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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 SUP Board Review – 2020

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 11' iSUP













  • Excellent tracking, stability, and glide. A great all-around SUP with a solid feel to the board .
  • Impressive 330 lbs weight capacity. Durable construction with extra layer reinforcement on the deck and sides.
  • Carbon fiber rails for added board rigidity and durability.
  • Comfortable, long, and wide deck pad. Great for stretching and yoga.
  • Plenty of D-rings + an action mount. Compatible with a variety of SUP accessories.
  • Side paddle holder, making it easy to store your paddle when needed (sitting on the board, doing yoga, etc.)


  • SUP and paddle are on the heavy side. However, the weight gives the board a solid feel while paddling.

Thurso Water Walker 132 Review

For many people getting into SUP water sports, having an all-around SUP that has an extra emphasis on stability is all they could ask for. If that fits your description, you’ll love the Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 just as much as we do. While being an all-around, the Waterwalker 132 is a very stable SUP that will support paddlers of any size, and even your pet or a couple of kids if you want to bring them along. The length of the SUP helps it maintain excellent tracking, while the 32’’ wide deck is still thin enough that the Waterwalker maintains good speed in the water as well. A huge addition to the 2020 Waterwalker 132 are the carbon rails, which further add to the rigidity and firmness of the SUP for even greater performance. The SUP isn’t the only thing to get an upgrade though, with the 2020 Thurso Surf bag and pump getting upgrades as well.

Overall, we really like the Waterwalker 132, and find it to be a very stable all-around that blends the gap between intermediate and high-performance SUPs. The 11’ Waterwalker also maintains the really nice glide and tracking from previous models. Like we’ve said before – Thurso’s boards just have a nice glide to them. The founder and designer of Thurso Surf SUPs has a PHD in fluid dynamics, and he focuses a lot on the shape of the board to optimize for glide and speed.

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SUP Board Specs

Weight29 lbs
Rider Capacity (lbs)330 lbs
Recommended Inflation12-15 PSI
Fins2 + 1 removable quick lock fins
Paddle TypeCarbon Fiber Shaft, Nylon Blade, 32 oz.
ConstructionTriple Layer PVC, drop stitch core + Carbon fiber composite reinforced side rails

Who Should Buy This Stand Up Paddle Board:

The Waterwalker 132 is the most stable of the 3 Waterwalker sizes, making it an excellent choice for almost every type of paddler. Those who will appreciate the Waterwalker 132 the most include:

  • Beginner to intermediate level paddlers wanting something that is very stable.
  • Anyone in the market for an all-around SUP, especially with a more touring focus.
  • Accessory and gear junkies who like a SUP they can load up with add-ons.
  • Paddlers who want something they can comfortably take their kids or pet out on.
  • Those who need a very durable SUP that is sure to resist most drops and crashes.
  • Anyone who loves the Thurso Surf trend of beautiful wood grain style paddleboards.

We also think that the Waterwalker 132 is most effective in the following type of water environments:

  • Open or wide water areas, such as the lake, marina, or bay.
  • Calm, flat water will be the most enjoyable. You can tackle some light chop and wind as well.
  • Slow, smooth rivers that don’t require sudden turning.
  • Friendly, beginner waves out in the ocean. It’s not built specifically for it, but you can engage in some fun, light surfing.



Thurso Waterwalker 132 Stability
The Waterwalker 132 is definitely the most stable of the three Waterwalker models. The large volume of the SUP makes it more than able to handle a single paddler, no matter their size. Those who are wanting to learn how to paddleboard will find it very easy to do so with this SUP, and shouldn’t ever worry about accidentally falling in when in calm waters. Paddlers who are interested in going out with their kids or their pet will have plenty of room to do so, and will barely notice a difference in overall stability. Lastly, the 2020 version of the Waterwalker 132 has added carbon rails that further helps with the rigidity and firmness of the SUP, making it even easier to stand on. The stability is definitely the stand out performance factor of the Waterwalker 132.

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SUP Thurso Waterwalker 132 Maneuverability
The Waterwalker 132 is still very maneuverable, even though it is 11’ long. You’ll want to practice performing a back heel turn by dipping the rear and raising the nose from the water. The large size of the SUP ensures that you shouldn’t have too much trouble performing this technique, and with a few tries you’ll find yourself able to turn on the spot. Most of the time though, you’ll be able to make the course corrections you need to dodge objects in the water with just a few side paddle strokes.


Thurso Waterwalker 132 Tracking

Outside of stability, something else the Waterwalker 132 excels at is tracking and glide. Paddling technique will have some impact on the course you travel, but for the most part you’ll be going straight as an arrow in the water. The 11’ length and all-around shape helps maintain a straight course, with the raised rocker and SUP weight providing a gentle, steady glide even over light chop. The tracking and glide makes the Waterwalker 132 great for some light touring.

Something that also improves stability and tracking alike is the tri-fin setup. The snap lock fins are easy to install, and using all three together will improve the overall experience of the SUP. They are universal as well, and should be brought along for any occasion outside of shallow water environments. If you want the best tracking and stability, make sure you put those fins on the Waterwalker 132 before you go out!

Overall, we always have loved Thurso’s iSUPs for their tracking and glide. When you’re paddling you feel the board glide through the water really well. We can tell that the team at Thurso designed the board using their background in fluid dynamics to optimize the board shape for speed and reduced drag.


Thurso Waterwalker 132 Materials
The innermost part of the Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 is a drop stitch core. Sheets of fabric are bound together by thousands of tiny threads placed between the sheets. As air is pumped in, the sheets expand and form the inflatable shape you see above, the threads maintaining a board shape instead of a rounded balloon like most inflatables.

For added protection, stability, and durability, the drop stitch core is protected with military grade PVC composite layers. The first PVC layer is a single coating that both protects the inner drop stitch core and acts as a base for the second layer. While the Waterwalker 132 labels itself as a dual-layer SUP, the second layer is made up of 2 additional PVC coatings, along with a UV coating to protect the SUP against sun damage. The seams are protected by a similar second layer, with 3 additional PVC coatings for quad-PVC level of protection.

Finally, the 2020 Waterwalker 132 has gone even further than before, with carbon rails boosting overall SUP performance and adding a final thick level of protection to the side rails.

The Waterwalker 132 is a very durable SUP, and though a little heavier than we expected it to be, the weight provides great performance and hints at the durability of the paddleboard. We wouldn’t go out of our way to test it, but the Waterwalker 132 will resist most common drops and collisions on the water, suffering little to no damage. You might scuff up the paint, but it is very unlikely you’ll have to ever take the Waterwalker 132 in for repairs. If something does happen Thurso Surf offers a 2-year warranty that will cover most common damages that can happen to the Waterwalker 132.

Board Design/Shape

Thurso Waterwalker 132 Board Design
At 11’ long, the Waterwalker 132 is starting to approach the length of touring SUPs, making this paddleboard a great all-around SUP for long distance exploration and paddling. The 32’’ wide deck offers great stability and space to spread out on, but isn’t so wide that you’ll have to stretch out to paddle at your side. 6’’ thick, you won’t have any problem paddling by yourself and loading up your paddleboard, be it with your kids or your pet or just a ton of gear. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend two adults trying to paddle together on this, two teenagers or lighter adults with practice would be able to do so.

As an all-around SUP, there are a ton of fun things you can do on the Waterwalker 132. You might not have the same performance as specialized SUPs for any single activity, but you will have similar enough performance to keep up. You’ll be able to spend hours touring on the water, or be fast enough to engage in some fun, friendly racing. The long deck pad and stability lends the Waterwalker 132 to yoga, besides just spreading out if you ever need a break from paddling. If you want to try a little bit of everything that SUPing has to offer, the Waterwalker 132 will be well suited for it.

Board Features

Thurso Waterwalker 132 Board Features With Paddle

The Waterwalker 132 is a great all-around for its performance, and for the long list of features packed into the SUP and its kit. Some we want to highlight include:

  • Carbon Rails: The more rigid and firm the SUP is, the better experience you’ll typically have with a paddleboard. Carbon rails help bridge the gap between the firmness of an inflatable and a hard SUP. The addition of carbon rails to 2020 Waterwalker 132 really helps it feel more stable and durable compared to the previous year’s version. This is the best improvement, and a fantastic inclusion overall that we’re glad Thurso Surf added.
  • Dual-layer military grade composite PVC: Despite being a dual-layer SUP, the extra PVC coatings help the deck and seams have a level of protection comparable to triple and quad-layered SUPs. You’ll find it very hard to damage the Waterwalker 132, and should be able to use it for years without ever having to get it taken in for maintenance. Be sure to contact Thurso Surf if something does happen though.
  • 15 D-rings + 2 Bungee Areas + 1 New Action Mount: The 15 D-rings spread out across the whole length of the Waterwalker 132 allows you to easily clip in dry-bags, coolers, and other useful SUP accessories. The two bungee areas will help you secure coolers, lunch boxes, and other small to medium sized containers. New to the 2020 Waterwalker 132 though is an action mount on the nose. If you have a GoPro mount, a phone mount, a speaker mount, or some other SUP device mount, you’ll be able to screw it in here.
  • Carbon fiber shaft + nylon blade paddle: It can float in the water, and comes in 3-pieces for easy assembly and adjustments to fit most adult paddler heights. Weighing just 32 ounces, this is a great light weight paddle to be included in a SUP kit.
  • 3 Carry handles: These are high-quality handles, covered with neoprene for easy and comfortable carrying even when your hands are soaking wet or if the air is freezing. Use the center handle for carrying the SUP by yourself, or the nose and tail handles for pairs working together.
  • Textured EVA deck pad: The EVA foam will dry in the sun quickly, besides being comfortable to stand on for hours without a fear of developing blisters. The texture pattern improves feet grip, helping you stay on top of the SUP while you learn. We also like how long the deck pad is,


Thurso Waterwalker 132 Fins

We typically prefer standard US fin boxes for maximum customization, but the tri-fin snap lock setup that the Waterwalker 132 uses is a close second for us. Snap lock fins are quicker and easier to install, and will stay nice and secure once you flip the latch down. Using all three fins together will help with stability and tracking, and are built to last. The reinforced nylon will withstand the occasional drop or crash, but are inexpensive to replace if something does happen. As long as you make sure they’re secure and don’t take them in incredibly shallow water, we expect these three fins to last the average paddler for years.

Deck Pad

Thurso Waterwalker 132 Deck Pad
One thing that we love about all Thurso Surf SUPs is the fantastic wood grain design, helping it stick out from the often plain colored decks of other inflatable paddleboards. The deck pad of the 132 isn’t just for looks though, as it has some nifty features to make it highly functional as well. The textured deck pad improves foot grip, making this already very stable SUP easier to maintain one’s balance on, besides helping drain water so it’s never slippery enough to slide on. Made out of EVA foam, you won’t have any problem standing or stretching out on it, making the deck pad great for long touring adventures or a chill yoga session alike.


There are three handles on the Waterwalker 132, positioned on the front, back, and center of the SUP. Use the center handle for carrying the Waterwalker by yourself, or the nose and rear handles for two people working together.

All three handles are covered with neoprene, a step up from many basic SUP handles. Your basic SUP handle can be uncomfortable to use with soaking wet hands or if it’s freezing outside, problems avoided with neoprene. Handles are a small part of a SUP, but it’s nice that Thurso Surf has made sure that even basic components like handles are built with top of the line materials.

D-Rings/Bungees/Cargo Areas

There are 15 D-rings on the Waterwalker 132, which work great for connecting dry bags, cell phone bags, and other clip on accessories. The noticeable upgrade over the previous Waterwalker 132 version though is the new nose action mount. If you have a GoPro, speaker, or other screw in accessory mount, you’ll now be able to install it on the front of the Waterwalker 132 without buying anything else. It’s another small change, but certainly a great addition that makes the 2020 version of the Waterwalker 132 stick out from previous SUP models.

Beyond the D-rings and the action mount, there are also two bungee areas, located on the front and back of the SUP. The front cargo area bungees will help you secure coolers and other medium sized containers, while the back cargo bungee area will secure small containers, or items you want quick access to. While it’s unlikely the very stable Waterwalker 132 will ever tip over, the D-rings, action mount, and bungees can all provide an extra level of security that will help you be confident as you paddle.

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Thurso Water Walker 132 Accessories


It’s always a treat when a carbon fiber paddle is included with the kit, as they are some of the lighter SUP paddles out there. While the nylon blade does weigh it down a bit, the Waterwalker 132 paddle is still impressively light at 32 ounces. Between its lightweight and ergonomic handle shape, you’ll be able to paddle for hours without tiring your hands out or developing blisters.

The paddle is handy for a few other features as well. Coming in three parts, you’ll be able to break it apart in order to minimize the space you need in your SUP bag. Putting it together won’t take more than a minute, and you can further adjust the paddle for almost any adult paddler height. The Waterwalker 132 is pre-built for compatibility with another paddle blade if you want to turn it into a kayak, and will float on water if you drop it. This is a great paddle for those going out with friends that want to take turns using the Waterwalker 132!


Another helpful upgrade over the previous year’s Waterwalker 132 kit is the dual-chamber, triple-action pump. The previous single-chamber, dual-action pump was smaller and lighter, but with the small increase in size comes a sizable increase in inflation time. You’ll be able to inflate the Waterwalker 132 in less than 15 minutes with the dual-chamber pump, and less than 10 with practice. The dual-chamber pump also has a nozzle for deflating your SUP as well, a cool feature that is missing in many other manual pumps.

The pump is a great inclusion, but we also recommend upgrading to an electric pump when you can. Electric pumps will inflate your SUP for you, keeping you from tiring yourself out while being just as fast as manual pumps. Electric pumps will automate the deflation process as well, ensuring your SUP is empty and ready to be rolled up when you’re done paddling. While they tend to weigh the same as a dual-chamber pump, they are more compact, taking up less space than even a single-chamber pump. Electric pumps are our top recommended accessory for all SUPs, so get one if you want to make the most out of the Waterwalker 132.


The 2020 Waterwalker 132 backpack isn’t very different from last year’s version, but the good kit bag has been made better. The hard nylon will protect your gear against sand, water, and the other elements while keeping things organized with its spacy center compartment. The bag can be worn like a backpack, the back side of the bag padded for comfortable wearing, the shoulder straps adjustable. The big change though is the placement of the wheels, moved from the back of the bag to the front. With forward facing wheels, you can now drag your kit bag without your dangling shoulder straps brushing up against the ground or getting caught in your wheels. This is definitely a bag you’ll want to keep around for your Waterwalker 132 and other SUPs.


Included with the Waterwalker 132 is a 10’ leash. You can fit the leash over your calf or ankle, and strap the other end into any of the D-rings on the SUP, though we usually go with the ring behind the inflation valve. Leashes are great for keeping your SUP from getting away from you if you fall in on a windy day or in fast moving water, and the coil will keep it from bouncing into you if you take a tumble. However, while leashes will keep your SUP close, it won’t help you stay afloat. We always recommend going out with a PFD, even in shallow water settings.

Repair Kit

The repair kit doesn’t come with too many items, but the tools packed in can be helpful for minor SUP problems. The patches are for sealing holes that occur on the SUP not located on the seams, while the wrench will tighten up the Halkey-Roberts inflation valve. We haven’t heard of the inflation valve coming loose on a Waterwalker 132, but the wrench will make tightening up the valve easy if it does. For more extensive damage, be sure to contact Thurso Surf for additional help and information.

Optional Accessories

With the action mount and so many D-rings, you’ll probably be looking at buying a few SUP accessories for the Waterwalker 132. Most third party SUP accessories will attach without any issue to the 132, and you’ll generally be able to check if it seems like it won’t. Thurso Surf do have a few great accessories of their own, like a very quick electric pump. The Thurso Surf add-ons we recommend the most include:

  • Thurso Surf electric pump
  • Kayak seat
  • Deck cooler bag
  • SUP strap carrier

Company Review – Thurso Surf

Starting with a single, 11’ SUP, Shenglong You and Thurso Surf have since expanded to the 7 unique paddleboards available for 2020. While every SUP performs differently, each of them focus on a complex construction that maximizes stability, durability, and performance. You’ll know Thurso Surf boards not just for their high performance, but for their stand out wood grain design as well.

The Waterwalker 132 comes with a 30-day guarantee, 2-year warranty, free shipping to the US and most of Europe, and finance options up to 18-months. We’ve found that Thurso Surf SUPs are very well put together, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to contact their customer support team about your SUP. However, for the rare occasion you do, our previous experiences dealing with Thurso Surf have always resulted in quick, friendly, and helpful exchanges. While we hope nothing goes wrong with your Waterwalker 132 if you buy it, rest assured that Thurso Surf has your back if something does.

Conclusion/Bottom line

Thurso Waterwalker 132 Review

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The Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 is a stable all-around SUP with excellent glide and tracking. The long length and well-designed shape help it maintain a straight light, and in conjunction with the wide deck make it so you can paddle with a pet or your kids for a fun group experience. The tri-fin setup is easy to use and further increases performance, and you’ll appreciate how rigid the board is due to the carbon rails. The carbon fiber paddle, the wheeled backpack, and the dual-chamber pump are all awesome additions that come with the Waterwalker 132, making it ready for the water out of the box. The carbon rails and dual-layer construction with additional PVC reinforcement does weigh down the 132, but you’ll be able to handle wind and light chop better with it. Overall, we love the Waterwalker 132, and recommend it to anyone looking for a very stable all-around that can do a bit of everything.

Is there something we missed in our review you would like to know more about, or have a question about paddleboards in general? We’d love to hear from you, so you’re welcome to leave a comment below or send us an email with any thoughts you have. We also make sure to update our reviews based upon the feedback we get from others, so if you have a Waterwalker 132 let us know how you like it.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you enjoy the water the next time you go SUPing!

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4 thoughts on “Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 SUP Board Review – 2020”

  1. I’m torn between the waterwalker 132 and the irocker all around 11′. I’m 5ft, 156 pounds just getting into paddle boarding so stability is a priority for me. Will mostly be on open water or canals and rivers with occasional yoga and occasionally taking out a small dog around 15 pounds. Which board do you think would be best?
    Thanks Emma.

    • Emma,

      Both those boards are very similar in terms of stability, so you can’t go wrong with either of them. The main difference to choose between is that the iRocker is a bit lighter, while the Thurso has carbon fiber rails which makes it a little more stiff (and heavier). Both feel really good on the water, so I’d also recommend going with the one you prefer from a looks standpoint. That might sound a bit shallow…but in this case you really will enjoy either board!

      I hope that helps!

  2. Thanks so much for the great reviews!

    I’m torn between the Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126 and 132. I’m 6’4″, 200lbs. I’m new to the sport but athletic and quick to advance. I’ll be paddling on lakes and rivers with some whitewater. Would a more advanced paddler my size go with the 126 as a one board quiver? I understand the tradeoffs (e.g., maneuverability vs tracking), just not sure which direction (shorter vs longer) you see people going more often than not with these all around boards?!

    Thank you!

    • Julian,

      I sent this to you via email, but thought I’d also copy/paste that here for other readers on similar situations:

      At 6’4 and 200, I would go with the Thurso 132 over the 130. You’ll like the extra length, and the board isn’t any wider so you’re not sacrificing anything on the touring side of things.

      Another board you might want to consider would be the Blackfin Model X. This will be a better whitewater board given it is wider and a little shorter than the Thurso 132. It will be a little more maneuverable in the river, which is nice if you are looking to get into more whitewater SUPing.

      The downside to the Blackfin is that you will have to reach over just slightly more to keep your paddle vertical, which comes into play when you are out touring on flat water. At 6’4 it might not be a big deal, especially if the primary purpose of the board is for whitewater, and the paddling around the lake is secondary. Unfortunately, touring vs whitewater SUPing are two very different activities with different board requirements, so unless you buy two boards then you are going to have to decide which tradeoff is more important to you in terms of stability, maneuverability, and speed/tracking.

      I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any follow up questions!


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