Make Your Own SUP Paddle

SUP gear can get pretty pricey . . . so why not make your own? We wish it was that simple.

But the folks over at DIY Surf Gear are offering some great instruction on how to make your own wooden SUP paddle, and this is as simple, and high quality as someone with little to zero woodworking or gear construction could ask for.

Make Your Own SUP Paddle
Not bad for a DIY SUP paddle

DIY Surf Gear provides three different methods to design and build stand up paddles with  solid wood construction, angled blades, and custom designs:

  • The Pole Plank Method: A fast and easy way to construct a SUP paddle. This is a 10 step method to create a paddle with strong, solid characteristics and an angled blade.
  • The Stack Laminate Method: This is a more commercial approach – also accomplished in 10 steps – that yields a paddle designed with different types and layers of wood.
  • The Traditional Paddle Making Method: This is the pro version of DIY SUP paddle making.. it can be accomplished with your basic home repair toolkit and some dedication to the craft.. and the sport

This is a nice entry into the world of custom woodworking. It also provides a way for SUP enthusiasts to design quality paddles on a budget, or – better yet – design and build paddles as gifts or salable items.

Wood paddles are great looking and typically of high quality and durability.

Check out the DIY Surf Gear page for more information and decide for yourself if this is a project you’re up for.

Need some more inspiration? Watch the below video from the guys at SIC paddleboards in Maui. This is quite a leap from entry-level DIY stand up paddle construction, but it is definitely motivational footage for the rest of us. It shows the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into designing, building and riding downwind SUPs.

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