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iRocker Sport Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2023)

iRocker Sport iSUP Review


Overall Rating:



  • Fastest iRocker SUP in the lineup, good mix between all-around and touring iSUP
  • Good overall weight capacity
  • Light sporty feel with shape and stomp pad
  • Plethora of D-rings and action mounts
  • Quality construction and overall feel
  • Nice kit paddle


  • We'd love to see iRocker move the location of the 2 rear action mounts more to the side of the board
  • 2 piece deck pad leaves a section that is uncovered

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I’m going to be very honest, this was the favorite iRocker board of at least 2 of our intermediate to advanced reviewers. The simple fact that it “feels” faster kinda brings a smile to our face as well as the purpose built stomp pad in the rear. With this board, you can see where iRocker was going. They wanted something a bit faster than the all around, not quite a touring board due to its length, but that’s the category we think it’s reaching towards.

Let’s start with what the board is factually; at 11’ x 31” it’s the most svelte of the iRocker lineup. This translates into the fastest, best gliding board in the iRocker lineup. This board is great at getting from point A to point B, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a medium to long distance touring board, or someone who is going to use paddlesports as a fitness routine. It’s also a pretty maneuverable board, as it’s shorter than other traditional touring boards – hence why we put it as a hybrid touring / all-around inflatable SUP.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone who:

  • Wants fast board with a fantastic glide
  • Wants more touring oriented all-around SUP
  • Wants to occasionally take children or light gear
  • Wants to maximize their SUP with available accessories

We think the iRocker Sport 11’ would be great for the following:

  • Flat water paddling (lakes, bays, marinas, etc.)
  • Recreational paddling
  • Fitness paddling
  • Touring adventures
  • Small surf in easy, long-boarding type conditions

iRocker Sport 11’ Review (Overview)

iRocker kept this board mostly the same for this year. New bag, new paddle, new colors, but otherwise the same. As mentioned in other reviews this was a good move through the pandemic as supplies of iSUPS dropped to critical lows and they probably would have lost out on a lot of revenue had they needed to retool their factory.

Again, iRocker did take the time to upgrade the backpack, and the new standard paddle is a great kit paddle. Would it have been nice to see as many color options as the All Around 11’? Yes, but I’m just nitpicking now. This board is great as a touring / fitness board to conquer miles of paddling.

iRocker Sport SUP Packages

iRocker Sport Nose
iRocker Sport Bottom Board Design

Note: We put a lot of hours in paddling the iRocker Sport Series. Unlike spec reviews you see elsewhere, we do our best to provide a comprehensive review based on our testing. We are happy to answer your questions about this board just comment below!

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iRocker Sport 11’: Spec Sheet

Main CategoryTouring, Inflatable
Board ShapeTouring / Inflatable
Board Dimensions11’ x 31” x 6”
Listed Board Weight25 lbs
Listed Max Capacity 385 lbs
Recommended PSI14-18 psi
Fins3 Flip Lock Nylon Removable Fins
PaddleFull Carbon Matte 3-piece paddle with nylon blade
MaterialsTriple layer composite PVC, high density drop stitch inner core
Price RangeMedium
Warranty30 Day Guarantee and 2 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on the board

Official Test Results: iRocker Sport 11’

Our goal with these tests has always been to verify the manufacturer’s stated information and help the buying public make an informed choice when buying a stand up paddleboard. You will see the results below from our extensive testing.

In-House Measurements:

Board ShapeTouring / Inflatable
Tail WidthComing Soon
Nose WidthComing Soon
Nose RockerComing Soon
WeightComing Soon
Bend GradeComing Soon

Overall Score: 9.5/10

To be successful in the touring category, it needs to really move through the water well, be less affected by wind and /or chop, and still have a comfortable and stable feel for multi hour paddle trips.

The iRocker Sport 11’ is a good example of a shorter, more nimble touring board built well at a fair price. We like its 11’ length and 31’ width, as the Blackfin Model V is the more dedicated touring iSUP from the brand, and the shorter width gives customers a more responsive touring board option. The stomp pad is great for turns and moving around the board in general. It comes with iRockers army of accessories and many of the same attachments found throughout the lineup. It does forgo the rear bungee cords in favor of the stomp pad, but 4 D rings are provided should you want to tie something up in a pinch. This board is best suited for those looking into getting a sporty / touring board but are afraid of the shrinking widths of other board manufacturers.

  • Stability: 9.0/10

  • Speed:9.1/10

  • Tracking: 9.1/10

  • Maneuverability: 9.1/10

  • Construction Quality: 9.2/10

  • Accessory Review: 9.6/10

Our overall rating of 9.5 for the iRocker Sport 11’ puts this board in the middle of the pack for the touring category. Its shape worked both for it and against it. On the one hand it’s not the skinniest or longest touring board out there. So it’s not inherently the fastest. However that same shape lends itself to a slightly more stable board when compared vs touring boards, and slightly faster and more maneuverable when compared to all arounders. Essentially, this is perfect for beginners or those who are unsure about taking the dive into 30” wide touring boards, or even more advanced paddlers who want a faster, more fun all around SUP.

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In-Depth Review of the iRocker Sport 11’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

iRocker Sport Glide

iRocker Sport Back Step Turn
iRocker Sport Nose

Stability Rating: 9.0/10

For us here at, stability is probably the single most important aspect of our reviews. In our opinion a board’s stability has a direct correlation with how much fun a beginner paddler is going to have on the water. The more stable a board, the more confidence they feel, the more likely they are to enjoy the experience.

The iRocker Sport was a fairly stable board. Admittedly not so much as the wider 11’ iRocker All Around, but it still felt solid under our feet (even for reviewers in the 200+lb range) and we’ve found that even beginners do well on the iRocker Sport from a stability standpoint.

Board Stiffness:

Stiffness Test Results: 1.0625” bend at 18 PSI

By placing the board on two sawhorses 7 feet apart, we then apply 150lbs of weight to the center of the board and we see a 1.0625” bend at 18 PSI (we also tried it at 15 PSI with only a minimal change), or change in shape, overall. It’s important here to note that we chose the different PSI ratings so that we could more accurately compare boards in an apples to apples fashion, despite their highest rated PSI. We also measured the board after the weight had been removed in an attempt to see how the board recovered from the extra work.

As mentioned in other reviews, the iRocker lineup does not come with the carbon fiber reinforced rails that the Blackfins have. This being the first year we’ve done what we call ‘The Bend Test’, we are finding that while carbon fiber rails do help, the iRocker lineup are still very solid boards and are just slightly less stiff. The additional factors of board construction, width, and quality come into play as well – and the iRocker lineup is essentially a smaller version of the Blackfins minus the carbon fiber rails.

The iRocker Sport 11’ performed above our expectations. It did just as well as the 10’ All Around, while being a whole inch narrower. This board certainly feels stiff below your feet and while not as stable as the wider options in the iRocker line, it still is a very solid board.

Weight Capacity:

Listed Weight Capacity: 385 lbs
Tested Capacity: (coming soon)

The board is listed as being able to carry up to 385 lbs, and is going to be a great option for riders looking for a fairly stable touring board with room to carry basic gear and equipment.

Overall: Stability wise, this board is ahead of its peers in the hybrid all-around/touring class due to the 31” width and 3 fin setup. Having a fairly high weight capacity also means that it is a good choice for riders of all sizes.

Speed Rating: 9.1/10

As always, speed is relative. Don’t think that because this board outperforms or underperforms others you’ll be left in a lurch during your group paddles. This is the fastest in the iRocker line up, but not the fastest touring board overall. And that’s OK. It’s stable as all get out and still able to put up decent numbers.

Basically, in terms of speed, the iRockers rank in the following order:

1. Sport

2. 11’ All Around

3. 10’ All Around

4. Cruiser

Now, when comparing the Blackfin models, we found the 11’ Sport to be the closest of the iRocker lineup to the Model V in terms of speed. It’s not quite as fast, but is a little more agile due to it being lighter and a little less wide.

Tracking: 9.1/10

Touring boards have to track well. Going long distances doesn’t lend itself to constantly veering off course. In that light it tracks very well. Again the 3 fin system gives it great directional holding capabilities while its width allows for an easy stroke pattern. The narrower a board the more vertical (and directionally correct) your paddle stroke can be. This, in turn, means the power is being applied evenly to the water in a way that propels the board in a straight line as opposed to slightly veering in either direction.

Maneuverability: 9.1/10

iRocker Sport Maneuverability
iRocker Sport Raised Kickpad

Being an 11’ touring board this is also going to be more maneuverable than other touring boards, and we also found it easier to move around when compared vs the 11’ All Around.The added rear stomp pad makes sinking the rear of the board a breeze, so if you’ve practiced your step-back (buoy) turns you should be right at home.

Construction Quality: 9.2/10

iRocker Sport Deckpad
iRocker Sport Action Mount
iRocker Sport SUP Review
iRocker Sport Tail

iRocker does a great job when it comes to board construction. They use a drop stitched core with 3 actual layers of PVC wrapped around it. This three layer setup gives the board its slightly hefty but solid feel.

We also appreciate the deck pad for it’s feel and design. The iRocker Sport comes with a two piece deckpad that has a small gap between both sections. It’s a great setup for longer water journeys. We would recommend the addition of a single pad from the front to rear, or at least a strip covering the currently uncovered “iRocker Chevron” piece.

We do commend iRocker for realizing the utility of a kick pad as well as not including straps on the rear D rings for you to get tangled in either. The D rings are still there so you can attach gear if you want to. Best of both worlds in our opinion (although I wouldn’t mind if iRocker included some removable bungee cords in case you do want to turn this into more of an adventure SUP).

We also feel that the deck pad would benefit from the same replacement of the two rear most action mounts. They could easily be integrated into the D-ring loops like at the front of the board. Again, on a board that is meant to be moved around on to enjoy, a clear uniform deckpad is the key to minimizing missteps.

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Accessories: 9.6/10

iRocker Sport Accessories

We like that iRocker gives you just about all you need to get on the water, aside from a coast guard approved life jacket. We look closer at a few items below but we feel for the price, this board comes fully equipped with quality accessories.

The iRocker Sport 11’ comes with the following out of the bag (i.e. you don’t need to buy anything to get out on the water):

  • 3 piece carbon fiber shaft, nylon blade, plastic handle
  • Dual chamber, triple action pump
  • 10’ leash
  • Wheeled SUP backpack
  • Standard SUP repair kit
  • 4 multi-use action mounts
  • 15 d-ring attachments


iRocker Sport Paddle
iRocker Sport Carbon Paddle

This board comes with a carbon paddle shaft, nylon blade, and a plastic top handle. It looks sleeker and it’s lighter than the previous years fiberglass/carbon blend. At 28.5 oz is extremely light for standard equipment. Adjusting from 72” up to 86”, this paddle should fit most individuals. It feels good in the water, specifically we like the smaller blade size. I personally feel paddling is a sport where you are rewarded for your cadence, so the small blade size makes it a lot easier.

This paddle does have room for improvement though. It might benefit from a clamp or some sort of edged groove preventing twisting of the paddle at the lower connection point. We also have to say that the plastic handle just feels a bit too delicate in our hands. We would also ask that iRocker extend the length of that top shaft and/or add more holes closer to the handle. It’s so close to fitting in the bag when you push the top shaft into the middle.

This paddle is a great kit paddle regardless. We like how it’s color matches the board color as well. Though we did find that the paddle colors tend to scrape off once it gets a bit of use. But if you’re careful with your gear you should have a good looking paddle for a long while.


iRocker Dual Chamber Pump

The triple action pump does well in our opinion. Having the three settings allows you to effectively pump the board as it gets higher in it’s psi. As a kit pump we have seen much worse. It’s solid and has some interesting knurling on the handles. Especially good when you’re stuck pumping your board up in 100 degree heat. It channels your sweat and tears away from the pump itself.

Now for the beating of the dead horse. Get an electric pump. You will thank us, your friends will thank us, your hands and lower back will thank us. Seriously, this should be the first thing you buy after a lifejacket. Our current favorite is the iRocker electric pump and battery pack, but anything that gets you out of that manual labor will do. Trust us. You’re so worth it.


iRocker Sport Roller Backpack

2023 brings a slightly updated bag. The chief improvement being the wheels. No more gross back sweat lugging this down from the car. We also like the color matching aspect of these new bags. Like the matching paddle, it was a really stylish move. There are plenty of pockets for your additional gear as well as a bungee on the outfacing side for quickly adding extra.

The shoulder pads are nice and padded fairly thickly along with the back. It could use some additional padding on the two handles. This is most noticeable on the top handle used for rolling.

  • Rolling wheels, placed out of the way for hiking
  • Dual mesh side pouches with zipper pockets
  • Small front compartment
  • Compartment at the top (really ideal for their electric pump)
  • Handles on the top and side
  • Bungee straps on front
  • Color matching credibility (style points)

Optional Accessories

iRocker offers more accessories than you could even imagine (seriously, check their website). 15 d-ring attachments and 4 multi-use action mounts allow you to do a lot with the iRocker Sport 11’.

Some of our favorite accessories are:

  • Electric Pump (just buy it, seriously)
  • River fin system (good if your constantly in weeds)
  • Kayak conversion kit (great for those wanting stand up and sit down options)
  • Kayak seat cushion (a great comfort update to the Kayak conversion)
  • SUP anchor (good for fishing or tethering in your favorite spot)
  • Cell phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Vibe waterproof speaker (tunes are a must on the water)
  • Soft cooler deck bag
  • Hard cooler

Summary Review of the iRocker Sport 11’

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We really like the iRocker Sport 11’. In fact, it’s our team’s favorite iSUP among the iRocker lineup due to its sporty, playful feel. The Sport is also almost in its own category of SUPs. It’s not quite as long as most touring boards, but is a little narrower than most all around SUPs. I like to say that the iRocker Sport is an all around SUP that accells in touring and sporty situations.

When compared to other touring boards, the Sport is not going to be the fastest, but you do get a lot more maneuverability out of it, making this a really fun board.

Of course, if you do want a more classic touring board, then you can check out the Blackfin Model V, or our list of top rated touring iSUPs.

Happy paddling, and as always if we left out anything in this review of the iRocker Sport 11’, please let us know in the comments below!

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At we are a team who love the water, the outdoors, and are more than grateful that our full-time job allows us to review stand up paddle boards. We paddle year round (it helps that we are just about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas), and we bring in a wide range of paddlers with the goal of providing our readers with the best, most in-depth, and accurate stand up paddle board reviews.

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50 thoughts on “iRocker Sport Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2023)”

  1. First of all, thank you for all the hard work you do. Without resources like this, sorting through the many brands would be much more tedious. How does this iRocker Sport compare to their Model V? I realize the Sport is less stable but more nimble. I live in Colorado but visit family on Lake Michigan a lot. Our first board is last year’s ISLE Pioneer but I’m looking for something a little more advanced. Any direction would be much appreciated!

    • Ryan,

      When you say advanced, what more are you looking to do with your next board?

      As far as the BLACKFIN Model V vs the iRocker Sport, the main differences are going to be in the length, width, and construction of the boards. The iRocker Sports is 11′ x 31″, and weights 25 lbs. The Model V is 12’6″ x 32″ wide, and weights around 30 lbs. The Sport is a triple layer composite PVC, which is essentially the same construction of the Model V with the exception that it does not have the carbon fiber composite rails that the V has.

      Basically, what that means is that the Sport is going to be lighter, more nimble, and more ‘sporty’. The Model V is more geared towards touring across the lake and will be a more stiff, durable board. So, it really comes down to what you are looking to do with the board and the feel you are going for. If you can give me some more insight into that, then we can give you a little better recommendation. Thanks!

      • I decided to get one of, if not the last, discounted 2019 Model V. We have an ISLE Pioneer and wanted our second board to be either more maneuverable or faster. We might look to switch the Pioneer for the Sport down the road to have two fast boards, with the Sport being the most fun to goof around with.

        Either way, I’m super excited to have a Blackfin board for such a great price!

        • Ryan, that’s awesome! I think you are going to love the Model V, and congrats on snagging one of those at such a great price!

        • Are you financially compensated by the various companies for your glowing and positive reviews? I much prefer independent and non paid reviews.

          • SUPBoardGuide is reader supported and may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. That being said, the written reviews themselves are unpaid, and all opinions are our own. A lot of our reviews are positive because we can recognize each board’s strengths and step outside of ourselves to pin-point who exactly each SUP would be a good fit for. We also offer constructive feedback to each of the brands we review in hopes of pushing the industry forward to improve iSUPs for all paddlers as the sport evolves.

  2. Hi! I’m trying to decide between the iRocker Sport and the 10’ All-Around. I’m a lightweight (125lbs) advanced beginner, but I’ll have my 35lbs 3 year old with me half the time. Use would be on lakes and slow-moving rivers. How noticeable is the stability and speed differences between these boards? On their website, they have the All-Around as a 7 for stability and 6 for the Sport-doesn’t seem too different? Would the Sport not be stable enough for having a little passenger? I’d like a board to be stable enough to not worry about us much, but quick and nimble enough to be fun, especially when on my own. Any advice? Thanks!

    • Leslie,

      Great questions! As far as stability goes, the 10′ is just slightly more stable than the Sport when it’s just you on the board. It’s 1″ wider, but also 6″ shorter. If you are an advanced beginner you will be fine stability-wise with either. As far as paddling with your little passenger, as long as they are sitting down you’ll be fine. I paddle with my kids a lot, and just remember your stability is only as good as the least stable person :). I have no problem paddling the iRocker sport with my kids.

      Speed wise, the Sport is slightly faster. Being 1″ thinner and 6″ longer help the board paddle a little better, and make it a ton of fun. I also really like the raised heal pad on the sport, which helps in river situations where you might have to do step-back turns and/or paddle more in an aggressive/surf-style stance.

      Personally, the Sport is my favorite iRocker board if I’m going out to paddle by myself. I love how quick and nimble it is, and for intermediate paddlers its a ton of fun.

      Let me know if that helps, and what other questions you have!

  3. Hi!
    I’m considering and close to purchasing an iRocker SUP. I’m torn between the 11′ sport and the 11′ all-around. I’m 5’4″ and about 118 lbs. My balance is good and I don’t shy away from a little effort to get to the good spots. And this is not the first SUP I’ve handled, although it will be the first inflatable. I’ve used a BIC 10’6″ about 31.5″ width hard board before and felt it was a little slow but nice and cushy with stability and had a good lounging score. I’ll be mostly riding rivers that have some choppy water due to motor boats and ski doos in the area and such, but look for the flat water as well. Along with the high mountain lakes that have wind-driven chop at times. I like the idea of being able to lounge a bit mid paddle but will likely have to work a bit to get the board back to the dock later in the day. If I surf it is not going to be with a SUP. I prefer a flatter deck on top with a little rocker but it doesn’t have to be too wide. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction?

    • Lori,

      I think you will be very happy with either the Sport or the 11′ All-Around. However, I would recommend going with the iRocker Sport, as I think you will appreciate that one just a little more. The Sport is going to be faster and more maneuverable, and you don’t sound like someone who needs that extra width and stability that comes with the All-Around. For me (5’11, love to surf, 170 lbs), the iRocker Sport is my personal favorite of the iRockers – it’s just a really fun board. If I’m taking out one of my kids to paddle with me, or take out a bunch of gear (cooler, deck bags, etc.) then I take the All-Around. But if I”m going by myself to just paddle, then I will take out the Sport.

      I hope that helps, please let me know what other questions you have – and I’d love to hear what you decide to go with!

  4. I am debating between the iRocker Sport and the Thurso Surf Expedition. I want something fast for paddling on lakes but that would also be a decent surfer for the rare occasion that i am on a beach with waves. Do you have a recommendation? Also, I keep hearing about these action mounts but in all of the pictures I only see the D-rings, where are they?

    • Sasha, I would recommend the iRocker Sport over the Thurso Expedition if you are wanting to take the board out for surfing. The Expedition will be faster, as it’s a touring board. However, surfing on it will be a little tough. As is the case with all paddleboard decisions, you ultimately have that tradeoff between speed and surfing capabilities…

      Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions! I’d also love to hear what you decide to go with!

  5. I am in trying to choose between the iRocker Sport and Thurso Waterwalker.

    As a family we are planning to buy two boards. At the moment we are leaning more towards the Thurso 132 and 126. I am 93kg and the rest of the family are sub 75kg.

    Our usage will be in tidal beach conditions. Small waves, lagoons etc. I would class myslef as indermediate-advanced but the rest of the family are beginners-intermediate. However, they are sporty.

    I am starting to think that the more nimble iRocker Sport will suit the lighter members of the family becuase it isnt as wide. But will also suit me well with the manouverability. The carbon edge on the Thurso is also swaying my choice due to durability.

    • James,

      That’s a tough decision – they are all great boards! I would maybe recommend getting one iRocker Sport, and then one Thurso 132? The Sport will for sure be more nimble, but still have enough weight capacity to support you, and it’s still a pretty beginner-friendly board. The Thurso will be more stable but still a good board for the tidal beach conditions.

      However, if you are most interested in a maneuverable board for both boards, then I would recommend getting 2 iRocker Sports. For what it’s worth, it’s still a crazy durable board even without the carbon rails, and is my personal favorite iRocker board (I like to surf and don’t need the extra stability of the Cruiser or All-Arounds).

      Hope that helps, let me know what other questions you have and what you decide to go with!

      • Thanks, really appreciate your thoughts, Justin. I think the iRocker will take it then. I’ll make the call this weekend.

        • Your welcome! If any other questions come up let me know – I’m stoked for you, you are going to love it!

  6. Hi,
    Like the one of the questions posted recently, I am also debating between the iRocker Sport (11’) and the Thurso Wateralker (either 10’6 or 11’). I’m interested in using it for a little surfing and some fishing (with maybe a kayak seat). I’m 5’7” (140 lbs) and have pretty balance from surfing. Which board would fit me best and which size? Thanks.

    • Joe,

      At 5’7 and 140lbs, you will be fine on any of those boards from a stability standpoint. However, you will have to decide what you want to give on for the other features with surfing vs fishing. From a surfing standpoint, the iRocker will be a better option. It’s more maneuverable and a little quicker. However, the Waterwalker will do a better job on the fishing side of things as it is wider both in the middle and in the tail – so you are going to have more stability when your reeling in that fish + a little more deck space if you go with the 11′.

      For me, I would go with the iRocker Sport, as I’d be willing to give up some of the balance during fishing for the extra performance surfing.

      I hope that helps! Let me know what you decide to do and if you have other questions!

      • Thank you Justin for the great advice! I really like the maneuverability of the iRocker Sport too and it does seem more fun to ride for a little surf. I really appreciate all the information in your review videos and website. Really helpful. Thanks again!

  7. i just buy the irocker sport but just find out is not stable as the cruiser am beginer paddle board i should change for crusser or just try it and i also like carry camping stuff on it what do you suggest
    thanbk steve

    • Steve,

      What is your height and weight? The Cruiser is more stable than the Sport. However, the Sport is still a very stable SUP. If you are looking to backpack and camp, then the Sport could be a fantastic board for you.

      Let me know your height/weight and I can give you further advice.

  8. I’ve now been out on a paddle board a total of 4 times, but love and now I am looking to buy one for an upcoming trip to San Diego. I was thinking about the iRocker 11′ Allrounder or this iRocker 11′ Sport. I know the Allrounder is better for a beginner, and maybe my size, I’m 6’1″ and 190lbs, but I don’t want to regret not getting a board with better performance 6 months down the line. Any recommendations or suggestions between the iRocker models?

    • Trevor,

      I personally prefer the iRocker Sport vs the All-Around. I’m 5’11 and 175 lbs, so just a little lighter and shorter than you. If you feel like you won’t have any issues with balance (maybe have some experience surfing or another board sport?), and want something that is sporty and fun – then go with the iRocker Sport. If you have never done any board sports before, then I’d go with the 11′ All-Around.

      I hope that helps!

      • Thanks! Well I’m 42 and haven’t done any board sports before apart from renting SUP’s four times previously. The All-Around is probably the best choice me me.

        • I would agree. I’ve done a bit of surfing, which helps a lot when it comes to SUP. Most paddlers I’ve taken out without any board sport experience do prefer the All-Around, and I really love that board as well (hence why it’s rated one of our top SUPs for 2020). Let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Hi! I am also struggling between the iRocker Sport and the All-around 11. I am a beginner, but I really enjoyed going around with a friend’s cheaper board (aqua marina vapor). I never did board sports before, but I was able to paddle quite comfortably even with some small waves.
    I like the idea of the speed and manoeuvrability of the Sport, but I don’t want to get a board too advanced for my level.
    I am roughly 190lbs and 6 feet tall. What do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Frank, if you are interested in a more sporty, maneuverable board, then I would recommend going with the iRocker Sport. It is not going to be ‘too advanced’ for your skill level, and is still a great board to learn on.

  10. Hi!

    I’m trying to decide between the iRocker Sport 11′ and the Bluefin Carbon Cruise 10’8, but am running in to decision fatigue.

    I live in Los Angeles and would be taking the board out frequently both in the marina here as well as the ocean. I also want to use the board when I go on camping trips and do day hikes into lakes. Potentially I’d try doing some light surfing on the board as well.

    I see that the Bluefin has their flex reduction system carbon rail which should make it more stable, but the iRocker sport has a higher weight capacity. That makes it hard to determine which one is more stiff and better for the light surf ocean paddling has. 🙂

    I’m also okay with less stability if it gives me more speed / maneuverability. I’ve got pretty good balance already and figure I can work my way into better skills as I use the board more.

    Any thoughts on which would be better?

    For reference I’m 5’11, 175 lbs.

    • Eric,

      Great questions. Honestly, you will be good on either the Bluefin Cruise Carbon or iRocker sport. However, given what you are wanting to do I’d recommend the iRocker Sport. It’s my personal favorite iRocker board because of how maneuverable and fast it is. It is not quite as stiff as the Cruise Carbon, but I find it to be a little quicker in the short run, which will help when it comes to surfing. It’s also a lot lighter which will be a huge advantage when you are hiking with the board. The Cruise carbon is super firm, but it’s also on the heavier side for an inflatable SUP.

      I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions!

      • Justin ,

        How would you compare the Irocker to the Blue fin carbon 12’8?
        I will not be surfing but the boats that create 3-5ft wakes is a concern to me. I want to paddle 5-9 miles, try to keep up with kayaks, day adverntures etc.
        Contrcution wise how does the irocker compare to the blue fin?

        • Jeremy,

          I’m assuming you are asking about the 10’8 Bluefin Cruise Carbon (they don’t make a 12’8 Carbon)?

          Both companies, iRocker and Bluefin make great SUPs. Construction quality wise, I’d put them both on the same level. There are a few differences:

          iRocker won’t have the Carbon rails and it won’t have the dual air chamber that you get with the Bluefin Carbon series. This does make the Bluefin more rigid than the iRocker lineup. However, they both feel super solid in the water and I haven’t noticed any decrease in performance with either board. The iRocker will be a little more oriented to the all-around category. The Bluefin, while still an all-around, I would say is slightly more towards the touring side of things than the iRocker.

          I think if your goal is to keep up with Kayaks and go on longer adventures than consider either the 12’0 Cruise Carbon or the 12’6 Blackfin Model V (if $$$ allows). I think you will appreciate the extra length and speed that comes with either of those boards.

          However, I believe the 12′ Carbon is out of stock, so you might have to choose between and iRocker/Blackfin or the 10’8 Cruise Carbon. In that case, I’d recommend going with either the 11′ iRocker or the Model V. I personally think the 11′ iRocker is a little faster than the 10’8 Bluefin Cruise Carbon and will do a little better on those longer adventures.

      • Overall Rating:


        Great comparison. I’m also looking at the Cruise Carbon vs the IRocker Sport for 2021. There is also the Atoll which is high on my list.
        My dilemma is I live by Lake Ontario which has plenty of moderate chop as well as calm days or both on any given day. My friend had an irocker all around that she felt it was not up to the task and she returned it.
        Any advice would be great.
        165 lbs 5’5″

        • Kelly,

          That is a tough one without knowing more about your background and skill. Do you have much paddle boarding experience, and if so, on what board?

  11. Great review! I am also debating between the 2021 iRocker 11′ All Around versus the Sport. I am 6’1″, 165 lbs, and live in Victoria BC. An old long and narrow (26″ wide) windsurfer was my SUP last summer – it was useable on a calm lake but too unstable for the cold ocean water with any small surface waves. I want stability to paddle along the shoreline / across bays confidently but not feel slow. I would not be surfing with it or carrying cargo or passengers. What model would you suggest for me?

    And for the Sport:
    Does the mount or the ridge between the deck pads ever bother you? I often use a staggered stance for balance and feel like my back foot would be right in the gap.
    And does the kick tail have much use on flat water?
    Thanks a ton!

    • RJ,

      Great questions! I honestly think you’ll be happy with either the Sport or the 11′ All Around, but probably lean more towards the Sport for you based on what you have said. That being said, the main difference is that the Sport will be a little faster and maneuverable. The maneuverability doesn’t sound like that matters to you, but the speed and sporty feel might. Like I’ve said, the Sport is my personal favorite of the iRocker lineup because of the more sporty and fast feel to it. The split in the middle isn’t that big of a deal, just something to be aware of. And with the kick tail, I personally like that a lot because I do a lot of step back (buoy) turns when I’m trying to turn quickly.

      If you were more wanting weight capacity and storage space, then the 11′ All Around would be the way to go.

      Hope that helps!

  12. Hiya great article.. looking for some advice please. I’m looking at the 11’ Sport and the 11’ All-Rounder, not sure which would be most suitable for me. It would be myself and my partner using the board, we are 5’11” 70kg and 6’1” 90kg respectively. We would be looking to use it both for surfing in small-medium sized waves and also flat paddling on lakes, rivers etc. When paddling on lakes we would like a board that would be able to take us both and very minimal kit for day expeditions etc. From what I understand the All-Rounder may be the best pick, but I would really like the manoeuvrability of the Sport model for surfing. Is the difference very noticeable? Do you think we would struggle with 2 of us and a small bit of kit on the Sport? Many thanks in advance!

    • Rachel,

      If you are looking for a SUP that lets both of you stand up and paddle together, then both the iRocker Sport and the 11′ All Around are going to be challenging. If you are more just looking for a board that will let one of you sit while the other paddles, then you will be a little better on the 11′ All Around, but should be OK on the Sport. And yes, you will like the speed and maneuverability of the Sport a little more in the surf.

      Hope that helps!

  13. Hi,

    I have read your reviews. They are so great at helping decide what isup to look at. I am 5’4”, don’t know weight, it has gone up thanks to covid though, damn pandemics. I have never used an isup before, but my balance is excellent, thanks to many years of ballet. I can ride my escooter in cruise control without holding on. I used to be able to windsurf a little. Never once fell off, even when learning how to pick up the sail. Never learnt to read the wind properly though, so it was always a one way trip and a swim back pulling the board 🤣 Therefore, I have decided on the Irocker sport 11’. I will be using it in Sydney harbour for now. It may also see some water in Queensland and Melbourne at some point. I will definitely be getting the kayak kit for it as well. I love the dual possibilities. My question after reading your reviews and, not loving the current colours is, what time of year do the next generation of boards come out? Will they pop up in the next few weeks, or are they 6 months away? Summer starts here in two weeks, but it’s raining too much atm to be really warm yet. I’m thinking I’ll wait and see if there is a bit of an after Christmas sale anyway.

    Thank you so much.

    • Kate,

      I’m sorry, but I’m not sure when new boards are going to drop – especially in Australia. They have been released in April/May time the past few years, so you might want to consider purchasing the board now so you can use it during your summer months.

      For what it’s worth, from the pictures on the iRocker website I also didn’t like the Sport’s color options. However, in person, the white/blue model we have has become one of my more liked designs (of course, looks is very personal, so no idea if you would have the same experience as me).

  14. Hi!

    These reviews have been so helpful and given your response to others I thought I would go ahead and ask for your input as well! I am trying to decide between the iRocker All Around 10′ and the Sport. I am 5’1″ and 115 pounds. I have done some paddle boarding – mostly on the ocean on a fairly flimsy inflatable paddle board. I don’t normally fall, but I am looking for something that is both stable and maneuverable. I’ll be using this mostly on lakes and reservoirs in CO, where it does get quite windy sometimes! I am looking for something that I can gain my confidence on, and start to become a more advanced paddler with!

    • Hi Gaby,

      Between those two options, I’m definitely partial to the Sport. The stability will be just slightly less than it would be on the All-Around 10′, but nothing that would take more than a few minutes to get used to. As far as maneuverability goes, we really love the Sport’s raised kick pad on the tail for step back turns, and it’ll be super helpful as you’re learning and developing your skills. The main difference in the two is speed; the Sport is narrow enough that you’ll be able to really focus on your paddling form and get moving a little faster (which also will be helpful in the wind).

      Hopefully that helps; let us know what you think when you get your board!

  15. looking for ISUP will be taking it on a river (not super whitewater but occassional mini current/rapids and lakes as well. im not a beginner per say and am looking for maneuverability and speed but also possibly want to do some yoga/attach a kayak seat on it, wondering if irocker all around 10 ft or 11 ft. OR an 11ft sport is best? I am 5′ 3″ 147 lbs and not a beginner

    • Hi Kai,

      If you’d like a combo of speed and maneuverability, the Sport will be a great option. However, because it’s more narrow than most all-arounds (31″ wide), it will be a little bit challenging to do yoga; not impossible but will take a bit more practice/getting used to. I think you’re next best option would be the 10′ all-around it’s super maneuverable and reasonably fast for paddlers our size while being a little more stable. I don’t think the 11′ All-around has the speed/maneuverability capabilities that you’re looking for, but it is a super stable board. I’d also recommend investing in iROCKER’s river fin as well, if the river you paddle is shallow in some spots.

  16. We are fairly new to SUP and this will probably be something we just take out a few times a year. SUPers include my wife who is 5’7″ and 6’0″ out individually and sometimes piling on a kid or two from baby to 8 years old (but not prioritizing that) in fairly gentle ocean in a sound and calm lakes. We aren’t interesting in zig zagging around so settled on the iRocker All Around 11′ as it is on killer sale but frankly the available colors are a little appalling and the Nautical (only 10’6″ in stock though), Cruiser 10’6″, and Sport have more muted colors available. It’s silly to prioritize that, and other comparable brands don’t have the same awesome sales we are seeing right now. So I’m confirming that the All Around has enough positives that you would still recommend it over something like the Sport here? I’m trying to figure out whether to swallow my dislike of color palette.

    The Cruiser first interested me and has some ok colors but I am worried it’ll be lumbering and sluggish, particularly with just my 5’7″ wife on it which is the experience I am prioritizing. Thanks!! Your site has been immensely helpful.

    • Hi Corsair

      Both the Cruiser or the 11′ All-Around would work really well for what you and your wife are wanting to do. As for the speed of the Cruiser, the speed decrease isn’t super noticeable unless you’re trying to sprint or get it up above a leisurely paddling pace. The 11′ All-Around is a little bit faster and still super stable when bringing along a smaller passenger. iROCKER’s Sport is the fastest and ‘sportiest’ (for lack of a better word) of the 3, but it’s not as stable as the 11′ All-Around or the Cruiser; depending on how comfortable you 2 are with balance, the Sport may pose more of a learning curve when you bring along kids.

  17. Hi, excellent review! I recently purchased the 2021 Sport. I have it weighing in at 22.8 lb. (With fins on). Is it normal for such a difference between the actual vs. listed weight?

    • Hi Joe,

      Yes, a bit of variation is normal. Typically brands overstate the weight because there’s differences when the board is inflated vs. deflated, so they tend to give a more blanket number between the two.

    • Hi Simon,

      Yes, you could take a small passenger on the Sport. Just keep in mind that it it may impact the board’s overall stability.


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