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NIXY Newport G3 10’6″ SUP Review 2019

Nixy Newport G3













  • Good quality fins
  • Great paddle
  • Overall quality of accessories
  • Stable, easy for beginners
  • Affordable


  • Affordable
  • I'd like there to be more room on the nose storage, space the D-rings more

Nixy Newport product reviewWhat’s lightweight, stable, versatile and looks really cool?  The NIXY Newport G3! Who’s also bad at telling jokes? Me!

NIXY has really stepped it up a notch from last year (2018). With upgrades in features/accessories, they are the easily the most improved brand from 2018 to 2019.

The NIXY Newport, in particular, is a super fun versatile All-Around iSUP. It’s stable enough for beginners and it boasts some impressive performance features for the intermediate and beyond. Below I’ll take you through everything I observed from the moment I unwrapped it all the way to the final scene of it being packed back into my car.


Weight Capacity300 lbs
Weight20 lbs


The NIXY Newport is a responsive and versatile All-Around.

The deck pad that covers most of the board, as well as paddle holder and the 34” wide deck makes it a great board for fitness. While it’s also wide/stable/has the weight capacity to take your kids/dog out.

River Paddling iSUP

Paddling the NIXY Newport is a breeze with the stable body and the fin setup providing great tracking. The other part that comes into paddling performance is the paddle itself of course. Which in the NIXY instance, is a fantastic paddle for a mid-range priced board. I’ll get more into that in the accessories part but for now, you just need to know it’s a great addition.

To explain a little further with the fins, they are what provides your tracking as well as maneuvering. The awesome thing about the NIXY Newport fin setup is that all fins are removable. A single center fin is great for optimum tracking while the board as a tri-fin boosts maneuvering whilst still also offering up a good standard of tracking. The other plus here is that with all fins removed the board can be rolled up nice and tight!

Two Nixy SUPs paddle in river

Turning your NIXY is surprisingly easy for a wide board. I believe the tail coming in quite thin but squaring off at the back provides a platform that’s both responsive and easy for backfoot pivot turns. While if you are just paddling opposite sides you’ll feel the board move quite easily, which I contribute to its lightweight amount of 20 lbs.

Even though it’s 6″ thick, so rather buoyant the use of Fusion technology and carbon fiber rails allows this board to keep its weight down so it remains rigid and responsive. If you look at the board from the side on you’ll notice a bit of a rise in the nose, that’s the rocker. This bit of rocker helps combat some small chop and move through the water easily. However, if you going to experience a lot of movement in the water anything that’s 6″ thick will tend to feel a bit teetering. Something to keep in mind!

Launching iSUP into water

The most ideal use and places for the NIXY Newport are flat to moderate conditions and for leisurely paddling as well as SUP fitness and taking dogs or kids.

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Using dual-layer fusion technology, NIXY has made the Newport a durable, stiff but lightweight board. Inside this dual layer fusion PVC, is a drop stitch core. The drop stitch core is what allows inflatables to be inflated to high PSI levels. Imagine thousands of threads between 2 layers than grow when inflated. Then when they reach their maximum height they start to reinforce and become more rigid instead of stretching.

iSUP materials

On the rails of the Newport, they have used carbon fiber to reinforce that stability, rigidness, and stability again. While it also adds to the overall durability of the board as the rails are the most commonly hit. The last piece of the puzzle is the deck pad. The platform upon which you stand is soft and grippy and provides support for your joints. It’s made from thick foam and stamped with the NIXY logo.

Board Design

The NIXY Newport is an all-around board. Its shape defines it with its 33″ width for stability, a bit of rocker in the nose and pulled in tail for easier pivot turning. While then its length at 10’6″ is long enough to pick up speed but not so long it’d be hindering in more challenging conditions. I really like the pattern on this year’s boards, much better than last years. There’s also a choice of  4 colors!

Back deck bungee on SUP

While the features on the board also allow for a variety of uses. With heaps of storage area both up front and behind the paddler, it’s a great board for doing longer trips, even short overnight hauls. While it’s stable surface and large deck pad also makes it an ideal candidate for SUP fitness, things like yoga. For the recreation side of things, there’s a bungee cord paddle holder on the side of the board to keep it out of the way safely. The other versatile use of the Newport is the choice of buying their kayak seat which clips onto the 2 D-rings in the middle.

SUP paddle holder on rails

The only improvements in all of this I would like to see is perhaps the front bungee area could be stretched a little further for a bit more space.

Finally, the rest of the D-rings are attachment points for various things. One under the nose for towing/mooring and one at the tail for your leash. The portability of your board is made easy by multiple handles, on the nose, tail, and center and also the carry strap included in every purchase.


Inflate/DeflateHand pumping NIXY Sports SUP

It’s a breeze getting these boards up. It’s been amazing to see the improvements in SUP pumps in just a year. Most companies are using these double chamber pumps now and it truly does make it SO much quicker! So with saying that, inflating your Newport should take you around 8min, maybe 10. That’s about the time I give for everyone however, some may take longer or quicker! 😉

You can inflate these boards up to 20 PSI but really only need 15 PSI. I would say use the 20 PSI if you are going to be reaching near max capacity on board. Deflating is much the same as most inflatables, you push the pin in and twist. This locks the valve open so it keeps expelling air as you roll your SUP up.

Fin Setup

Boosting your way through the way you’ll need some fins to help keep things going the direction you want! You have the choice of riding your Newport single fin or as a tri fin setup. Well, you could go do twin but it’ll just make you squirrel your way to nowhere.

Not only does having your fins removable makes it versatile it also allows your board to roll up tighter. You have to line your fins up with the holes (bit tricky)for the screws but once you have it’s a very secure fit.

Nixy SUP Fins

The 9″ center fin has a nice dorsal shape quite thin through to the tip, which helps with tracking. Many other SUP brands use a generic click in fin that while they definitely work, I prefer this harder plastic fin, I believe it allows more performance. The other plus here is that you have a US fin box which is compatible with other types of fins including FCS.

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Really like this paddle! It’s just a bit different to most paddles I’ve come across in package deals. Which doesn’t always mean good, but this is a good one! The ridges through the blade allow the paddle to be a bit thinner which increases stroke but still provide a rigid blade that doesn’t flutter under pressure.

Travel 3 piece SUP paddle

The shaft is made of fiberglass while the blade is nylon, both durable and strong materials. It comes in weighing less than 1 lb, floats and be extended between 170cm to 210cm. The paddle breaks down easily into 3 to be stored in your bag and secures tightly at its joins. What else could you want? Maybe a slightly more cushioned hand grip, I’ve across a few paddles with these almost gel-like grips, not sure how expensive an addition like that would be, but it makes a huge difference!


Transporting your board from A to B you’ll be using the NIXY backpack. There are 3 wheels on the base and from what I’ve tested they are durable enough to take on multiple terrains. You also, of course, have the backpack straps and I found them to be placed well as well as being supportive. If using it as a backpack there are also chest and waist straps which you should use to protect your back!Carrying iSUP in backpack

Inside the NIXY ‘s there’s more than enough room for all the gear, plus a little more. There’s an additional pocket on front and webbing on the sides to keep all your SUP necessities in one place. Moving the bag around is made easy by the handle on the side, bottom, and top of the bag. On the front, you’ll notice a little plastic window, which is handy to keep your details in especially if traveling! All in all, a fantastic bag!!


This wonderous pump is a high-pressure, double chamber, triple action time saver. Switching between actions not only makes it easier but it’s quicker too! Start at 1 and go through the numbers as you feel it becomes too hard. I really like the Typhoon pump and believe it makes the NIXY’s even more appealing. It only weighs 3lbs and fits easily into the bag.

Double chamber hand pump

Keep on track with the pressure gauge on top until you reach your desired PSI level. Remember to always check the pin is in the upright position for pumping otherwise you’ll lose all your air!


Of course, you should always have a leash nearby. Especially if you are going somewhere with currents or aren’t a strong swimmer. The coiled NIXY leash is a 10′ when stretched out. Just be careful if you suddenly come off that the SUP doesn’t come flying back at your face when you emerge!

Coiled leg rope for SUP

Carry Strap

Another little perk that I like about NIXY is that they include a carry strap. Once you know that it goes over one shoulder and across the other, it’s a great way to carry the board. I at first assumed it was just over one shoulder, definitely doesn’t work. The carry strap is especially helpful for smaller riders.

Repair Kit

Just to keep you out of trouble, you’ll be supplied with a little orange tube that includes patches and a valve tool. The patches you’ll need glue for though. Whereas the valve tool is there to tighten or inspect your inflation valve, sometimes bits of grit or sand can get caught and cause wear, so make sure you wash your SUP down every time.

Orange tube for SUP repairs


NIXY Electric Pump

Take the effort out of inflating by getting a compressor. Definitely appealing for those paddling more than once a week. Hook it up via cigarette port or straight onto a battery with alligator clips. I love having both options! It inflates about the same time that it takes to do it by hand. Keep in mind if it’s doing the pumping then you can be doing something like packing snacks 😉

NIXY Electric pump for SUP

NIXY Kayak Seat and Blade

The kayak bundle is especially a great buy for the Newport. It’s a great shape for sit-on-top kayaking with plenty of width for a comfortable seat. Having a kayak bundle only makes this all-around even more versatile than it already is!


The 2019 NIXY boards really have outdone themselves from last year. With so many upgrades in features, accessories, and materials they are definitely the most improved SUP for 2019. The Newport, in particular, is a fantastic, versatile all-around. It’ll be a perfect board for family use, being big enough to support both an adult and a child. While those looking to go for a cruisey paddle as well as test themselves in some small waves/chop and perhaps even some SUP fitness will also love the Newport.

Newport SUP and accessories

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NIXY boards have a 2-year warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. Started as a family business off the back of having a SUP lifestyle, the boards reflect their passion. Made to last, be a bundle of fun and come in all sizes and shapes for all types of paddler.

Choose your color or go with the new cool Palm pattern for the Newport and get into some SUP fun today!

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