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Waves Of Impact Create A Real Impact For Kids And War Vets

Waves of impact charity

For most of us, our lives are centered on a circle that usually consists of work, family, friends, and a hobby or two. We rarely try to reach out of this ‘circle’ and look at the bigger picture. This is not a complaint or criticism, rather just a natural order of how we live.

There are, however, a select few, who break out of the circle and make a contribution to society, and humanity at large. Keith Lovgren and Josh Harper are two such people.

Creating A Larger Impact With Waves

Four summers ago, the two avid surfers decided to channel their undying passion for the sport to help those less fortunate. Thus was born Waves of Impact. The philosophy is simple: Introduce the unadulterated joy of riding the waves to people with challenges – mental and physical.

Just being out there in the wide ocean, with the breeze in your hair and the mist gently spraying across your face can uplift your mood and melt away stress. The same experience can be life-affirming for those facing disabilities.

What started as two guys and a group of volunteers offering free lessons on paddle boards has grown into a mini-movement. Waves of Impact is now a non-profit organization dedicatedly working for differently-abled children and war veterans. Keith and Josh seek to re-introduce some fun, normalcy, and leisure into the lives of participants. The hope is that riding the waves will inspire them to rise to everyday challenges without losing perspective.

Not Just Surf

Waves Of Impact focuses on riding the waves but strives for a more significant impact. Keith and Josh hope that the participants can become a part of the larger beach community by participating in their programme. Isolation is a very real issue that special needs children and war veterans can face. The program connects people and families facing similar challenges, providing a platform to come together. The social aspect serves to form a bond of friendship and support that can then extend beyond the program.

Check out some pictures here.

All About Fun

A normal day at the free surf camp begins with the volunteers (pro surfers themselves) taking the kids out on the SUP. A team of two – a surfer and a child – navigate the gentle white-water waves for 30 minutes. War veterans get to ride the waves on their own with encouragement from the camp.

During the surf camp, the main mission is just to have fun: Enjoy the waves, experience the vastness of the ocean, and have a smile on your face. The children who participate may not master the waves at the end of their session, but they do have a lot of fun. As for the veterans, the camp instills a sense of confidence in them.

You Can Play A Part Too

If reading about Waves Of Impact has inspired you, then you can be a part of the non-profit as well. Keith and Josh are always on the lookout for volunteers who can devote some time from their busy lives to help the children and war veterans. You can also donate money if you lead a busy life.

Check out wavesofimpact.com for more information. The program would love to hear from you as well via [email protected].

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