BLACKFIN Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPs) Review – 2019


Founder(s): Steve Elder and David Erwin
Where: Jacksonville, Florida
When: 2013

Hey there! Here you can find all out BLACKFIN reviews as well as a little info on the parent company, iROCKER themselves. iROCKER is the manufacturer of all iROCKER and BLACKFIN boards, and BLACKFIN is their premium line of iSUPs. You can find our iROCKER SUP Reviews here.

Blackfins together

It was the problem of access/transport and the passion built from years of SUP riding that brought Steve and David to birth iROCKER SUP’s. Having already years of experience and knowledge in the SUP industry they went down the tech side of things and got a handle on SUPs and what makes a good one! Combining all their knowledge and first-hand experience they knew they could make something that was truly for the customer, after all, they are kind of customers themselves!

What started as a humble iROCKER line then quickly boomed and the popularity allowed them to branch out into a more premium line, the BLACKFINs. There are now 4 SUPs in the BLACKFIN range. The Model X, Model XL, Model V and their first ever hardboard, the BLACKFIN Model SX. Watching the popularity of these grow substantially as well, it leaves us pretty excited for what the future holds!

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Why do we love BLACKFINs and recommend them?

Well, we already loved iROCKER and so when they produced a premium line it would only make sense we fall in love all over again. It’s a bit of a mixture of how they look, the extra step in manufacturing for improved performance, the amazing accessories and the slightly more niche approach in performance.

All boards boast lots of board features much like the iROCKERs. There’s bungee storage area on both the nose and tail, both areas also have handles on the bungee cord. Then there’s the action mount that holds a diverse range of extras which are listed below. Finally, you can find D-rings across the boards for kayak seats, the shoulder strap (both also on the SX) and additional ones for towing/leg rope attach points.

2019 saw an upgrade with the BLACKFIN materials to help reduce some of the weight (this was an issue we raised in 2018). They now use a new tougher composite PVC which allows them to shed a layer of PVC whilst still being the same rigid and tough boards. Additionally, this resulted in the BLACKFINs weight dropping 4lbs! Pair this with the carbon rail and these are some of the toughest, most stable iSUPs on the market to date. The Model XL can hold up to a huge 485 lbs, which opens up an opportunity for those who need the extra weight capacity to own an iSUP that isn’t just a floating brick but something that can perform well too.

All boards features in the BLACKFIN line are quite particular, the Model X is the perfect all-around/touring board for the bigger rider or the person who can’t paddle without their pooch on board. While the XL is particularly large therefore most suitable as a family board. Then the Model V is definitely a touring board and the SX is the only hardboard, another niche board for their line.

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BLACKFIN SUP review – Accessories

When you purchase a BLACKFIN SUP you get the following premium accessories:

  • Suave color coded SUP bag with wheels and carry straps
  • The epic Full Throttle Triple Action, Dual Chamber High-Pressure Pump
  • Branded BLACKFIN ankle leash
  • A fantastic lightweight 3 Piece carbon travel paddle with a nylon paddle blade
  • 3 fins, two side fins, and center fin. Centre fin is a high-quality FCS Hatchet fin.
  • Little orange tube, DIY Repair Kit, including patches and valve wrench
  • 2 Year Warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee

Additional Accessories You Can Get For Your BLACKFIN SUP

There’s a range of accessories you can purchase from things that make you stand out and look great, to upgrades in your paddle and the fun attachments for the action mount.

One of the coolest accessories on offer is the Waterproof Bluetooth speaker that not only pairs to your phone but can store music/podcasts on it so you don’t need to take the phone with you. Another cool feature is the built-in mic and speaker phone so you can even take a call! Imagine just paddling around, taking work calls, what an office!

All the accessories are made well and great value for what they are, most you can get a discount on at the time of purchase also. Get an insulated deck bag to store snacks, or upgrade to a kayak bundle so you can turn your SUP into a sit-on-top. Pick up some cool swag, a safety PFD, carry strap to help carry your board, fishing rod holder, go pro mount…the list goes on. You can check out our iROCKER/BLACKFIN accessories page here.

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BLACKFIN SUP Reviews – The Boards


Accessories and SUP

The smaller of the bigger boards. The Model X is sort of a touring SUP but also still slightly an all-around. It is the perfect family board, while those needing the step up in size again can look to the XL. Most people will be happy with the Model X though, with it’s 35″ deck and carbon rails being able to boast an impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs. It’s got handles all over including on the bungee up front, perfect for kids to hold onto. While those paddling by themselves will enjoy the tracking enhanced by the large center hatchet fin.

Best paddling conditions for the Model X are calm conditions and long distance paddling (especially with extras on board). Being super stable, this is an ideal board for beginners but also boasts high levels of performance so anyone experienced will get a kick out of it too.

Read our full review of the BLACKFIN Model X here


Full product shot Blackfin XL

The incredibly rigid and stable 11’6 X 34″ X 6″ Model XL! It’s actually an inch thinner than the Model X which helps it hold its performance. It’s loaded with features, holds up to 485 lbs and a large deck space so it’s quite the versatile board. It can be used as touring board if you are wanting to take/need extra weight capacity but also makes for a great SUP fitness platform. Then of course, it’s a perfect family board, being able to take the whole family including the pets!

The performance on the XL will surprise you for its size. It tracks well and can still move relatively quickly if you are versed in back foot pivot turns. Given it’s size, I’d recommend to only be using this board in flat water with an exception to choppy waters but not waves. It’s a wonderful board to take with you on holidays to the local lake!

Read our full review of the BLACKFIN Model XL here


SUP backfoot turn

With the Model X and XL so popular in 2018, iROCKER decided to release a new board, the Model V in 2019. It’s got a thinner body (32″), long length (12’6″) and more tapered nose and as a result flys through the water. With plenty of storage on board for snacks and gear, it’s a perfect adventure board.

Loaded up with cool features like the action mount, loads of handles for easier portability and middle D-rings for an optional kayak seat, you can have a load of fun on this board.

The Model V is a touring board so it goes best in areas where you can get some speed up. Large open bodies of water or rivers/creeks. It will handle moderate conditions such as chop caused by wind or gentle river turbulence but I wouldn’t recommend it if you know you need to get through waves/rapids.

Read our full review of the BLACKFIN Model V here


iROCKERs first ever hardboard! It’s their first performance all-around board and we likey! It’s a perfect cruising option at 10’6″ X 32 ” X 4.5″, offering up great stability but without sacrificing too much performance.

On board, there are some great features that make this all-around board super versatile. Including the bungee cord at both the nose and the tail to store gear, a cup/bottle holder, built-in clips for both the carry strap and optional kayak seat.

The BLACKFIN SX makes for great all-around use, that is, being a jack of all trades and no particular master of one. In other words, you can almost take this board anywhere so long as you aren’t taking it out in the extreme level of the conditions. Be it small waves, some chop, a few km paddle down the river, you’ll be happy as larry. Of course, being a hardboard you’ll notice this board is more responsive and probably a bit quicker than the other iROCKER all-around inflatable SUP’s.

(Our full review of the BLACKFIN Model SX is coming soon)

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Where To Buy a BLACKFIN Stand Up Paddle Board

Buying online is the easiest and more efficient way to get your next BLACKFIN SUP. With free and fast shipping from all countries listed below. You can still purchase a BLACKFIN SUP outside of these countries but you will need to cover shipping.

  • U.S
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Europe

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