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And the Best Inflatable Fishing SUP is…

The Badfisher by Boardworks and Badfish SUP.

Badfisher SUP

The Badfisher fishing SUP by Badfish Stand Up Paddle combines the design of the popular stable and maneuverable MCIT inflatable SUP with customized fishing features to create a truly unique fishing platform.

These paddleboards are designed in partnership with Boardworks, so you know there’s major experience and ingenuity behind the creation of the Badfisher and durability of the inflatable construction.

But what truly makes this, in our opinion, the best inflatable fishing SUP on the market? To sum it up: attention to detail.

We have summarized some of the key elements to the sport of SUP fishing, such as being able to access shallow, hidden areas, approach fish stealthily, and add a certain physicality to the sport.

This is what the Badfisher is based on. The details added to this board are all about fishing.

The platform of the MCIT was widened to a very stable 39″, allowing for better casting, landing fish, fighting your catch, reeling in and handling bait and gear.

The deck of the Badfisher is also elevated to provide better visibility.

This board comes with a three fin thruster set-up, allowing you to steer and maneuver in tight spots and track straight when you need to cover some distance.

It also comes equipped with Scotty Paddlesports mounting plates so you can attach rod holders.

There are also plenty of D rings installed on along the deck for easily attaching coolers, tackle box, dry bags, and other gear.

Even the color of the board is meant to give you a subtle edge in entering the inhabited waters of schools of fish.

As we know, inflatable boards are easy to pack, store and transport. This makes it easier to take the Badfisher on camping trips to the lake, the beach, on your boat, or any other launching destination.

The board also comes with a handy bag and pump (as shown) and is made easier to carry with handles in the center, nose and tail.

In sum, this is a fish’s nightmare, and that’s why think it’s the best inflatable fishing SUP around.

Where to buy the Boardworks Badfisher

You can usually find the cheapest offers on Amazon.

Watch a father and son take the Badfisher out for some casts:

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6 thoughts on “And the Best Inflatable Fishing SUP is…”

  1. What is the warranty of this board and how durable is the board and the inflation valve, anyone have experience with this board? How tippy is it?

    • Hi Kathy. You get the standard Boardworks 1-year warranty. I personally used it and it’s super high quality. This board can definitely withstand some abuse. It’s not at all tippy. In fact that’s what it’s designed for. At 40′ width I definitely wouldn’t worry about stability. The weight capacity is 300lbs and it inflates up to 18 PSI.


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