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Three SUPs Built for Yoga

What makes a great yoga SUP board?

Practicing yoga on a stand up paddleboard has become a popular activity. The best yoga SUP boards are typically those which provide a lot of stability. This may seem obvious, but not all boards are designed with stability as the focal point of performance.

SUP Yoga Warrior Pose

Wide and stable boards are normally found in the beginner to all-arounder categories. As such, you can typically find SUP boards that are suitable for yoga at reasonable prices.

However, if you’re taking this endeavor a little more seriously, bringing your practice to an advanced level, or plan to use the SUP mainly for yoga purposes, there are definitely SUP boards designed specifically for yoga enthusiasts that may be worth a look.

The following three boards were designed with the needs of on-the-water yoga practitioners in mind. Each features superb stability, as well as tip-to-tail design elements for creating a buoyant and comfortable platform.

Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP Inflatable

Lotus YSUP

Designed for flatwater and stable enough for practicing yoga, the Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP inflatable stand up paddleboard offers compact storage, and high durability-and includes a paddle. High-pressure, drop-stitch construction and heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin allow for performance that will surprise you for an inflatable (this is no pool toy!).

The secret to the performance of the Lotus YSUP is the high inflation pressure that’s possible with drop-stitching; a pump with gauge is included to achieve optimal pressure. 32 in. width and 6 in. depth offers a very stable platform that’s great for SUP beginners and offers enough surface area to practice yoga on the water. Double layer of outer skin enhances durability against rocks, barnacles and the perils of paddling. Large, soft traction pad offers solid grip even when wet; rear D-rings let you tie down gear on long paddles.

Removable center fin and 2 removable side fins help with tracking on flatwater. Includes a durable paddle, single-action hand pump with gauge, repair kit, shoulder strap, and storage bag. Special buy.

Riviera Yoga Mat SUP

Riviera Yoga Mat SUP 11'6"

Whether enjoying the calm waters or doing some yoga, the Riviera Paddlesurf Yoga Mat Stand Up Paddleboard is a great choice when you want stability. Although definitely stable enough for yoga, it’s also a fun board to take around on the water.

There are 4 anchor points so you can store gear when you’re out and about or to anchor so you’re not floating away while in warrior pose.

The nose to tail deck pad offers plenty of traction when paddling and will even give you the grip you need when you want to try out more of the difficult poses. It’s easy to carry so on the next warm and sunny morning, head out to the water and let the calming sounds of the outdoors overtake you as you practice your breathing on the Riviera Paddlesurf Yoga Mat Stand Up Paddleboard.

Width: 32in
Thickness: 4in
Volume: 175L
Fin System: Single Fin

Tahoe 11′ Odyssey YOFIT

11' Odyssey YOFIT Yoga Fitness Stand-Up Paddleboard

“YOFIT is the latest board in the Odyssey SUP lineup; created specifically for the popular movement of practicing Yoga on a standup paddle board. Surfboards are not optimized for SUP Yoga; but the specific shape and features of the YOFIT is the solution. Innovation abounds on the YOFIT; featuring a paddle cradle; deck plugs; anchor plug; displacement bow for paddling straight and the full-length sunburst yoga deck pad.”


  • Displacement hull
  • 11′ Long x 33” Wide
  • Volume: 225 liters
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • RINOtech Construction Deck plug attachment system
  • Single Fin Full EVA pad
  • Recessed paddle cradle

Learn More about the YOFIT from Tahoe SUP

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