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Paddle Logger Review – A Must App Have For Paddle Boarders

I always had one question running on my mind: If you can have fitness trackers for your morning jogs and walks, why can’t we have a tracker specifically designed for paddling?

It looks like the query has finally been answered with an app that lets you track your paddling activity.

Enter Paddle Logger

The good news is that the creator of the app, David Walker, is a true blue paddler. He is passionate and was restless to contribute towards the community at large. I like to think he has more than done his bit with Paddle Logger. Being a member of the tight-knit SUP community, David has provided a platform where we can voice our feedback regarding the app, which he can then incorporate. The app really feels like it was designed ‘for paddlers by a paddler’, unlike some other fitness apps like Runtastic.

The app is easily one of the better ones we paddlers have, if not the best. What I really liked about Paddle Logger is that it can be used by rank newbies to the more seasoned pros to even professional athletes. The app performs a simple, yet significant, function of tracking your paddle time from point A to point B., but that’s not all…

Intelligence Personified

Fitness App For SUPThe technology that surrounds us has become more and more intelligent. We expect it to be a certain level of smart and sassy, like ourselves. Paddle Logger is equal parts intuitive and intelligent.

Take, for instance, its big, bold start button. That is all you have to touch to let the app start tracking. The advantage of having a large start button is that it is easy to operate even when you have your gloves on during the cold months, or if you fix your smartphone on your arm. The button is placed in the center of the screen for easy access.

Another function that got me drooling was the Delayed Start feature. This is truly some great practical stuff at work here. You can hit the start button, store the phone in a waterproof case or dry bag and get on your board. Say you need a minute or so before you start paddling; all you have to do then is set the time and then head out. When the time that you have set is up, the tracking begins with a beep or vibration.

Measure Your Performance

Tracking Performance for SUPNow, this is where the app shows its true colors. The Markers feature enables you to accurately record your paddle times over a distance. Simply drop the pin at the beginning and at the end of a section to record the time. If you have a regular route, you will be able to gauge if your performance has been improving. You can also measure your lap times during performance training by marking the start and end points of the lap.

Markers are also handy when it comes to measuring performance over different conditions, such as upwind and downwind.

Each trip that you log on the app comes with a comprehensive logbook that includes a map, a photo gallery, and a notes section. Once you have logged trips over a period of time, you can access the digital logbook and analyze your performance over different kinds of courses and challenges. The best part is that you can share this logbook with your friends and peers, which is a great way of keeping in touch with the SUP community. Nice touch David.

To make things even better, David is working on iWatch compatibility. With the new waterproof iWatch 2, this should be a real game changer. There is also going to be apparel and new features soon so be sure to follow Paddle Logger on Facebook.

A Must Have

It is hard to find something wrong with Paddle Logger. And trust me I have tried. The app is a must-have if you are serious about lap times and performance. If SUP is just a hobby, then the app works as a handy notebook of your various paddle adventures.

For More Information Go To:

Homepage: www.paddlelogger.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/PaddleLogger/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/PaddleLogger

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