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Tahoe SUP Woody

Elegance meets modern SUP technology.

Sleek low profile design, sustainable bamboo veneer deck and bottom, and glossy green rails and nose: The 12.6 Tahoe SUP Woody is an eye-catching stand up paddleboard.

Tahoe SUP was focused (and successful) on creating a classic looking paddleboard designed for touring and soulful excursions. The Woody also gets Tahoe’s stamp of approval for dogs, fitness and . . . cocktails.

Tahoe SUP Woody

The inspiration for the Woody can be found in the classic Chris Craft wooden boat designs. To achieve this look, they stayed true to blending the wood exterior with glossy green rails along with an elegantly elevated displacement hull and lowered tail section.

Built with the tradition of the legendary Chris-Craft wooden boats in mind, the Woody combines state-of-the-art SUP-building technology with timeless craftsmanship to bring new pleasure for those days spent on the water.

Tahoe SUP

The board is constructed using Tahoe SUP’s Bambootech™ process. This involves layering 3mm sheets of sustainably sourced bamboo with interior and exterior fiberglass, low VOC epoxy resin, and an EPS foam core. The rails of the Tahoe SUP Woody are made from carbon fiber.

This board is 12’6″ long, 28″ wide, and weighs 28lbs. It can hold riders up to 255 lbs. Because of its displacement hull and racing profile, it is definitely best suited for touring rather than wave riding.


  • 10″ Bamboo fin
  • Displacement hull
  • Extra Comfort handle and pad
  • Bambootech top/bottom construction
  • Carbon fiber rails
  • Front/Rear deck plugs


View the YouTube promo for the 2012 Woody:


Tahoe Woody SUP Paddle

The Classic Woody Paddle

Also, take a look at the Tahoe Woody SUP Paddle (85In). Featuring a 5 laminate, ovaled shaft of Northern White Ash and Western Red Cedar, this paddle is designed for touring and paddling efficiency.

This paddle’s blade faces are fiberglass reinforced and fully protected with a Dynel Tuff Edge. The paddle is sealed and varnished for long lasting protection against the elements.

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  1. Would this be a suitable board for riding on a lake (Lake Erie)? not necessarily looking to ride waves but would like to move quickly and easily. max wave height would be 2′ or so although generally it would be closer to 0.5′-1′


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