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BIC Sport Dura-Tec SUP

Bic Dura-Tec SUP

Designed for toughness and usability for all skill-levels

Also featured in our best boards for under $1,000, the Bic Dura-Tec line offers a tough, durable and all-purpose option with an affordable price tag. It’s designed as a beginner and all-purpose board for use in most flatwater conditions and light surf.

The Dura-Tec board features a high-density foam core (great for flotation) encased in thermoformed polyethylene. This layered construction gives the board a durable shell and inner core, while maintaining a lightweight feel. It also means the board is tough.

These boards are built to withstand the elements, as well as the knocks, bumps and bruises that come with repeated uses by families and groups.

This is one of the reasons while you’ll find this SUP used in schools, rental shops and community SUP groups across the country. The polyethylene shell is made to provide more protection than most fiberglass boards.

Bic Dura-Tec Construction

This SUP is available in sizes 9’4″, 10’4″ and 11’4″.  There is also a new size offered, the 9’10”, with a wider shape intended for easier learning and activities requiring extra stability, such as yoga.

As for which size to choose, it typically depends on the rider’s weight. The 9’4″ is recommended for riders up to 135 lbs. The 9’10” is wider so it can handle larger riders up to 200 lbs, while the 10’4″ is recommended for riders up to 185 lbs. The 11’4″ is recommended for riders up to 210 lbs.

The Dura-Tec rounds out its features with design elements focused on comfort and ease of use. Each board includes a unique deck pad with soft diamond grooves to add control and traction. The board also includes a custom “Ergo-Grip” carry handle for easy transport. Reviewers consistently remark on how easy it is to carry this board because the ergo grip.

Bic Dur Tec Deck Pad and Ergo Handle

Every Bic Dura-Tec is equipped with a 10″ FCS center fin, providing a straight ride and nice glide glide for riders of most abilities.

Board Specs

Length: 9’4″
Width: 27.5 ”
Weight: 30 lbs
Volume: 120 ltrs
Length: 9’10”
Width: 32.5 ”
Weight: 40 lbs
Thickness: 4.6″
Length: 10’4″
Width: 31″
Weight: 35 lbs
Volume: 175 ltrs
Length: 10’4″
Width: 32″
Weight: 41 lbs
Volume: 205 ltrs

See the BIC Dura-Tec in action:

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  1. We have previously purchased the Dura-Tech 10’4″ originals and would like to purchase 6 more with paddles, Please feel free to give me a call or email me with an estimate, I would like to finalize my budget. Thank you

    • Hi Billy,

      we don’t actually sell the boards so we can’t make you an offer. You usually find the best prices on Amazon or you can try your local SUP store and see if you can get a discount when buying 6.


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