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Whether you’re a beginner or experienced SUPer, our goal is to help you find the best gear, improve your SUP skills, and discover the coolest SUP locations from the US to Australia.

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Our 2019 List Of The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards and iSUPs

Note: We’re currently testing the new 2019 boards that will be released later this summer. This review will be updated in a few months, once the new boards are available to the public. For now, we absolutely recommend the boards from this list. I sense you are in the market for a new board. I

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Buyers Guide For SUPs

Christmas SUP + Accessories Gift Ideas

🎅 A merry merry Christmas to all of you! 🎅 Looking for some last minute gifts? Something that’ll spark joy in the heart of the receiver? The best part about all these gifts below is that they are the type that keep on giving. Smiles will last long after they have been unwrapped and screams of

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BaySports Mandala SUP yoga
Beginner Paddleboards

BaySports 11′ Mandala Yoga SUP Review

Do you know what one of my favorite ways to end a day is? To take a SUP out on the lake near my house and do some stretching while I watch the sunset. Now having a Yoga SUP specifically for that reason makes me one happy girl! Not only is the BaySports Yoga SUP

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Review SEEK 10'6"
All Arounder

Bay Sports 10’8″ Seek BASIX Series Review

What is it you seek? Is it a board that is fun for the whole family? BaySports 10’8” Seek boards that come in a delicious array of colors is a perfect board to be shared amongst the masses. Not only is it suitable for all levels of paddlers it can easily hold a couple of

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Paddle Board Design
Beginner Paddleboards

BaySports 11’6″ Tour Original Series

Want to fly through the water and look damn good while doing it? Boom, you have found your new board. The whopping 11’6” touring board from Bay Sports latest original series range, is not only a beautiful board to admire, but it also flies through the water while still offering stability. Bay Sports a company

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Giant SUP Group Fun
Giant Multi Person SUP
Evelyn O'Doherty

Waterkids Mantaray Multi Person SUP Review

By Evelyn O’Doherty What’s 14 feet long by 4 feet wide but can fit in the trunk of your car, has 11 handles and can ride the river, surf real waves, carry cocktails for four and/or become a floating dock for your kids to jump from all day long? Check out this instant inflatable party

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