Top 3 Touring Boards


So you’ve decided it’s a touring board you are after…

You desire to get lost in amongst the twists of a river or do long stretches of bays. You want speed but stability. Very importantly, you like to have space to store things for your day’s adventure.

Here you will find our Top 3 Touring boards we’ve tested this year. We try to pick 3 in different price categories to best suit everyone!

** Special Note For Families ** 

For those leaning more toward a family board which kind of falls under a touring board quite often given the size needed, I have a suggestion for you. Check out the Blackfins! They are pretty much made for exactly that. Extra handles on the nose for kids to hang onto and a HUGE capacity. You’ll all be laughing and smiling like those all those catalog families you see in no time at all!

What You’ll Find Here

First I’ll present our top 3. Then for those in a rush to get out on the water, you can skim over the table. Although, if you have 5 minutes I encourage you to read the brief write-ups. Now, if you want to make a definitive decision, each brief write up includes a link to a full in-depth review.

Happy touring SUP legends!

 ThursoSurf ExpeditionBaySports TourRed Paddle Co Sport
Thurso Expedition ReviewBay Sport Tour ReviewRed Sport 11 Review
Price $$$$$$
Length 11'6"11'6"11'
Weight26 lbs17.4 lbs19 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs396 lbs280 lbs
🙂All accessories
High weight capacity
Awesome accessories
Lightweight FusionTec
Beautiful design
Suits bigger riders/people with gear
Super speedy
Lightweight, compact design
🙁Heavier than the rest
Less performance
Slower than the restNo accessories included

Thursosurf Expedition 11’6″

Thurso Expedition Review

These guys make quality boards that are within most peoples budget. If you aren’t overly fussed on your accessories being the best or having the best of the best, this is your board! The Expedition is a durable triple-layered PVC touring board that delivers speed and a bucket of fun for all riders. It’s got a beautiful wooden graphic just like the Bay Sports Wooden Tour which I love as it’s a nice break from the monotonous duo colors you usually get on SUP’s.

With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, the Expedition is made to take bigger riders or those taking another person/dog/extra gear. You’ll also not lose out on stability with the huge length of 11’6” providing lots of room to shift weight around on. Just keep in mind the narrow tail and nose, while aiding to the speed, does make either end of the board a bit wobbly.

Full Review

Bay Sports Tour “Original Series – Wooden Look” 11’6″

It’s so hard to not carry on like a maniac about this board. It really did impress me well above any else I’ve ridden this year. It was definitely a combination of performance, comfort, and aesthetics. I really put it to the test on 10km through currents and headwinds and can’t speak more highly of how it handled it all. Like a true champion.

Paddle Board Design

As far as accessories go, I must remark on how impressed I was with what you got for how much it costs. A pump that takes a big part of the effort out of the inflation, a Connect II FCS fin that does wonders for tracking/ maneuvering and decent paddle/bag/leash.

Full Review

Red Paddle Co Sport 11′

Slicing through the water into our Top 3 is also the Red Paddle Co Sport. These guys have made a huge name for themselves over the years. While their price tag is a bit higher than most SUP’s, so is their quality.

Girl with Red Paddle Co SUP

Their RSS stiffening system, as well as MSL technology, makes this the stiffest tour SUP on the list. Out of the Bay Spots and this, the Sport is probably a little faster. Though the BaySports is a bit more stable, holds a higher capacity and maneuvers a little better thanks to its fin setup. If you are after a super sporty tour SUP this is definitely your pick, it’s fast and nimble.

Full Review


Okay, let me make this as super sweet and simple as I can for you.

If you are on a budget, Thursosurf is going to be one of your best bets. If you are after a better performing touring SUP, either the BaySports Tour or Red Paddle Co Sport are better options. To choose between those, I would suggest you steer more towards the BaySports Tour if you need the extra volume or want something closer to an all-around board. If you are after a super fast, nimble and fun tour SUP check out the Red Paddle Co Sport.

Good luck my touring amigos!

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