The Mistral Fit Kailua Is A Floating Fitness Machine

Review Mistral Kailua Fit

Note: The Mistral Kailua is not available anymore. Check out the iRocker Cruiser instead. It’s just more stable and more versatile. Mistral Fit Kailua Imagine floating across a calm, serene lake. You can hear the birds chirp, the languid branches rustle in the gentle wind, and fresh air filling up your lungs. In the midst … Read more

Vilano Journey 10′

Journey 10' SUP

Expect a great, enjoyable and comfortable paddle boarding experience at an affordable price with the Vilano Journey 10′ Stand Up Paddle Board. Overview This inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board from Vilano was made of the highest grade PVC for it to be extra durable. It is an inflatable board that was built for maximum speed … Read more

Three SUPs Built for Yoga

Paddleboard Yoga Practice

What makes a great yoga SUP board?

Practicing yoga on a stand up paddleboard has become a popular activity. The best yoga SUP boards are typically those which provide a lot of stability. This may seem obvious, but not all boards are designed with stability as the focal point of performance.

SUP Yoga Warrior Pose

Wide and stable boards are normally found in the beginner to all-arounder categories. As such, you can typically find SUP boards that are suitable for yoga at reasonable prices.

However, if you’re taking this endeavor a little more seriously, bringing your practice to an advanced level, or plan to use the SUP mainly for yoga purposes, there are definitely SUP boards designed specifically for yoga enthusiasts that may be worth a look.

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