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Bay Sports Inflatable SUP Review 2020

Who is GILI Sports?

  • Where: Sydney, Australia
  • When: 2012

Welcome to our overview page of Bay Sports SUPs! Below, you can read short snippets and find links to our reviews of 2020 Bay Sports inflatable stand up paddle boards, or iSUPs for short. Bay Sports paddle boards are stable, lightweight, performance focused SUPs with models for beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike.

As there is a lot of information to know about Bay Sports, here’s some suggestions on where to start depending on what you’d like to learn first. Our first major section is dedicated to explaining Bay Sports as a company, from their great customer service to some insight into their products as a whole. Next, you can read abridged versions of our favorite boards from Bay Sports this year, with links to longer, more detailed reviews if you are interested. If you have a Bay Sports SUP already, the third section is for you, detailing what Bay Sports accessories we recommend considering. The last and final section addresses the shipping, warranty, and return policies of Bay Sports paddleboards, with links to longer explanations if you need them.
We hope that this overview page will help you find the perfect Bay Sports paddleboard for your next water adventure. If you have any questions or want to share your own thoughts about Bay Sports SUPs, be sure to leave a comment below or send us an email with your thoughts. Otherwise, thank you so much for reading, and remember to have fun SUPing!

Why do we love Bay Sports SUPs and recommend them?

Bay Sports is a family owned and operated business that is based entirely out of the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2012 as Bay Kayaks, the experience and expertise with other water sports equipment caused the renamed Bay Sports to release their own line of premium paddleboards. For 2020, there are ten unique paddleboard shapes and sizes manufactured by the company, ranging from long touring boards to wider, casual cruiser and yoga boards.
All Bay Sports paddleboards are made with their durable yet lightweight Fusion-Tec construction. At the center of the paddleboard is a tight drop-stitch which allows the board to float on the water, with a coating of military grade PVC composite fused directly to the drop-stich. The result is a board more than capable of supporting adults in the water, while being light enough to carry even by teenagers. Common drops, crashes, and other SUP accidents on or off the water will do little to no damage to Bay Sports inflatable paddleboards.
We also love the accessories and other add-ons included with their paddleboards, which you can read more about below. Fiberglass paddles, dual-chamber pumps, and study yet adjustable backpacks. All Bay Sports inflatable paddleboards also come with a 30-day guarantee and an extensive 3-year warranty, fantastic coverage that will give you peace of mind with every Bay Sports board.
So, if you want a stable, quick, and easy to maneuver paddleboard that has the great gear you need to get on the water out of the box, go with Bay Sports SUPs!

Bay Sports SUP Reviews – The Boards

Bay Sports 10’6’’ Explore

SUP Board Guide Bay Sport Explore
For those who want an easy to use and highly maneuverable all-around paddleboard, Bay Sports has the 10’6’’ Explore. This jack of all trades SUP offers a healthy balance of stability, tracking, and glide, making it well suited for trying out all sorts of SUP activities. If you want something you can leisurely cruise with in the morning and try tricks out on in the afternoon, consider the Bay Sports 10’6’’ Explore.
The total measurements for the Explore include a 10’6’’ length, a 32’’ wide deck, and a 5’’ board thickness, with a recommended inflation of 15 PSI. This is an incredibly easy board to carry as it weighs just 18 lbs, and offers a 330 recommended weight capacity. There are 4 D-rings for those who want to bring out a couple add-ons, but is otherwise a clean board for performance enthusiasts.
If you are just getting into paddleboarding or want something that is ultra lightweight for backpacking or traveling, the Explore 10’6’’ is a great option. The board is capable of supporting teenagers and taller adults alike. The Explore can handle light chop, slow rivers and ocean water as well, and does pretty good in windy conditions given it’s just 5” thick.
For those who want a light but durable all-around board, we recommend the 2020 Bay Sports 10’6’’ Explore!

Read our full review of the 2020 Bay Sports 10’6’’ Explore by clicking on this link.

Bay Sports 10’8’’ Seek

BaySports 108 Seek Review
The Bay Sports 10’8’’ Seek is built for those who want an all-around board, but prefer to have extra stability and room to spread out over maneuverability. This is an all-around that you can comfortably paddle on with your kids or pet, but still find rather easy to turn in the water. We also love how affordably priced this is, the 10’8’’ Seek BasiX having everything you need for the water for less than $500 dollars!
The Seek BasiX is 10’8’’ long, 34’’ wide, and 6’’ thick, with a recommended inflation of 15 PSI. The board will weigh about 20 lbs, and will support around 400 lbs with proper weight distribution. This is another clean board, though it does have 4 D-rings and a bungee system for kids to grab onto or to attach a pet leash.
The 10’8’’ Seek is a very stable and beginner friendly board, offering solid support to even taller, heavier adults while still being simple to handle. We love how the Seek performs in calm water, and enjoyed taking it through some rougher waters as well. So, if you want an all-around with the stability and performance you need to learn how to paddleboard, the 2020 Bay Sports 10’8’’ Seek BasiX is a solid pick!

Read our full review of the 2020 Bay Sports 10’8’’ Seek BasiX by clicking on this link.

Bay Sports 11’ Mandala

Baysport Mandala Board Design
The Bay Sports 11’ Mandala is one of our favorite inflatable yoga SUPs on the market. Built to be stable and featuring a beautiful triple mandala design, this board is soft to stand on and guides your feet and posture as you practice yoga. This is also a great family board, perfect for bringing others along with you due to its awesome stability and very comfortable deck pad.
The Mandala is built with stability in mind, and is quite large for it with a 11’ length, 34’’ width, and 6’’ thickness with a 15 PSI recommended inflation. Despite its large size, the Mandala only weighs 21 lbs, and has a recommended weight capacity of 375 lbs. There is a bit more accessory compatibility with the Mandala as well, featuring 9 D-rings for attaching leashes, dry-bags, or even electronic speakers for guided yoga sessions.
Paddlers of any height or skill level will be able to make the most out of the 11’ Mandala, especially if they are interested in some water based yoga. Due to it being just 21 lbs, this is also one of the few yoga boards we can recommend for those who have to hike in to get to the water. You’ll have the most fun practicing yoga in calm water or light chop, and can have some fun cruising in the ocean or rivers with it as well. So, if you’re shopping around for a new inflatable yoga SUP, consider the 2020 Bay Sports 11’ Mandala.

Read our full review of the 2020 Bay Sports 11’ Mandala by clicking on this link.

Bay Sports 11’6’’ Original Series

SUP Board Guide Bay Sports Original Series
If you want a touring board with a great design and offers the stability you need to support multiple adults, we recommend the Bay Sports 11’6’’ Original Series. Even without the proper paddling technique, beginners will find this paddleboard is steady in the water, with a comfortable glide that maintains a straight course. We also love the wood grain print, giving the 11’6’’ Original Series a great look that matches the awesome feeling you’ll have paddling on it.
The Original Series touring board is similar to the main Bay Sports touring board, with a 11’6’’ length and 32’’ wide central deck, with a recommended inflation of 15 PSI. The main difference between the two boards is a 6’’ thickness, which causes this board to weigh 20 lbs and support up to 395 lbs. There are five D-rings on the Original Series for accessories, with a D-ring on the rear carry handle for attaching your leash to!
Calm and still water environments are great with the 11’6’’ Original Series, and you’ll have a blast exploring vast marinas and coast lines with this board. So, if you want to go on a long touring adventure with an inflatable SUP, definitely check out the 2020 Bay Sports 11’6’’ Original Series!
Read our full review of the 2020 Bay Sports 11’6’’ Original Series by clicking on this link.

Bay Sports 11’6’’ Tour

SUP Board Guide Bay Sport Tour
If you want a touring board that not only has excellent tracking but is nimble and built with speed in mind as well, check out the Bay Sports 11’6’’ Tour. This paddleboard is thinner than the original Series Bay Sports SUP, and offers fantastic performance that makes it attractive to intermediate to advanced paddlers. If you have a long-distance destination in mind and need something that will get you there quickly, the 11’6’’ Tour is the board for you.
The full dimensions of the Bay Sports Tour include a 11’6’’ length, 32’’ width, and 5’’ thickness. The board weighs about 20 lbs, and has a recommended weight capacity of 375 lbs, with a recommended inflation capacity of 15 PSI. The 11’6’’ Tour is also a better option as a touring board for accessory junkies, with a total of 9 D-rings for vast add-on compatibility.
Beginners will find this board suitable to learn with, and one that they will continue to enjoy using even at the intermediate or experienced level. The 11’6’’ Tour is a breeze to paddle with in calm or still water, and it performs very well in light to moderate water conditions as well. If you are interested in some longboard style surfing or a board that can perform some casual river navigation, you can do it with the 11’6’’ Tour. If you want a fast, nimble touring board that you can grow into, we definitely suggest checking out the 2020 Bay Sports 11’6’’ Tour!

Read our full review of the 2020 Bay Sports 11’6’’ Tour by clicking on this link.

Bay Sports SUP review – Accessories

Bay Sports offers a great selection of paddleboard kits, featuring good performance boards and everything you need for the water out of the box. The items that come with your paddle board include:

  • A large, roomy paddle board backpack. Easily fits all of your equipment and keeps it organized with several pouches. Built to be large so you don’t struggle with packing your gear like campers do with tents!
  • A fast, easy to use dual-chamber, triple-action pump. Even first time paddlers will be able to follow the simple instruction to inflate their boards in 10 to 15 minutes. (*The Seek comes with a single-chamber, dual-action pump).
  • The 11’ coiled leash, which will keep your board close if you fall in the water and prevent it from floating away. Long enough that it won’t impact performance either!
  • The standard US center fin box for large fin customization, with an included, easy to install FCS II Connect fin. Two 2.5’’ molded plastic side fins are also built permanently into the board. .
  • An iSUP repair kit. There are sticky patches for sealing small holes included in this kit, along with a Halkey-Roberts inflation valve wrench.
  • 3 Year Warranty and a 30-day guarantee. You can read more about their warranty and return policies in the next section below.
  • If you want to make your paddleboarding experience even better, there are also a few Bay Sports official add-ons we’d recommend getting with your SUP. Our favorite Bay Sports accessories include:

    • The Bay Sports Hercules electric pump. Skip having to inflate your SUP yourself by having an electric pump do the hard work for you!
    • The Bay Sports SUP trolley. These boards are already lightweight, but if you want to free up your hands or are buying the board for a younger paddler, consider getting this very mobile SUP trolley.
    • The Bay Sports waterproof dry bag, deck bag, and phone case. Protect your equipment from the elements and secure your gear right to the board with these container options.

    The D-rings and bungee cords on the Bay Sports paddle boards are compatible with a large range of third-party SUP accessories as well. Be sure to ask the seller or Bay Sports if you have any questions about compatibility before purchasing!

    Where To Buy a GILI Sports Stand Up Paddle Board, Warranties, and Return Policy:

    Bay Sports SUPs are available directly from their website, and currently offers free shipping to Australia, with affordable shipping options to other countries throughout the world. Every Bay Sports paddle board has a 30-day guarantee, and a expansive 3-year warranty that will cover manufacturer defects and traditional SUP malfunctions.

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