’
Paddle TypeFiberglass shaft and Nylon blade, 29 Ounces
ConstructionDual-layer fusion, military grade PVC composite coatings

Who Should Buy This Stand Up Paddle Board:

As an all-around paddleboard, the Atoll 11’ will let you try a little bit of everything that the world of SUP water sports has to offer. Everyone can fall in love with this SUP, including:

  • New paddlers who want something that is stable, easy to handle, and tracks well in the water.
  • Experienced paddlers who need something they can easily hike, backpack, or travel across country with.
  • Larger, heavier paddlers. Good option for those who want to bring a kid or pet along as well.
  • Those who prefer paddleboards that balance overall durability with nimbleness and speed.
  • Anyone who wants a paddleboard from a company they can trust. Atoll has over 1,200 five star reviews for their SUPs!
  • Bison enthusiasts.

The Atoll 11’ inflatable will handle most water settings well, though can experience some performance loss depending on conditions. We recommend taking the Atoll 11’ to the following types of environments:

  • Lakes, bays, marinas, and other calm water settings for optimal SUP performance.
  • Some choppier water, such as coastlines or light wind days, with little performance loss.
  • Slower moving rivers. Get some practice maneuvering with the Atoll 11’ first!
  • Ocean paddling. You’ll be able to paddle through the waves, and can even ride some longboard style waves as well with some practice!



Atoll iSUP 11 Performance
The Atoll 11’ offers good stability, especially considering it is just a 21 lb board. The 11’ length and 32’’ wide deck provide the space and volume to feel steady on it, especially with the excellent diamond grooved deck. When it came to single paddlers, all of our team found the Atoll 11’ steady to stand on, and even able to bring along a kid or pet for the trip. Overall, the board can support up to 300 lbs with almost no performance loss, but as you approach 400 expect the board to slow down a bit as you’re paddling in the water.

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Atoll Army Green 11 Maneuverability
The Atoll 11’ is just a bit longer than a traditional pure all-around shape, but even at 11’ it still maneuvers gracefully. Once you’re used to paddling on this board, you won’t have any trouble dodging objects you encounter on your paddling trips, from other paddlers to rocks and submerged trees. The 11’ length and lightweight nature also makes it real easy to perform a step-back turn like you see above. Move your foot to the tail, press the butt of the SUP into the water, and you’ll lift the nose up so you can pivot on the spot any direction you want to go. With a little practice, you’ll be able to explore every hidden corner of the water with the Atoll 11’.


Atoll Army Green 11 Tracking
We quite liked the tracking and glide of the Atoll 11’ SUP. Your paddle stroke will have a significant impact on how straight you go, but even our newer paddlers were able to maintain a straight course without too much effort. This board has a nice firm feel as well, with a smooth glide for a fun and relaxing paddling experience in calm and even light water conditions alike. We also appreciate how the Atoll 11’ manages to maintain its momentum once you get going, the Atoll 11’ getting you where you want to go rather quickly.

The tracking of the Atoll 11’ paddle board is greatly improved in part to the included center fin. The Atoll 11’ has a standard US fin box and two non-removable side fins, which you can read about more in the fin section. With the included 8’’ composite fin though, we found it very easy to maintain a straight and steady line in the water. The center fin also worked well with the side fins to improve the overall stability and performance of the board as well. We personally recommend putting in the center fin every time you go out, unless it’s in shallow water that would cause your fin to scrape against the ground.


Atoll Army Green 11 Materials
The Atoll 11’ is built with a tight drop-stitch core protected by machine laminated dual-layer coatings of military grade PVC composite. This makes the SUP very durable, capable of withstanding most common SUP injuries and accidents, while still being light and easy to carry. If you want a full technical breakdown, we explain what a drop-stitch core and dual-layer construction are below.

The tight drop-stitch core consists of sheets of fabric that are bound together by thousands of short strings. As air is pumped into the SUP, the strings become taught and provide the SUP with the strength to support paddlers while also creating the rounded SUP shape you see above. The tight-drop stitch core is quite resilient and provides much of the SUP’s performance, but can be punctured and will deflate like other inflatables.

To prevent board damage and provide additional weight capacity and performance support, military grade PVC composite coatings are applied to the board. Using machine lamination technologies, the PVC is laminated to the drop-stitch core, acting as the rigid and firm outer shell you feel while paddling. This PVC is tough and built to last, so that accidental drops, crashes, and other common SUP accidents have little to no impact on the overall SUP performance. With just a little proper care, you should be able to use the Atoll 11’ for years to come and find it performing almost as well as the first day you take it out on the water!

Board Design/Shape

Atoll iSUP 11 Board Shape
The Atoll 11’ is an all-around shaped paddleboard, though a tad bit longer than many all-around SUPs with its 11’ length, which provides solid tracking and a smooth glide in the water. The 32’’ wide deck and 6’’ thickness provide the volume to support any adult sized paddler, and will allow you to even bring along a kid or pet for the trip as well. With the Atoll 11’, you’ll be able to engage in some casual racing or cruising with your friends, or find it well suited for a long touring adventure as well. All-around boards are considered the jack of all trades of the SUP world, offering good performance in every regard, so sample a bit of everything if you go out on the Atoll 11’ SUP.

Board Features

Atoll Army Green 11 Features
The Atoll 11’ is worth buying for its solid performance, but there are a number of other cool features that make it an even better SUP to go with. Some of our favorite features include:

  • Diamond grooved traction pad: This is an excellent traction pad. The diamond grooved pattern offers great grip support, and drains water quickly if you paddle through a wave. The EVA foam is also very comfortable, ensuring you can paddle for hours without developing blisters or other common foot sores.
  • Dual-layer Machine Laminated PVC: Atoll’s construction is a great mix of durable protection and weight support, packed into a highly transportable board at just 21 lbs. The dual layers of military grade PVC will handle almost anything you throw at them, while still providing a firm and rigid feel for a steady, comfortable glide.
  • Fiberglass shaft + Fiberglass paddle blade:The spaced out D-rings make it easy to clip on popular SUP accessories, while also staying out of the way for a clean SUP look. The nose bungee cargo system will help you secure coolers and small containers, and is removable for additional deck space as well.
  • 15 D-Rings + Removable Bungee Cargo System: Both handles have neoprene covers, make them comfy to grip and protect your hands against chafing when held. Solo paddlers can easily lift the board with the center handle, while tandem paddlers can work together by lifting with the rear handle. The back handle also doubles as a paddle holder too!
  • Dual carry handles: You can lift the paddleboard by yourself with the center carry handle, which is covered with neoprene for a soft and cozy grip. There is also a tail handle, which acts as a good tie on point if you want to tug the board once it’s in the water.
  • Fiberglass paddle + Nylon Blade: The three piece adjustable paddle is a good beginner paddle, and can be altered to fit almost any adult paddler height. The paddle weighs 29 ounces, and will fit into your backpack as well.
  • Four great colors + Bison logo: All Atoll SUPs feature the cool bison logo stamp, with the 2020 model available in army green, light blue, desert sand, and aquamarine. The army green version is the version featured in our review.


Atoll Army Green 11 Fins
The Atoll 11’ Inflatable SUP has a tri-fin setup, with a removable 8’’ composite center fin and two permanent 2.5’’ side fins. The center fin is very easy to install, with the center fin box being the US standard, allowing you to also fit the Atoll 11’ with a large number of third-party fins for fine tuning your performance. We would like to see the side fins upgraded to snap-lock or some sort of other removable fin system for similar reasons, so that the Atoll 11’ could offer even more customized performance.

The fin setup as it is now does improve the tracking, stability, and turning radius when all three fins are used together. The composite build of the center fin makes it nearly as durable as the SUP itself, and will withstand almost anything, though we recommend avoiding shallow rivers as it can cause dragging. As for the side fins, they are made with molded plastic, and are nearly indestructible as well. Occasionally, the plastic side fins can get bent out of shape, but they are easy to restore if they ever look or feel off. Douse the fins with hot water, leave the board out to dry with the fins facing the sun, and wait ten to fifteen minutes and they’ll look and perform as good as new!

Diamond Grooved Traction Pad

Atoll Army Green 11 Deck Pad
We love the Atoll 11’ traction pad. The diamond grooved pattern provides a ton of traction and grip support, ensuring that you can maintain a good hold to the deck as you paddle on the water. The deck pad is also made out of EVA foam, the same material as many popular yoga mats, so it’s very comfortable on the feet as well. The deck pad is also designed to drain water quickly, and the EVA material helps it dry within minutes even when soaking wet. We also like how the traction pad covers more than half the topside of the board, giving you plenty of space to spread out on.


There are two carry handles on the Atoll 11’, with one located in the center and one located on the tail. The center handle has a neoprene cover, with neoprene allowing you to comfortably hold the SUP even with freezing or soaking wet hands, protecting you against chafing. The tail handle does not have neoprene, but is a good option tying ropes or clip on anything you want to tug in the water. Overall, these are both solid handles, though it would also be a neat addition if a nose handle could be added in the future for additional carrying and tug options.

D-Rings/Bungees/Cargo Areas

There are a total of 15 D-rings that cover the length of the Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP. D-rings are compatible with most common SUP accessories and add-ons, such as dry-bags, phone cases, and even stuff like kayak conversion kits. Outside of the great number of D-rings, we also like how they’ve been spaced out, preventing accessories from getting tangled, and are out of the way to prevent tripping on them as well. An action mount in the future would add even more accessory compatibility, but as it is now there are a ton of accessory attachment options with this D-ring setup.

There is also a single large removable bungee cargo area on the nose of the board. If you have a cooler, lunch box, or other small container that you would like to secure to your paddleboard, the bungee cargo area is a great option. If you are bringing out a kid or pet, or just want extra space to stand on, it takes less than a minute to remove or install the bungee system as well. While it doesn’t come with an extra set of cords, the tail D-rings are also spaced out in such a way that you could install a rear bungee cargo area similar to many other SUPs as well.

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Atoll iSUP 11 Accessories

Fiberglass Shaft + Nylon Paddle Blade

One of the improvements we like over last year’s Atoll SUP kit is the changes Atoll made to their included paddle. Atoll has opted to change the shaft material from heavy aluminum to a lighter fiberglass alternative. In total, the new 2020 Atoll included paddle weighs 29 ounces, which we think is a good weight, especially for beginners and intermediate paddlers just getting into the sport. If you are a more experienced paddler, we would recommend upgrading to Atoll’s carbon fiber paddle, though any of this year’s Atoll paddles will let you tour the water for hours without tiring your arms out.

The three piece paddle is easy to assemble or break apart, and fits quite well in the included Atoll backpack when you’re ready to head home. The paddle is very adjustable, allowing you to customize the length of the shaft until it matches the height of almost any adult sized paddler. The smooth fiberglass shaft is comfy to hold and won’t give you any splinters, and is easy to rinse off if you drop it in the sand. Finally, the nylon blade is equally flexible and rigid, protecting it against drops but letting you have a powerful push as you navigate the water.


Included with the Atoll 11’ is a single-chamber, dual-action pump that will inflate your paddlebround in about ten to fifteen minutes. The pump is very easy to use even for first time paddlers, with the instructions for the two pumping action modes printed on the pump itself. We do love how lightweight and compact it is, but it is a small pump to inflate such a large board. We would like to see a dual-chamber pump either included or as an option to go with the Atoll 11’ SUP in the future, for those who want better efficiency and don’t need something as compact.

Alternatively, for an even more compact and superior pump option, we recommend adding an electric pump to your SUP kit. Electric pumps will do the hard work of inflating a paddleboard for you, and do it in about the same time as a manual pump. Electric pumps will also help you drain the last bits of air out of your board, ensuring that it is ready to pack up when you’re ready to leave. Finally, electric pumps weigh about the same as a single chamber pump but are even more compact in size, giving you more room in your backpack for other SUP gear. Electric pumps are our number one recommended accessory for any SUP, so add one to your kit for the best inflation and paddling experience!


The Atoll 11’ heavy duty travel bag is built to last, protecting your SUP, paddle, pump, and other equipment against sand, wind, and water alike. The bag is built with extra room in mind, so that you can easily fit your SUP in it and avoid the struggles that campers have trying to pack their tents. The adjustable backpack straps will ensure that the bag fits well on short and tall paddlers alike, with a carry handle on top if you just need to carry the board a short distance. A final detail we also want to highlight is the U shaped zipper, which allows you to open almost the entire flap so you can quickly and easily insert your SUP once you’re ready to put it away.


There is a 10’ coiled leash included with the Atoll 11’, which will keep your board from floating away if you fall in fast moving waters. The leash is easy to put on, fitting over your calf or ankle and attaching to one of the D-rings on the Atoll 11’. While the leash will keep your board close, it will not help you float in the water, so make sure you go out with a PFD in order to stay safe in the water!

Optional Accessories

Outside of their great paddleboard, Atoll also has a huge line up of hats and clothing items that match well with their SUPs and will keep you comfortable and stylish while you paddle. There are also a number of official accessories as well that will improve your overall paddling performance and experience. Some of the official Atoll 11’ accessories we recommend considering include the following:

  • Atoll Bravo 2 Stage Electric Pump
  • Atoll Universal SUP Kayak conversion kit
  • iSUP Paddle Board 4.6’’ river flex fin
  • iSUP paddle board 9’’ race fin
  • Geckobrands waterproof dry bag/phone case

Company Review – Bay Sports

Atoll Army Green 11 Bottom
Atoll Board Company, based out of Huntington Beach, California, is a top-rated SUP manufacturer with their high performing 11’ inflatable paddleboard. Since their inception, Atoll SUPs have received over 1,200 five star reviews, making them a top rated SUP company that you can trust. Their boards have been consistently lightweight, durable, stable, and easy to paddle on so that beginners and expert paddleboarders alike can have a SUP to love. Atoll builds their boards to embody SUP water sports as a whole, ensuring you can have fun on lakes, rivers, and the ocean alike as you race, cruise, or even practice yoga on their boards.

The Atoll 11’ has a 60-day guarantee and 2-year warranty, with free shipping to customers in the United States and paid shipping options for international customers. Military, first responders, and health care discounts also receive exclusive discounts on all boards, accessories, and other merchandise. Atoll is also an easy to reach company, with a great staff that’s quick to answer questions and a design team that takes the feedback they receive to improve their boards year over year. After improving on almost every negative we had in last year’s review of their SUP, we can’t wait to see how Atoll will make their paddleboard even better!

Conclusion/Bottom line

Atoll Army Green 11 Review Summary
The Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP is a good all-around paddleboard option for those who want dynamic performance in a lightweight adventure board. This board is very easy to hike with due to it’s lightweight construction, while still offering good stability, maneuverability, and tracking to handle lakes, rivers, and the ocean alike. The machine laminated PVC construction will ensure you can use this paddleboard for years, and the multiple color options and impressive bison logo will make you the envy of your peers. The diamond grooved traction pad is extremely well made, offering fantastic grip support with a deck pad that is comfy to stand on for hours and drains/dries quickly when wet. Finally, we love how this kit comes with good equipment that will have you ready for the water out of the box, with a large assortment of D-rings for additional accessory options. So, if you are new or are experienced in stand up paddleboarding, we definitely recommend the 2020 Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP if you want a high adventure and solid all-around SUP.

Have a question about the Atoll 11’, or want to learn more about paddle boarding? Need help trying to find extra fins for your SUP, or looking to upgrade your pump? Then be sure to leave a comment below or send us an email with your thoughts, and we will respond as quickly as we can. Also, we update our reviews based upon new feedback we receive from other paddle boarders and our own experiences, so check us out again in the future for our up to date thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you have an awesome time SUPing!

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Heyo! At we are a team who love the water, the outdoors, and are more than grateful that our full-time job allows us to review stand up paddle boards. We paddle year round (it helps that we are just about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas), and we bring in a wide range of paddlers with the goal of providing our readers with the best, most in-depth, and accurate stand up paddle board reviews.

28 thoughts on “Atoll 11′ Inflatable Review 2020”

  1. The Atoll website says max capacity is 400 pounds. Did you guys test it and determine it was actually 300 or could that have been a mistake? I am having trouble making my decision to purchase because I want to make sure it is actually 400 pounds.

    • Sorry, we are in the process of updating our review for the new 2020 Atoll boards. The max weight on the new boards is 400 lbs. Just remember – that means it will still float at 400 lbs, but it will be slower and less stable as you approach that weight capacity.
      I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Lets say there is someone on the board that is close too the 400 bls weight capacity. Knowing that its a inflatable board, will it bend around where the weight is like the “taco effect”? Or would this board be a good match. Hard to find a board for someone would is close to the 400 bls

        • Luc, the board is pretty solid – even at the 400 lbs weight limit. In fact, yesterday I jumped on the board with another team member and together we were at 390 lbs. The board didn’t ‘taco’, as it’s really well built. However, when you are right at that 400 lbs the board is very slow and stability becomes an issue.

          To be honest, at 400 lbs I would recommend looking at a board like the BLACKFIN Model X or XL. The extra width and layers of PVC add additional weight capacity that you will appreciate.

          I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!

  2. Hi, thanks for the great information! I’m writing to see if you folks have tried catching any waves with the Atoll 11? How does it do? Can it ride small waves when the swell is too small to surf with a board?

    • Sean,

      I haven’t yet with the Atoll. However, you should be just fine catching smaller waves with it! No, it won’t ride like a hard SUP would, but it should be more than fine for what your looking to do!

  3. Hey Y’all,

    Would you say the atoll board is a stable-enough platform for flyfishing on rivers & creeks as well as small swells in some coastal bays (NJ)? Would be looking to get this board for full-day fishing trips to be stable enough for myself, a small cooler, small amount of gear, along with me casting on it in those environments.
    Thanks for all of your reviews!


    • Jake,

      What is your height/weight? For me, the Atoll 11′ is more than stable enough for fly fishing. However, if you are worried about stability, then you could also check out the Blackfin Model X – it’s 35″ wide vs the 32″ on the Atoll. It’s not a light, so it’s harder to pack in on a hike, but it will be more stable if that is the main concern.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thanks so much for your help, it’s much appreciated 🙂
        I’m 6’1″ and about 180lbs, and have a little experience on SUPs and kayaks.
        In your opinion, is there any significant difference in the durability between the two boards?
        Also, do the extras that come on the Model X really make up for the added weight when compared to the Atoll?
        Thanks again!

        • Jake,

          Given your height and weight, I do think you’d be great on the Atoll. Your just about 2″ taller than I am, and about the same weight (for reference).

          The Blackfin is heavier than the Atoll not just because of the accessories (action mounts, d-rings, etc.). The main difference is that the Blackfin has one more layer of PVC wrapped around it, is a few inches wider, and also has carbon fiber added to the side rails. This extra material does make it a little more durable, in my opinion (although I haven’t heard a single issue of an Atoll board failing yet). However, the extra material adds weight – so that is the give and take.

          I hope that helps. With iSUPs you generally have to give a little in one area (weight) to get something else (wider platform, more stability, etc.), so it really comes down to what elements are most important to you and which board you like the most. Either board you will love and I can easily recommend – that’s why they are both on our best SUPs list.

  4. Hi, I’m looking at buy an inflatable SUP, maybe the atoll or the black fin x. Mostly using it on reservoirs in nj or small rivers. I’m 6’1 220 pounds. I had a store bought sup that was slow, tipsy and more of a bad kayak then what these look like. Which would you recommend?

    • David,

      What is the store bought SUP that you have? That info will give me a better idea of what to recommend for you.

      • To be on honest i dont know, i sold it last year. But they were fun to just learn on but very heavy. It really was like a kayak that had been flattened down. It was not fiberglass but a plastic molding that was hollow inside. I would like something that is fun, stable and will let me and my teenage daughters get into SUPing. At times maybe two teenagers on one board.

        • David,

          No need to worry about the brand – I know exactly what you are talking about, and those plastic boards just should not be sold at all in my opinion. You are right in that they are slow, not stable, and really just don’t give paddlers a great experience (my first board was one of those, and I kept it for one season before ditching it for something better).

          For you, you would be great on the 11′ Atoll. It’s a solid iSUP that performs really well. Honestly, you’d be great on any of the boards we have listed on our best all-around SUPs for 2020 list (link to list here). That’s where I would start if you aren’t sure you want the Atoll or not.

          As you go through that post, let me know what other questions come up!

  5. very helpful sites and review, thank you. am looking for versatile board that is speedy and suitable for longish rides in choppish ocean. i noticed this atoll board was listed under both touring and all around; also looking at tower adventurer2, irocker11 all around or sport. am 5’3, 105#, one rider, not beginner nor advanced though would like to advance. do you strongly recommend one of these over the others or are they fairly similar for the intended use? or suggest a different board all together? (was aslo looking at the tower xplorer tho just about ruled it out on versatility factor). thanks in advance for your insights.

  6. Hello Team!

    Thanks for the reviews! I have finally saved up enough dough for an isup and I’ve narrowed it down to the Atoll, iRocker All around 11, and Thurso Water Walker 132. I’m 5’5 240 lbs. The Atoll is totally my style. Army green has me written all over it! But compared to the iRocker all around 11 and the Thurso Water Walker 132 the Atoll kind of seems maybe a little plain or lacking in some of the features compared to the other two boards. As much as I love anything army green, rugged, and outdoors I like to know I’m getting the best version of something. My research has made me feel like these three are my best options with my price point. I’m thinking Atoll. Could you guys weigh in on this at all? Appreciate it and thanks for all that you do!

    • Melissa,

      Great question! I would say that if the Atoll is your style 100%, then go for it! It’s a great board, and will be a great option for your height and weight. No, it doesn’t have as many features as the iRocker or the Thurso, but it is lighter and does have everything you really need. The biggest feature it doesn’t have would be an action mount for a GoPro, so if that’s a big deal then I would recommend the iRocker.

      One thing you will notice is that the Atoll doesn’t have a rear storage bungee, but to be honest I personally don’t mind that since you can always just use a regular bungee cord if you do need that.

      I hope that helps – let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Versatility










    This is a really comprehensive review. We’ve had the 2020 Atoll ISUP for about 6 months now and we love it. Your review is absolutely spot on. We just bought the kayak seat and are waiting to have it delivered. Can’t wait to try it out.

  8. Thanks for a great review with loads of good information!
    I’m looking for my first SUP and have my eyes set on the Atoll 11. It looks like a verasatile board that can be good for a beginner like me but also be great once I get a bit more experienced. Love the design as well!
    My only concern is whether it’s a good match for my size and weight. I’m 6’4” and around 220 lbs is that OK for this board?
    Thanks Kim

    • Kim,

      Yes, the Atoll will handle your weight. If you are a beginner and are worried about stability then you might want to consider a wider board like the Blackfin Model X, or XL, but I have taken several beginners who are almost exactly your height and weight and they did fine on the 11′ Atoll. The Atoll is also super lightweight, which is nice if you are looking to backpack in in somewhere, and will for sure be fine as you become more experienced.

      I hope that helps!

  9. Thanks for your thorough reviews!
    help me decide between the iRocker all around 11 and Atoll. I’m 5 7, 150#, Will be using mostly at the lake for an after work workout to gain speed and agility on the board; sometimes my 50# dog or 65# grandson will be joining me. I will be retiring in a year or so and with the extra time have interest in adding, kayaking, river fishing, and hopefully close shore ocean tours. I would like to keep the board for several years if possible. Which board do you suggest or is there another that you prefer given the wide range of activities?

    • Lauri,

      To be honest, you can’t go wrong with either of those boards. The main difference comes down to weight and accessories. The Atoll is about 5 lbs lighter than the iRocker All Around 11. This is great if you are planning on hiking in with the board, or if weight is a big concern. The iRocker, however, has more accessories and action mounts available, and also has one more layer of PVC. From our tests, it’s a little more stable and has a higher weight capacity than the Atoll, but is not quite as maneuverable.

      And while this doesn’t matter when it comes to performance, both boards have very different looks. If there is one that you just love from a looks perspective, that might just tip the scale for you.

      I hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions.

  10. Hi. Trying to decide between Atoll or an IRocker all around or sport. I live in a windy environment. Is there an advantage of one board over another in regards to the wind? Most of my paddling will be on lakes. Thanks

    • Steve,

      With wind, your about the same on both the Atoll and the iRockers. They are all 6″ SUPs, so they do tend to sit on top of the water a little bit more than something like the Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport or 12’6 Voyager. If budget allows, and wind is a big concern then I’d recommend going that route or looking at a hard SUP as they do perform better in wind. If you need something less expensive then either the Atoll or iRocker All Around would be 2 of our top recommendations on the inflatable side of things.

      I hope that helps!

  11. Hi there,
    I am newish to paddleboarding and am deciding between the SeaGods Diatom and the Atoll. I plan on using my board on lakes, rivers, intercoastal, for yoga and will at time have a pup or toddler aboard. I am 5’8″/165 lbs and my lil one weighs 40 lbs. Dog is 20 lbs. I have been out solo on an Isle Pioneer a few times which I found too slow/not responsive and on Red Paddle Co 10’6 ride which I liked the speed and responsiveness of, but I think weight limit too low for bringing crew along. I want a durable/high quality all around board that has some get up and go from a solid company. Seems like both SeaGods Diatom and Atoll 11′ probably fit the bill. I sincerely appreciate your input. Cheers!

    • Megan,

      That’s a tough one. I think the Atoll and Diatom are going to be a little faster than the Pioneer (but not a ton to be honest). They are all 6″ thick inflatables, and while there are differences, when it comes to speed, those 3 boards are pretty close to each other. I would say the speed rating would be Atoll, then Diatom, then Pioneer.

      Weight limit wise, you will be fine with either board. The Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride just doesn’t have the volume you need for that kind of weight (you + kid + dog). It’s where I struggle a little bit in recommending the Ride for beginner paddlers.

      A board that you could also consider would be the iRocker 11′ AA. I have found that to be a little faster than the Atoll, and also have a higher weight capacity, and it’s less expensive than the Diatom.

      Finally, if you have the budget, then you could also consider the 11’3 Sport from Red Paddle Co. That would be the fastest board of the bunch, and also be responsive and have the weight capacity for what you need.

      Hope that helps!


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