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Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Fishing – 2023

One of our favorite things about SUP’ing is that our boards allow us to get into some pretty remote spots that would be unimaginable for a larger boat or anything with a motor. We also love that they’re quiet and cause very little disturbance in the water so as to not scare off any local wildlife. Given these traits, it’s no surprise that SUP fishing continues to grow in popularity.

A paddleboard allows you to non-disruptively settle into those hard-to-reach sweet spots to start reeling ‘em in. Throughout this post, we’ll outline the list of our favorite Fishing SUPs of 2023 to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a fishing SUP for yourself. Before that though, let’s talk about some characteristics that make a truly great fishing SUP stand out among others in the market.

What Makes a Great Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)?

Ultimately, what truly makes a fishing SUP great is how well it fits into your personal needs, lifestyle, and preferences. With that in mind, we’ll go over a few key characteristics that we considered while building this list, to provide a short buyer’s guide that will help you make the most educated purchasing decision possible when picking out a fishing SUP of your own.

  • Stability
    As always, stability is top of the list when it comes to traits to consider when SUP shopping in any discipline. When it comes to SUP fishing, you’re doing more than just standing and paddling on your board. You’ll need the added stability to move around between rods, bait, cast, and hopefully reel in a few big ones without focusing on staying balanced.

    Stability primarily is dependent on board size, with an emphasis on its width. Wider boards tend to be more stable, but of course, you do lose some maneuverability (though sharp sudden turns are likely not on the agenda for a day of SUP fishing anyway). Fin set-up also contributes to stability with a 2+1 configuration being the most stable option. Lastly, a well-constructed board usually will have some added rigidity which helps with both stability and overall performance/durability of your SUP. We’ll delve more into construction as we get into our list of the best fishing SUPs of 2023.

  • Weight Capacity
    Weight capacity tends to go hand in hand with stability, but there is some nuance that we’ll discuss. Most SUPs will have a listed weight capacity that simply tells you at what weight the board will continue to stay afloat. However, as you get closer to this weight capacity, you’ll see drastic decreases in stability and overall performance.

    We think it’s more valuable to determine what volume of board you’ll need in regards to your body weight, plus an estimate of your gear’s combined weight. A good reference is that the volume of your board (usually listed in the specs) should be 1.5x or more of the weight of yourself and your gear. If you want even more stability, increase your volume and vice versa.

  • Fishing Mounts/Equipment Compatibility
    When it comes to equipment storage, you’ll want to ensure that your SUP is capable of hauling and utilizing any equipment that you already have. As you’ll read on this list, many SUPs have a variety of action mounts, d-rings, scotty mounts, kayak seat compatibility, fishing rac compatibility, and rod holders. The combination that you need on your SUP really comes down to what type/how much equipment you’ll be wanting to bring along, as well as any accessories that you intend to use.
  • Deck pad
    SUP fishing usually entails a decent bit of standing. As such, you’ll want to look for a deck pad that has the right balance between grip and comfort. If you need a bit of extra traction, you’ll do well with a diamond patterned and deeply stamped deck pad, where as if you’re looking for a more comfort focused option, consider grooved deck pads Also as a side note, if you’re someone that values aesthetics, you may want to look for a darker color that muck/fish blood won’t stain as easily.
  • Paddle
    Most SUPs will come with a kit-included paddle. However, the quality of these varies and can really affect your ride if it’s not up to par with what you need, especially considering the fact the fishing SUPs tend to be on the larger/heavier side and need something a little more sturdy to pull them through the water.

    Entry-level, lower price range SUPs will usually come with a plastic or aluminum paddle. While plastic is typically the lighter option of the two, you’ll experience more flex in the shaft as you pull your board through the water, which overall will give you less leverage and will force you to work harder to get your SUP going. While this is not an issue for short distances, it can become really noticeable as distance increases. Aluminum is much sturdier, but is on the heavier side and will also cause you to tire out faster when it comes to paddling longer distances.

    Mid-range SUPs will typically include a fiberglass paddle, which is lighter than aluminum and stiffer than plastic. It won’t cause you to tire out as fast when paddling long distances, but we have found that it tends to irritate our hands a little bit, though that is just us being nit-picky.

    The best performing paddles will be those made out of carbon fiber or a carbon fiber blend. These paddles are lightweight yet rigid to keep you going for miles without feeling like your shoulders will fall off (at least not quite as early) or like you can’t quite get a grip on the water to pull yourself forward.

    Another important thing to note is that several options for paddles are sold separately, so if you find a board that is your perfect match, and the paddle isn’t quite what you’re wanting, there’s always the option to upgrade.

  • Warranties/Guarantee periods
    All of the boards on this list are from reputable companies that make durable products built to last through nearly anything you could put it through. They also all offer warranty periods and some return windows that will provide a bit of a safety net, should you experience any issues with your SUP.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, you should feel confident choosing the best fishing SUP to match your lifestyle, skills, and preferences. We have an array of boards on this list that could fit any SUP needs, so keep your eye out for your ideal board as we expand upon our list of the best fishing SUPs of 2023.

Best Fishing SUPs

  • 1. BOTE Rackham Aero
  • 2. BOTE Rover Aero
  • 3. SeaEagle FishSUP 126
  • 4. BOTE HD Aero
  • 5. BOTE Rackham
  • 6. iStalker
  • 7. NRS Heron 11 X 39

1. BOTE Rackham Aero

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  • Recessed deck pad to keep you dry and improve stability
  • One of BOTE most feature rich/accessory compatible board
  • Extremely customizable to your own preferences
  • Included roller backpack to easily transport a 70lb kit
  • Ability to bring along gear/ another person with its 400 lb weight capacity
  • Not much, we just have not put it through as rigorous of testing as we’d like to yet

The BOTE Rackham Aero excels in stability with a twin-chamber recessed deck at 12’4 long, 38” wide. It’s a fishing geared SUP that doesn’t make massive sacrifices when it comes to overall paddling performance, though it’s not as easy to casually paddle as BOTE’s more all-around option, the HD Aero. The Rackham Aero is more than capable of carrying along your gear or another adult with it’s 400lb weight capacity, while being a relatively lighter weight of 45lbs.

As far as features go, the Rackham Aero is one of the BOTE’s most loaded options aside from the Rover Aero, which we’ll discuss below. This SUP has 3 grab handles, 14 D-rings, 6 action mounts, and 4 scotty mounts for tons of space and versatility to store and mount your gear and accessories. It’s also compatible with a kayak seat conversion kit, a sand spear, travel strap, rac systems, a paddle sheath, cooler tie downs, and a wheel rac. We also like the stamped EVA deck pad that keeps your feet stable, comfortable, and dry on the Rackham’s recessed standing area. As with the Rover Aero, there’s not much you can’t do on this SUP.

BOTE does a great job of including all of the accessories you need to get started SUP fishing right out of the box. With the Rackham Aero, you receive a 3-piece fiberglass adjustable paddle, 10” removable center-fin, a pair of slide-in rac receivers, a removable paddle sheath, a removable sand spear sheath, a repair kit, a single chamber dual action hand pump, and a roller travel bag that eliminates the challenge of transporting a 70 lb packed kit. Overall, this is an extremely inclusive kit for a great value.

BOTE’s Rackham Aero is a great option for anglers looking for a customizable fishing focused SUP that includes a wide range of included accessories.

2. BOTE Rover Aero

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  • Compatible with a 6HP outboard motor (the most powerful on this list)
  • Includes Moto-rac
  • Recessed dual chamber deck keeps you dry and stable
  • Roller bag makes it easier to transport this heavier kit
  • Feature heavy with d-rings, scotty mounts, and magnetic cup-holders
  • Center handle is difficult to reach/use to carry a 63 lb microskiff

This iSUP/Micro-Skiff hybrid gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to SUP fishing with the convenience of a motorized skiff. At 12’6 long, 40.5′ ‘ wide, this iSUP/skiff is solid as a rock. BOTE even went the extra mile for stability and rigidity by combining a recessed deck pad with dual chamber construction to avoid any balance issues. Of course, this is a heavier SUP at 63lbs inflated, and 85lbs for the whole kit, but still remarkably lightweight when compared to solid traditional micro skiffs. You also should have no problems loading on gear or two adults, as the ROVER has a weight capacity of 500lbs.

BOTE definitely wasn’t shy on the features for this fishing SUP/micro-skiff either. The Rover Aero has 16 action mounts, 4 scotty mounts, 12-d-rings, paddle holders, ‘Moto-RAC’ receivers/compatibility, and boat’s ‘Magnepod’ cup-holders. With that amount of features, I can’t think of much that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish with the Rover Aero. There’s plenty of space for gear storage, phone and camera mounts, a paddle sheath, grab-rack, or fishing rod holders. I also love the recessed deck pad that is cushy and deeply grooved to keep your feet dry and comfortable during a long day on the water.

Another thing we love about this SUP/skiff is that BOTE included a load of accessories to get you paddling straight out of the box. Included with the BOTE Rover Aero, you’ll receive a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle, paddle sheath, sand spear sheath, Motorac, motorac receivers, grab strap, detachable slide-lock center fin, single chamber dual action hand pump, repair kit, and a large Aero Bag to comfortably store everything. To fully utilize the Aero’s micro-skiff capabilities, you’ll need to purchase an outboard motor separately, which is also available on BOTE’s site. While it would be convenient to include the motor with the board for an increased overall kit price, I appreciate the ability to shop around for a motor or use one you may already have on hand. I also wish BOTE would have opted for a carbon fiber paddle to include in this kit, as this is a heavy SUP to pull through the water, though the fiberglass paddle is sufficient to paddle short distances, which is more realistic if you add on the motor.

Bottom line – this is essentially a micro-skiff that can be transported in your trunk or your backseat. This board is a great option for SUP anglers that want the convenience of a boat in not having to paddle for hours to your fishing hole, but also want the advantages of a SUP in being able to get into tight, shallow areas. It’s also an affordable price for tons of customization ability in features and accessories.

3. Sea Eagle FishSUP 12’6

Sea Eagle 12’ 6 Fish Inflatable SUP

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  • Trolling motor compatible
  • Built-in fish ruler
  • Options to include one or two swivel chairs, or a more affordable inflatable chair
  • Includes multi-purpose storage bag that fits comfortably in front bungees
  • Front paddle holder/pocket built-on to the board
  • No action or Scotty mounts limit your accessory capabilities

The Sea Eagle 12’6 is an extremely close second to BOTE’s Rover Aero. The Sea Eagle FishSUP 12’6 is super stable at 12’6 long, 40” wide, and 6” thick. Though it does not have the same dual chamber technology as the Rover Aero, so you could expect slightly less rigidity and stability when moving around on the deck, though nothing exceptionally challenging. Like the Rover Aero, the Sea Eagle has a 500lb weight capacity, enabling it to comfortably haul all your gear or two adults, while being just 45 lbs (48 lbs with the motor mount). This SUP is also compatible with an outboard trolling motor, making it a great microskiff hybrid board for a great starting price.

The Sea Eagle 12’6 has loads of features that make it a great option for a SUP fisherman. This SUP has a built in 36” fish ruler to take out the guesswork of keepers, as well as a 14 d-ring attachments, a paddle pocket, removable rear motor mounts, 360 degree swivel seat compatibility, a front cargo area, and 3-carry handles for easy transport to and from the water. My main suggestion would be for Sea Eagle to incorporate scotty mounts for rod holders, though they do include a multi-purpose storage box that has 2 in-built rod holders. The multiple D-ring attachments provide a lot of customization options when it comes to attaching gear, but there’s not a ton of options right out of the box to store/secure a selection of rods. Though if you only need to bring along 1 or 2 rods to have a successful day, you’ll still have plenty of space on the Sea Eagle.

Sea Eagle offers several kit options increasing in price as you add more accessories, though each package is still a great value. Included with the start-up package and all package upgrades, you’ll receive your 12’6 FishSUP, as well as a large backpack, a 3-piece SUP paddle, multi-purpose storage box, single chamber dual action hand pump, and a repair kit. With the next package upgrade you’ll receive a kayak paddle and an inflatable kayak seat, which you can upgrade to a swivel seat by leveling up to the next package. The following package is the pro-motor fishing package and includes a trolling motor power center, while the following package includes a wheel rac to comfortably pull the board/accessories around. The second to last upgrade is the ultimate 2 person package, which includes a second swivel seat and a 7” pedestal for one of the swivel seats. Lastly, you could upgrade to the green machine package, which includes a solar panel to hook up to your marine battery. Again, each package comes with an increase in price, but all are a great value considering the range of accessory customization and if you were to compare it to a traditional microskiff.

Overall, the Sea Eagle 12’6 FishSUP is a great option for the less gear heavy SUP fishermen/women that want some added customization ability to their SUP/Micro-skiff kit without the added weight and price tag of traditional microskiff options.

4. BOTE HD Aero (See Full Review)

Best Inflatable Paddle Board - BOTE HD Aero

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  • Great balance between an all-around SUP and one that is designed specifically for fishing
  • Several mounting points let you customize your gear
  • Includes paddle sheath in kit to keep your paddle out of the way while fishing
  • Lightweight for fishing SUPs at 30 lbs
  • Included backpack is heavy duty, and should last for a long time
  • We’d like BOTE to include a leash in their kit
The BOTE HD Aero is a great choice for those who want the option to SUP fish occasionally, but don’t want to lose the performance of an all-around SUP. This is a more midsized board for this list, being just 30lbs, 11’6″ long and and 34” wide, but it has plenty of stability to accommodate light fishing with its 315 lb weight capacity. It’s not as challenging to maneuver as a larger, heavier fishing SUP and is expectedly easier to pull through the water; it definitely bridges the gap between a paddling focused board and a fishing focused board.

As with all BOTE boards, and certainly all of their models on this list, the HD Aero is loaded up with features. This board sports 16 D-rings to encompass the front and rear cargo areas, kayak seat attachment points, and cooler tie-downs. It also has 2 scotty mounts for tons of versatility when it comes to fishing gear attachments and storage. Additionally, the HD Aero is compatible with a sand spear that doubles as an anchor or a push-pole in shallow areas, as well as a fishing rack attachment to store rods, coolers, buckets, etc. As an added bonus, this SUP comes equipped with BOTE’s Magnepod cup-holder, and 3 carry handles.

The BOTE kit is nearly all inclusive, with each HD Aero comes the following accessories: 3-piece carbon blend paddle, 10″ center fin, pair of slide-in Aero Rac Receivers, removable paddle sheath, single chamber hand pump, repair kit, and SUP backpack. This kit is perfect for someone who is spending most of their time on their SUP exclusively paddling, but wants the option to fish occasionally with a few add-ons. However, if you’re a person who is looking to use their SUP primarily for fishing instead of casual paddling, this board is compatible with a slew of BOTE’s optional fishing accessories featured on their site.

As stated earlier, the BOTE HD Aero closes the gap between a functional all-around SUP and a dedicated fishing vessel.

5. BOTE Rackham (Hard SUP)

bote rackham hard SUP best fishing sups

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  • Displacement hull + single-fin set-up makes for a faster fishing SUP
  • Tons of features and accessory compatibility
  • Customizable to adapt to your environment
  • Easy set-up since it’s a hard SUP
  • Recessed deck pad
  • Several fin set-up option
  • No scotty mounts
  • No included side-fins

BOTE’s Rackham is the only hard SUP on this list, but we like that it comes in both a 14’ and 12’ option to better accommodate different paddler needs and preferences. Both are stable boards with recessed deck at 14’ long, 34” wide and 12’ long, 32”wide, with the 14’ option providing slightly more stability between the 2 when it comes to loading on gear with its 400 lb weight capacity compared to the 12’ option’s 350 lb capacity. I’d also expect both of these boards to be a bit faster and track well in flatwater conditions, despite being a heavier 48 and 52 lbs, due to their displacement hull and their single fin set-up (though both are side-fin compatible).

Like its inflatable counterpart, the Rackham Aero, the Rackham is loaded down with features and accessory compatibility. Both 12’ and 14 options have front and rear cargo areas as well as 8 action mounts, a built-in paddle sheath, and several rack receivers to give you tons of customization ability when it comes to rod holders, grab racks, or bucket holders. While I would love to see scotty mounts on this board, BOTE did an excellent job of allowing you to deck out this board as much or as little as you’d like. The customization ability of this board continues into the fins, as a 10’ removable center fin is included in the kit, but it’s also compatible with a 2+1 or a 4+1 so you can adapt to different water conditions.

Because this is a hard SUP, it does not come with the same amount of necessary accessories as the inflatable boards on this list. However, the Rackham does include a 2-piece adjustable paddle and a 10’ removable center fin. I would have liked this board to come with BOTE’s travel-link strap given the 12’ option is 48 lbs and the 14’ option is 52 lbs, making either one a challenge to carry long distances using just the center handle. I also would have liked to see at least 2 side fins included since the Rackham is compatible with them. I’m not in any way disappointed with this kit, as it’s pretty typical for hard SUPs to not include a range of accessories; I just would have loved to see a few included given the price of either option.

This is a great choice for someone who values board performance and customization ability and has the ability to store or transport a 12’ 14’ hard SUP.

6. iSTALKER by FishStalker

iStalker by Fish Stalker best fishing sups

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  • Catamaran inspired hull contributes to tracking and glide on the water for a 40 lb board
  • Option to include trolling motor system and battery box
  • Huge non-slip deck pad gives you a larger range of motion
  • RAM tough ball inserts give you some customization ability with RAM accessories
  • Can support front or rear battery positioning
  • No wheels on the travel bag
  • No included paddle
  • Limited to only RAM accessories/mounts

The iSTALKER FishSUP by FishStalker is built with a successful day of fishing in mind. It’s 12’ long and 34” wide and sports a 3 chamber catamaran-inspired hull to improve stability while decreasing surface area on the water, making for a solid but comparatively fast board even at 40 lbs. The iSTALKER also gives you the ability to load it with gear or bring along a partner with its 500 lb weight capacity. Additionally, the iSTALKER is compatible with a trolling motor and mount system to take some of the work out of paddling to your fishing sport or trolling upstream. Like the BOTE Rover Aero and the Sea Eagle 12 ‘6, the iSTALKER combines the engine capabilities of a traditional skiff with all the conveniences of an iSUP.

FishStalker’s iSTALKER FishSUP comes with a variety of features to help you customize your board to your fishing needs and style. It’s catamaran design utilizes 4 ‘truTack’ 6” running fins located at the front and rear for better tracking and glide, as well as a 10” finbox for a center-fin or electric fin. Moving on to the deck, the iSTALKER has 4 carry handles, 12 D-rings, 8 RAM tough ball inserts for gear and battery box attachments, and 2 cooler mounts. Because this SUP features RAM (yes, the truck brand) tough ball mounts instead of universal action mounts, you are limited to only being able to utilize RAM products when it comes to racks or rod holders, though they do offer a pretty wide range of sturdy, affordable accessories. The iSTALKER also has a nearly full length non-slip deck pad to give you plenty of standing space and grip when moving around the board.

The iSTALKER is a little lighter in the included accessory list than the other board on this list, but still includes a few necessities to help you get started. With the iSTALKER FishSUP you’ll receive impact resistant rear fins, a single chamber double action hand pump, and a travel bag. I would have liked to see this board come with a paddle, but it is at a more affordable price than others on this list. You do have the option to add a carbon paddle at an additional cost. I also would have liked to see a roller bag to make transporting this SUP a little easier.

This is a great option for fishermen/women that want added stability without making huge sacrifices when it comes to paddling ease and speed. This is also ideal for anglers that need trolling capabilities but also want to be able to get to tighter or shallower spaces than a traditional skiff would allow.

7. NRS Heron 11’x39”

NRS heron best fishing sups

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  • Minimalistic/less crowded deck
  • Lighter 30lb SUP does not sacrifice as much in performance
  • Triple chamber design contributes to stability
  • Includes both a tracking and a grass fin for shallower areas
  • No included paddle

The NRS Heron is a smaller, more minimalistic option for those who want the ability to fish with a couple rods, but don’t love an accessory crowded deckpad. This 3-chamber single-fin board is a stable 11’ long by 39” wide at just 30 lbs, which is fairly lightweight for this list. You’ll also have little to no issues bringing along some gear with its 300lb weight capacity.

As we’ve said, the Heron is minimalistic when it comes to features, but still has a few necessities to optimize your time on the water. This board has 4-point front and rear bungee cargo areas, as well as a center,nose, and tail carry handles and 3 scotty mounts for a variety of rod-holders. It also has a full length deckpad that incorporates a diamond pattern at the tail for better traction during step-back turns.

NRS does a great job of including everything you’d need to get started straight out of the box. With the NRS Heron 11’x39” you are given a single chamber dual action hand pump, a repair kit, a removable touring fin, a removable grass fin, and a travel backpack. As with the iSTALKER, I would have liked to see a paddle included in this kit, but this does give you the ability to shop around for a paddle that is specific to you and your abilities/preferences.

This board is a great option for paddler that wants a board capable of handling a light day of fishing but also isn’t overly large, heavy, or accessory cluttered.

Why Use a Fishing SUP

If you’ve read through our list and are still debating if a fishing SUP is the right option for you, we’ll go through a few advantages below.

  • Cost
    One of the downsides of traditional open-water fishing is that the price of boats can make it largely inaccessible for a large group of people. A great fishing SUP can usually be purchased for about $1,500, which is still an investment, but only a fraction of the cost that a boat would require. Many companies also offer 12-month financing plans as well, if the price is too high up-front.
  • Access
    A great thing about SUPs is that they can get into tighter, shallower spots than boats can. This allows you to tap into some lesser fished areas, and likely have more success.
  • Storage/transport
    When it comes to storing and transporting, inflatable SUPs are exponentially easier and more convenient than a boat could ever be. iSUPs can roll up into their bag and be stored in the trunk of your car and by stored in a closet. A boat, on the other hand, requires a trailer and a place to store it when it’s not being used, which adds to the overall cost aspect of fishing.
  • Less disruptive
    SUPs allow you to quietly ease into your fishing spot with very little disruption to the fish already there.
  • Added workout
    Paddling is great, low impact full body exercise that will slowly build up your core strength and join stability without really even having to think about it.

Optional Fishing SUP Accessories to Consider

While each of the boards on this list includes a variety of accessories to get you started on the water, we’ll list a few accessories below that we’d recommend to help you have a better day on the water and make the most out of your fishing SUP.

  • Fishing rod mount/holder
    One challenge to overcome when it comes to SUP fishing compared to fishing on a boat is determining how to best utilize and be efficient in a smaller space. Rods can add up and take up space quickly, but adding a rod holder and a few rod mounts to your SUP can help you free up vital standing space to better enjoy your day.
  • Paddle sheath/ holder
    When you reach your fishing spot and no longer need your paddle, it’s nice to be able to stow it within reach but out of your way. A paddle sheath or holder will give you somewhere to stash it that won’t trip you up and will free up your hands to cast or reel.
  • Stripping basket
    This is mostly applicable if you’re fly fishing on your SUP, as this will eliminate the risk of getting your line wrapped up and tangled while you’re preparing to shoot.
  • Kayak conversion kit
    We’ve said a few times throughout this post that SUP fishing can sometimes involve a decent bit of standing. However, the purchase of a kayak conversion seat can give you the option to sit back and relax. This is also great if you’ll be fishing in choppier or bumpier water that could make it difficult to balance while you’re fishing
  • Anchor/Sand Spear
    If you’re fishing in a river, a tidal body of water, or simply a windy lake, it’s easy for your SUP to get pushed out of position if you’re not constantly paddling it. The addition of a Sand Spear or anchor to your SUP kit can help you keep glued to your spot without much effort.
  • Electric Pump
    We say it so much on this site, but an electric pump is truly one of the best investments you can make when it comes to building out your SUP kit. When it comes to a larger fishing SUP, this point is even more important because they can be quite a job to inflate using a hand pump. An electric pump will take away the work of inflating your SUP and allow you more time to prep the rest of your gear.

Tips for Making the Most of your Fishing SUP

Once you have your fishing SUP, it’s easy to get out in the water and settle into your rhythm. Below we’ll list some tips that we’ve learned along the way to help you get the most enjoyment out of your fishing SUP right away.

  • Hone in your Balance Before Starting to Fish
    If you’ve never used a SUP before purchasing your fishing board, it’s best to practice and hone in your balance on the water before piling on gear and trying to fish. One of the most important ways you can avoid going for an accidental swim is to keep your head and shoulders up and in line with your body. When you look down at the board or water, you push your center of gravity forward and are more likely to fall. You’ll also want to keep your knees loose to help absorb any wake or water movement. Lastly, remember to keep your paddle submerged and use it as a third leg to help you stay upright.
  • Minimize Movement/Disruption
    Finding fish is easiest when you’re not actively scaring them away. While we already have an advantage with SUPs being significantly less disruptive than boat motors, it’s still best to minimize any splashing/disruption from your paddle and sudden movements on the board.
  • Try trolling Methods to Imitate Bait Fish
    Anchors are great if you’re in a river or tidal body of water and are fishing out of a hole or nook in the stream. However, if you’re fishing a wider area of fish, trolling can be great to imitate normal bait behavior. Because SUPs are so light, they’re easy to troll with the current without even needing to paddle. Simply float in the direction of the water. Depending on your bait, it also helps to jig or bounce your line to catch light and make your rig more noticeable to fish.
  • Minimize Your Gear
    As we’ve said before, one challenge with SUP fishing is determining how to best utilize a smaller space. One way to do this is to minimize the amount of gear you need to have a successful day or fishing. This will free up standing space for you to move around your board and be able to fish in several directions. It also can help with stability, as added gear weight can decrease your board’s performance.
  • Secure Your Gear
    Once you do narrow down your gear to give yourself the most space possible, it’s important to secure it in a way that it won’t be falling off, rolling into your feet, or otherwise tripping you up. This is where rod-holders and mounts really come in handy.
  • Have a License and Follow Local and Federal Laws
    Most bodies of water require a license to fish, especially if you’re catching to keep. Make sure to always obtain and carry a license before SUP fishing and familiar yourself with any local or federal laws. Most of these laws are put in place to help protect the wildlife and waterways that we love to keep them healthy for everyone’s enjoyment, so it’s important to play your part.


SUP fishing gets people outside and enjoying the water in a more accessible, less disruptive way than traditional boat dependent fishing. It allows you to get into those hard to reach, tight, shallow spots, without the risk of grounding yourself or getting stuck, while maintaining the quiet of the environment.

We hope our list of the Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Fishing of 2023 has been helpful in your search for the perfect board, and we hope you’ll make the most of your experience using the tips we’ve discussed above.

As always, wear a life jacket, stay safe, and have fun paddling!

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