BLACKFIN Model V 12’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2019)

SUP backfoot turn

Could this be the ultimate touring board? It’s long, it’s sleek, it tracks well and has a huge amount of storage on board. This is the first round of the Model V from the Blackfin range and I’m already impressed! It’s an exciting prospect to see iRocker expanding their premium range, we were very intrigued … Read more

BLACKFIN Model XL 11’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2019)

Blackfin Model XL review

Time to get wild! Start the party! Bring them on board the XL because that’s what it was built for! To hold a big weight and have a good time while doing it! Surely you’ve heard? The new Blackfins are in town. There are some tweaks in design, features, materials, and accessories. Some real winners … Read more