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Whether you’re a beginner or experienced SUPer, our goal is to help you find the best gear, improve your SUP skills, and discover the coolest SUP locations from the US to Australia.

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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 11′ Inflatable SUP Review (2019)

ThursoSurf is one of the top brands in the mid-range SUP world. Why is that? They make quality, affordable boards that perform well but also look great! They have their unique trademark look of the wooden deck and this year’s models are particularly striking. The 11′ Waterwalker, in particular, is a perfect All-Around board for

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RPC Voyager review

Red Paddle Co Voyager Inflatable SUP Review (2019)

Have you ever heard of Red Paddle Co? If you haven’t, you are bound to on your inflatable SUP journey. RPC is the biggest inflatable SUP brand worldwide. They make the highest quality boards and always coming up with new ideas using cutting edge technology. They come with an increased price tag compared to most

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Review of RPC Compact

Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact SUP

Have you ever seen a SUP that can pack down so tightly and neatly?! The Red Paddle Co Compact is ridiculous. It’s the size of the backpack I take to the office every day but has way more fun things inside. Inside your backpack, there is a 9’6″ All-Around board that is a bundle of

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Carrying Manhattan SUP

Nixy Manhattan G3 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Review (2019)

Do you like paddling long distances? Does the idea of an overnight SUP adventure inspire you? Then you want a touring board like the NIXY Manhattan! Its narrow body produces lots of speed but still stable enough for most riders. It’s an ideal board for covering distances, with loads of storage space and prementioned zippy

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Cheap Paddle Boards
SUP Guide

5 Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards You Can Buy For $500 or Less

Post by Sarah Sackville Is that wallet feeling a bit light? Still super keen to get out on a SUP though? Next thing you’re probably wondering is, is it possible to buy a decent SUP for under $500? We’ve tested six of the best-selling inflatable paddle boards (Gili Air, DDM, Ancheer, Zray, Vilano and Aqua

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