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SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review

SeaGods Carta Marina CX Inflatable Paddleboard


Overall Rating



  • Beware of the Kraken! An awesome piece of art by Jenny Kirby is printed straight onto this iSUP as if the board is a canvas.
  • Impressive score in our bend test. This board is super rigid thanks to the new and improved CX (cross-weave) technology.
  • Great for supporting larger paddlers and functioning as a fitness board since it’s slightly shorter and wider than a typical touring SUP
  • Excellent stability so it’s great for newer paddlers of all sizes.
  • With a pointed nose but a squared-off tail, it stays stable through mild chop.
  • Speedier than most touring boards. Awesome construction quality delivers speed despite being shorter and wider than a typical touring SUP.
  • Comes with a kit full of gear: 3-piece carbon fiber paddle, 10’ coil leash, double-chamber high-pressure pump, repair kit, Kumano pressure fit fin (with a US fin box), and a thick wheeled backpack that we love.


  • A raised kick-pad would be a great addition to this board so step-back turns can be performed easier.

The Carta Marina CX is not only a great touring + adventure SUP but a beautiful piece of art.

SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
A sweet touring iSUP that is wider and shorter than the average touring board for added stability

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So you want to go fast, huh? Well the SeaGods Carta Marina CX can help you do that. And with the absolutely stunning yet rebellious “Nautical Nonsense” deep sea-inspired artwork by Jenny Kirby on the hull and the deck, you’ll look awesome doing it.

At 12’ x 32’’ x 6’ the SeaGods Carta Marina CX is a touring board that can go fast, take mild chop, and remain stable doing so. It is a bit wider and shorter than a typical iSUP touring board, but still performed very well in our speed testing.

Similar to the other SeaGods CX boards, it is lightweight but very rigid so it is stable yet has that extra “zip” to it. With high-quality construction, great speed, and an awesome deep-sea design, you’ll definitely enjoy riding it whether you’re a beginner or an advanced paddler.

Let’s dive into our SeaGods Carta Marina CX review!

We think the SeaGods Carta Marina CX would be a great SUP for paddlers who:

  • Want a touring iSUP that doubles as a fantastic piece of art
  • Are new to touring and don’t want to compromise stability for speed
  • Want to fitness paddle without worrying about stability
  • Need a 12’ length board with a high carrying capacity (350 lbs) to accommodate taller or heavier paddlers

SeaGods Carta Marina CX: Spec Sheet

SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
Jenny Kirby’s “Nautical Nonsense” artwork is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Main Category: Touring
  • Board Dimensions: 2’x32’’x6’’
  • Listed Board Weight: 21
  • Listed Max Capacity: 350 lb
  • Recommended PSI: 14-18 MAX 20
  • Fins: Single touring fin with Kumano pressure fit and Air 7 V2 Universal Fin Box
  • Paddle: 3-piece carbon fiber
  • Materials: Upgraded 2023 Cross Weave ULF technology and heat molded seams
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Performance Review of the SeaGods Carta Marina CX Stand Up Paddle Board

Carta Marina paddling right
Our whole team loved paddling this board. Even our beginner paddlers had a chance to feel speedy without feeling unstable.
Carta Marina paddling left
Thanks to the new CX (cross-weave) technology, this SUP is stiff, rigid, and durable.
Carta Marina out of water
The pointed nose paired with the touring fin gives this board that extra “zip” that makes it extra fun to paddle.

Overall Score: [9.6/10]

  • Stability: 8.8/10
  • Speed: 9.2/10
  • Tracking: 9.2/10
  • Maneuverability: 9/10
  • Construction Quality: 9.8/10
  • Features/Accessories: 9.4/10

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Stability Rating: [8.8/10]

Being 12’ X 32’’ wide (which is just a tad wider than average for a touring SUP), the Carta Marina CX is more stable than some touring boards even though it tapers nicely at the nose and tail for improved speed. This extra width lowers the learning curve for finding stability, and for newer paddlers, it won’t be long before you feel balanced and ready to paddle for however long you want.

Its high-quality construction keeps it stiff and rigid on the water so you avoid any ‘taco’ effect (a slight bend in the board where you’re standing that disrupts stability and efficiency). The Carta Marina CX does not have much perceivable bend or flex when you are standing and/or paddling, so it’s a lot more stable than any lower-quality board.

The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. Of course, the closer you get to the maximum capacity the less stable you will feel, but we did not notice a significant decrease in stability when we put our larger paddlers on it (~230 lbs.). We felt stable enough to say that the Carta Marina would also be a great adventure SUP in addition to a touring board.

I also tested the Carta Marina in windy and choppy weather. I felt balanced and stable, and really appreciated the more pointed nose that helped cut through the chop in those conditions.

Speed Test: 9.2/10

SUP Board Guide’s Speed Testing:
To obtain our speed test results, we use a Speed Coach Sup 2. This gives us accurate readings on how fast we are paddling and our current stroke rates. For the top sprint speed, we paddle as hard as we can for approximately 10-15 seconds and then record our average speed. For the casual test, we paddle at 40-35 strokes per minute for approximately 30-60 seconds and record the average speed.
Top Sprint Speed:5.6 – 5.7MPH
Average Cruising Speed:4.3 MPH
*Notes on our speed test: We use the SpeedCoach SUP 2 to gather our speed data. For our sprint speed, we first maintain a cruising speed and then we paddle hard for 10-15 seconds. We gather this data when we are in smooth water with little to no wind to maintain consistency across all boards.

This board is fast! While we knew that it was going to perform well in this category because it is a touring board, we were surprised at just how well it did.

In regards to the cruising speed of 4.3 MPH, Justin (who speed tested this board) was able to maintain that speed without much effort. The Carta Marina CX has an excellent glide and can get up to speed easily and stay there without having to continuously push yourself.

For a board that is 12’x32’’, it’s faster than we thought it would be, and it performed as well as some 12’6 boards. After paddling it again and again, we concluded that it’s a combination of high-quality construction, the touring shape, and how lightweight it is that causes it to excel in performance.

Tracking: 9.2/10

Carta Marina fin
The touring fin has a nice curve that helps increase speed and tracking.
Carta Marina paddling in
Justin shows great paddle form in this photo. Striking the water at a vertical angle is what you want to aim for when paddling!

The Carta Marina CX tracks very well. It comes with a bright green touring 9’’ fin that digs deeper into the water for more of a grab than the dolphin-style fins that you see on Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX and the Medusa CX. And as a bonus, the color makes it easy to find if it happens to fall off (we suggest using the pin as well as the click-in system, our team lost a fin while we were out testing).

Maneuverability: 9/10

Carta Marina turning right
Without much effort, you can turn or change the direction of the board. Backsweeps are a great way to do this!
Carta Marina pivot turn
That extra “zip” we keep discussing makes step-back turns really fun to practice.

Since this board is lightweight (21 lbs), it is generally easy to steer or use back sweeps to change directions. But of course, because it’s a touring board and 12’ long, it’s constructed to go fast and straight which is a tradeoff to maneuverability.

But honestly, with this SUP, you really don’t notice that slight tradeoff. It’s still very maneuverable.

Once again, the lightness of the board makes the step-back turns easier than you might think, especially for a touring board. The nose pops right out of the water and you can use big forward sweeps to make that full turn with ease.

We would love to see SeaGods add a raised kick-pad to the tail for even easier step-back turns. While we think kick-pads are a great addition to almost any deck (excluding Yoga boards), we especially like to see kick-pads on touring SUPs.

Construction Quality: 9.8/10

Carta Marina side rails
As you can see, the board’s rigidity keeps it sitting on top of the water.
SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
The blue seam reinforcing tape that runs the entirety of the board on the top and bottom of the rails is a sleek addition that increases durability and longevity
SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
All of the features seem to be attached very securely – we love that D-rings and incorporated onto the bungee cargo holders
SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
The blue seam reinforcing tape that runs the entirety of the board on the top and bottom of the rails is a sleek addition that increases durability and longevity

The upgraded technology that is used in the construction of this SUP is right in its name: CX.

The Carta Marina CX, which stands for cross-weave, is an upgraded version of the previous models of the SUP. Cross-weave technology is when the space yarns that make up the inner chamber of the board align in an X pattern rather than align linearly. The X allows for the board to have fewer space yarns altogether, cutting weight, but remaining extremely rigid and durable.

While SeaGods now use CX technology to increase rigidity and cut weight, they still implement their ULF technology when adhering dual outer PVC layers to the drop stitch core. This ULF technology (Ultra Light Fusion) means they apply the PVC as a laminate -liquid sheet- to the inner fabric layers using heat and pressure. This provides a more durable hold, eliminates the possibility of air leakage that glue adhesives are prone to, and increases the longevity of the SUPs.

To mitigate damage, seam tears, and storage rub, there is blue rail tape that is actually reinforcing seam tape. This is an awesome addition that not only looks great but also improves the durability and longevity of the boards.

Board Stiffness:

Seagods CartaMarina Bendtest
Please excuse the blurriness of these bend test photos, our professional videographer did not take them (I did!)
Seagods CartaMarina bendtest
But you can still tell that after 150 lbs of sandbags were placed in the middle of the board, it bent less than an inch

Stiffness Test: 0.875’’ Bend

SUP Board Guide’s Bend Testing:
In order to attest to the rigidity of each board, we use a bend test curated by Supboardguide. In order to obtain the results, we inflate the board to its maximum recommended PSI and then place it across two sawhorses that are 7 feet apart. We then take a measurement in the middle of the board. Then, we place 150 lbs worth of sandbags on the middle top of the SUP. Last, we record its displacement (the movement from its original position). We use this method for every board we test as a way to mathematically compare boards across a common denominator.

We use our own personal curated bend test to check the rigidity of each board. We place the board across two sawhorses that are 7 feet apart and measure the middle of the board. We then place 150 lbs of sandbags on top of the board and re-record our measurements. We measure the displacement (movement from its original position) to gather our bend test result.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: it’s one thing to read about a board’s improved technology and another thing for the board to prove this advancement through its testing results.

The Carta Marina ULF board bent 1.0313 inches. Which is a great score.

However, the Carta Marina CX board bent only 0.875 inches!

This is an undeniable improvement. This is due to the new CX technology that we just gushed about.

We are stoked to see that our test results corroborate the new construction process.

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Features/Accessory Review: [9.4/10]


SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
The Kraken coming up out of the waves is awesome. It pairs well with the fierce squid and underwater world on the hull.
SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
Which way do you prefer to look at this beautiful design? With the boat right side up and the squid upside down, or the opposite?
Carta Marina turning right
The Kumano pressure fins are easy to use, but we found that they can come loose. So we suggest using multiple plugs at once or using a fin screw.
Carta Marina pivot turn
Integrating the accessory mount onto the bungee cargo holder is an easy way to keep the deck pad minimalistic but still have the means to hook up a GoPro or other gadget!

To start with the obvious, the Carta Marina CX has an amazing piece of art printed on it featuring the artist Jenny Kirby. She calls this piece “Nautical Nonsense.” It’s absolutely stunning, which you can see for yourself via our pictures.

The deck pad has a sweet ocean design with an aggressive Kraken breaking through the waves. Pretty fitting for a fast-and-furious board! It is also comfortable and grippy with its diamond grooves.

On the tail of the board, there is a 4-point bungee cargo holder that can easily be strapped up with any cargo you may need for the day or longer expeditions. On the front, there is a 6-point bungee cargo holder with integrated accessory mounts. This allows for even more room for cargo, such as a cooler or dry bags. Also, you can hook up a GoPro to capture your expeditions.

I already mentioned that this board isn’t the best for multiple-night or week-long adventures. That is because the cargo holders are not very big. That’s one thing we might want to see added: an extension to the cargo holders. But it’s hard to say because we do not want to detract from the fabulous art. So, as it currently stands, we suggest this board for long fitness days or possibly a one-night overnight.

There are also optimally placed triple-reinforced stainless steel D-rings for attaching a kayak seat. And let’s not forget the very comfortable neoprene-wrapped and nylon-woven carrying handles embroidered with the SeaGods label. All of the features on the SeaGods boards are high-quality and thoughtfully designed.

Included Accessories:

SeaGods Carta Marina CX Review 2023
The zipper is on the other side of the bag (the side that goes on your back). We love this design and think it makes it more comfortable to wear as a backpack and more functional as a SUP carrier!

When you order this iSUP, you will get everything you need to hit the water that same day. This includes

  • 3-piece carbon fiber handle
  • 10’ SeaGods turquoise leash with key pocket
  • Double-action high-pressure pump
  • Kumano pressure fit center fin
  • Repair Kit
  • Wheeled backpack

I’ll add that the deep blue color of the blade and the dark gray/black poles look clean and sharp. Whenever I have a SeaGods paddle in hand, I feel ready to fight some chop!

The new CX boards come with a dual-action, high-pressure pump, so you can pump the boards to 20 PSI by hand! We wanted to see this upgrade from the single chamber pump that comes with the ULF boards, and it’s really neat that they decided to do it! As a challenge, I decided to pump this board up to 20 PSI by hand. It took me 14 minutes and 26 seconds to do it. In reality, that’s not a long time. But when you are using your entire body to do it (me), it feels like a while.

This is why we always suggest using an electric pump if you have the budget for it. Sea Gods offer one that we like, but sadly it doesn’t go to 20 PSI. You can check out our list of the best electric pumps for SUPs though if you want to save yourself the 14-minute workout.

Summary Review of the SeaGods Carta Marina CX – 2023

Carta Marina out of water
There’s no denying that this board looks incredible, and after testing it, we know it performs incredibly too.

We love this board! And not just because it looks amazing (but that is a huge bonus). The Carta Marina CX board is an awesome touring board for everyone, including larger paddlers. It has a high maximum weight capacity as well as wider and shorter dimensions than a typical touring board, which allows for more stability but still has great speed.

If you are looking for a high-quality fast board without compromising stability, then the SeaGods Carta Marina CX is a great pick. And if you’re big on having an amazing touring board in the aesthetic realms as well, then I would recommend the Carta Marina CX as the pick.

Thanks for reading this Sea Gods Carta Marina CX review, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and/or questions about the board!

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