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ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Board Review – 2020

ROC 10’ Scout Inflatable Paddle Board













  • Lightweight board that is good for beginner and young paddlers.
  • Good weight capacity, able to support total weight up to 300 lbs for more experienced paddlers.
  • Kit includes everything you need for the water out of the box, including a waterproof phone bag.
  • 3 cool color options.


  • Inflation valve tends to become loose after a few months.
  • Backpack should be handled with care, can tear easily.
  • Limited warranty, customer service can be difficult to work with.

ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Board Review
The ROC 10’ Scout is one of the top-selling inflatable SUPS on Amazon featuring over 1,200 5 star reviews, and for the most part we agree with them. This is a good, stable, entry-level board that offers everything you need to get on the water for an affordable, sub $400 dollar price. The Scout is also incredibly lightweight at 17.5 lbs and supports up to 300 lbs, making it easy for young paddlers just getting into the sport to use.

While there isn’t a ton of accessory compatibility and you’re limited in your fins, the three different colors will be appealing to new SUPers. If you’re looking for a good but basic board that offers acceptable performance in calm water without breaking the bank, the ROC Scout is a viable SUP to consider.

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SUP Board Specs

Weight17.5″ lbss
Max Capacity300 lbs (We’d recommend staying under 250)
Recommended Inflation12-15 PSI
FinsRemovable center fin, permanent side fins
Paddle TypeAluminum shaft, nylon blade

Who Should Buy This Stand Up Paddle Board:

With the ROC 10’ Scout, you’ll be best suited for paddling if you want:

  • A stable paddle board that’s easy to learn with.
  • A lightweight, easy to carry board.
  • A durable, inexpensive secondary board that’s easy to travel with.
  • A barebones, smooth surface SUP that doesn’t get in your way.

If want to get the most out of your 10’ Scout, stick with the following settings:

  • Calm, easy water areas such as lakes and friendly bays.
  • Light streams and rivers that have no rapids.
  • Friendly ocean environments.



ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Stability
One of the more important factors in considering any paddleboard is the level of stability it offers. You’ll often find that the more stable a board is, the more overall enjoyment you’ll get out of it. If you’re brand new to the sport, as many of our readers here are, you’ll definitely want something that can help you stand up and learn SUPing as fast as possible over anything else.

With the ROC 10’ Scout, you’ll definitely find your water legs and learn the sport without too many tumbles. 33’’ wide, you’ll have room enough to firmly plant yourself on the Scout, and with 300 lbs teenagers and adult paddlers alike will feel comfortable with it. The Scout is easy to stay on in calm water and can handle some light chop as well with little impact to the stability of the board. It’s a little hard to believe that a 17.5 lbs board can support so much weight, but it really does.

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ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Maneuverability
At just 10’ long and weighing so little, the ROC Scout is definitely optimized with maneuverability in mind. If you’re in calm water, you’ll find the Scout handles very well and can pretty much turn on a dime, especially with a step back turn. Dodging trees and rocks that protrude in the lake won’t be a problem, though I’d be hesitant to take the Scout on anything more extreme. While the Scout can maneuver well, trying to tackle a large ocean wave or heavy rapids is not what it was really built for. Stick to calm waters though, and you’ll have a grand time zipping around the lake.


In calm water settings, you’ll have satisfying tracking and glide with the 10’ Scout. With the proper technique, you should be able to paddle straight, and the flat nose will offer a smooth experience as you glide over the water. It can handle some light chop as well, and though you might feel the bounce you’ll be stable enough to keep going in comfort even in small waves.

Because of how light it is, I would avoid taking out the Scout on heavy, or even moderate wind conditions. You’ll find it hard to maintain your direction, and will probably be faster hiking back with your board in hand than trying to paddle against the wind. Even so, the Scout does have two permanent side fins and a removable center fin that help with stability, tracking, and glide. While you’re limited in your fin options, using all three together will give you sufficient performance for many calm or slightly challenging water settings without having to waste too much time managing your fins.


ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Materials
The ROC 10’ Scout is constructed with military-grade PVC that protects the tight drop stitch core. Essentially, several layers of fabric are connected by thousands of short strings that create an inflatable container. However, unlike balloons and other traditional inflatables, the drop stitch core will maintain a board shape as the carefully placed strings go taught. While sturdy on its own, layers of military-grade PVC are bonded via DuraWeld technology that gives the inflatable additional firmness, protection, and weight support. All in all, you are left with a durable, yet lightweight board that can resist drops, scratches, and accidents that happen from day to day use of the ROC Scout SUP.

Board Design/Shape

ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Board Design/Shape
The 10’ length of the ROC scout lends itself to maneuverability, making turning easy on the Scout SUP. At 33’’ wide, you’ll have the room you need to spread out and enjoy the EVA deck pad, which is great for resting on and for relaxing activities like stretching or even yoga. Paddlers, especially younger ones, will be well served by the 6’’ thickness that helps give the board so much stability. From a design and shape perspective, this is a good all-around board that might not excel at any one thing in particular but will let you enjoy activities that range from exploration to just hanging out.

Board Features

The ROC 10’ Scout SUP isn’t the most feature-heavy in the world, which is typical of the average entry-level board. However, there are a few key additions that help it stand out from other sub $400 dollar iSUPs. Some of the ones that stick out to us include:

  • Duraweld Military Grade PVC Drop Stitch Construction: Did you know that inflatable SUPs tend to be more resilient than even hardboard SUPs? With the PVC drop-stitch construction, you’ll be able to withstand the typical debris you might crash into on the water. While it’s very unlikely for your hull to suffer significant damage, be sure to contact ROC SUP for repairs, especially if you’re in the 1-year warranty.
  • Forward Cargo Area: Have a cooler you want to bring with you? Need a place to put your paddle? Maybe you want something to secure your included waterproof bag to? The 10’ Scout has a forward bungee cargo area that will lock down your typical container, and 4 D-rings that offer additional accessory compatibility.
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: If you’re taking turns on the Scout, you’ll be glad to know that the 3-Piece adjustable Aluminum paddle can change to fit any paddler size in seconds. While aluminum is a little heavier than other paddle options, we’re just glad that the Scout comes with a paddle out of the box!
  • Center Carry Handle: While the Scout is comfortable enough to carry in your arms, you won’t have to with the center carry handle. Lug your board to and from the water with ease.
  • Dual-Layer, Diamond Grooved Eva Deck Pad: The dual-layer deck pad is soft on the feet while remaining sturdy. The diamond groove pattern improves grip, further helping beginner riders stay on the Scout.
  • 3 Distinct Color Options: Choose from the black Charcoal, the orange and blue Coraqua, or the brown Desert Green


The Scout comes with a friendly fin box system. The two side fins are permanently attached and are incredibly hard to damage due to their flexible nature. Should they be bent out of shape, just douse them with some hot water and leave the board in the sun for fifteen minutes to dry. Your side fins should look brand new as soon as they finish drying out.

The center fin is removable, and while the slide in fin is easy to install it doesn’t perform as well as the more common “snap-lock design” fin systems. While we don’t expect a huge amount of customizability or stellar fins with an entry level board, we would love to see ROC upgrade the fin box to a snap-lock system.

Deck Pad

The deck pad of the Scout is a nice entry-level pad. The EVA foam stretches from the front cargo area to just before the inflation valve, covering most of the area you’ll traditionally be standing on. While the dual-layer is smooth and comfortable on its own, what helps the Scout stand out is the diamond groove pattern. These diamonds give additional grip support, ensuring that you’ll be able to maintain stability even when your board is soaking wet.


There is just one handle on the Scout, but given how lightweight it is you won’t need more to carry the ROC Scout. While you’ll always want to be careful setting down your board, you’ll be able to move it with ease with the proper grip. We would love to see ROC add both a front and rear carry handle for future Scout models.

D-Rings/Bungees/Cargo Areas

The forward cargo bungee area will lock down any coolers or other box containers you bring with you. The four forward D-rings are an alternative option for connecting and securing accessories, and a fifth D-ring is on the back of the board that is well suited for the included SUP leash. The ROC Scout 10’ also comes with a waterproof bag that can store your wallet, keys, and phone, a nice little addition that you don’t see in many SUP kits.

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ROC SUP CO. 10’ Scout Accessories


The three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle works well, although we would like to see a fiberglass paddle in the future. However, we recognize that the aluminum paddle keeps the entry-level board kit under the $400 dollar price tag, and will still help you propel yourself through the water with every stroke of the nylon blade. We also appreciate that the paddle comes as part of a three-piece adjustable set, allowing you to quickly change the set paddle height when your friends or family members want a turn.


The ROC Scout comes with a simple, easy to use single chamber, dual-action pump. By following the proper directions, you’ll be able to get your board inflated in minutes.

Connect your pump to the board, and make sure it is in action mode one. Pumping your board in mode one will pump air in on the upward and downward movement of the pump handle. Keep doing this until about 7 PSI, or when you encounter heavy resistance. Switch to action mode 2, which will pump air only on the downward fall of the pump handle. You’ll be able to pump air in without too much trouble until you reach your desired PSI. While anywhere within the 12-15 range is good, we’d recommend going for 15 for maximum firmness and stability.

We would also recommend being careful how you connect your hose to the 10’ Scout. Many paddlers who have bought the board reported that their Halkey-Roberts inflation valve came loose after a few months of using them. Many SUP kits come with a repair kit that includes an inflation valve wrench, but the Scout 10’ does not. If your valve comes loose, we’d recommend either contacting ROC SUP, or you can also find one on Amazon pretty easily.


The backpack is serviceable, though is something you’ll want to be careful with as well. Designed like a simple travel bag, it has more than enough space to fit your entire kit, and weighs just 23 lbs when fully packed. While there aren’t any carry handles for short carrying trips, the adjustable shoulder straps work well enough that you can wear the travel bag like a traditional backpack. However, the bag does tend to tear easily, so try not to rough handle your bag too much when you’re making your trips with the ROC Scout.


The safety leash will keep your iSUP from floating too far away if you take a dip into the water, especially in windy weather conditions. Because of the lightweight nature of the Scout, it can drift several feet away in seconds in moderate wind conditions should you take a tumble. By using the safety leash, you can make sure your board doesn’t drift out of reach even if you take a fall. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will help you float either. Always be sure to head out with a PFD, no matter how experienced of a swimmer you think you are.

Company Review – ROC SUP Co.

ROC SUP CO. is a family-owned and operated inflatable SUP manufacturer based out of the United States. With over 120,000 boards sold and 1,260 five star reviews, we’ve found a number of their products and customers to be quite happy with their service. However, we will note that they have received a number of less than stellar reviews as well that have complained about their hard to reach customer service team.

While ROC SUP does offer free shipping to the continental US, the ROC 10’ Scout only has a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty. This is definitely on the shorter side compared to many inflatable SUPs. While the ROC 10’ Scout is an inexpensive and good performing entry-level board, we would recommend taking time to consider it and the company before purchasing.

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Conclusion/Bottom line

Entry-level boards can be hit or miss, but the ROC 10’ Scout SUP is definitely more of a hit. It offers good stability and weight support for large paddlers while being lightweight that young paddlers will easily be able to handle it. The 10’ Scout offers a lot of maneuverability, while also providing sufficient tracking and glide in calm water settings. The inflation valve tends to come loose with use, and the bag won’t last you forever, which is unfortunate due to the shorter warranty window.

With the proper use and care, the ROC 10’ Scout SUP is definitely worth the sub $400 dollar price tag, although we would recommend that you look at the iRocker Nautical SUP vs the ROC.

ROC SUP CO. 10’ Conclusion
Have a question about our review or the 10’ Scout? Want to know more about paddle boarding in general? Then either leave us a comment below or shoot us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Until then, enjoy the water, and have fun SUPing!

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