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Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board The complete package

Keeper Sports SUP













  • Very Cheap
  • Great Value
  • Solid Construction
  • Very Lightweight


  • The roof rack is very shaky and can't be used with every car

Updated: 2/1/2018

Keeper Sports offers a complete SUP package including the SUP, an adjustable paddle, a surf leash and a roof rack!


The board itself is a great entry level paddle board, and the low price definitely doesn’t indicate low quality. But the board isn’t the only thing you will receive if you purchase this product. The full package includes an adjustable paddle leash and a padded roof rack. The package is not top of the line by any means, but you get more quality than you pay for. This model, in particular, would be perfect for beginners who aren’t quite ready to invest in a board to stand the test of time, and just want to improve their skills using a SUP.

Keeper Sports SUP Beginner PackageConstruction

The board has been constructed by Keeper Sports using multi-layered laminated wood stringers combined with EPS foam overlaid with a waterproof resin, as well as an HD polyethylene slick bottom. The EPS foam is not quite as strong as some of the inflatable boards on the market, however for a fraction of the price it’s definitely a good alternative. The benefit to the board being constructed with EPS is that because of the light nature of the material it can withstand a lot more damage than a fiberglass board and therefore should not be as susceptible to dings.


Overall the performance of the Keeper Sports SUP is good and is what you can expect from a lower grade beginner board. It handles well in the water when there is a slight chop and is very stable for the user. The single fin system is good for beginners who are primarily using the board for flat water riding. The 5.5-inch thickness is pretty standard when it comes to SUPs, and this combined with the wide 32-inch deck makes for good stability. The top of the board is anti-slip and is easy to stand on with bare feet, but there is no padding so it may become quite uncomfortable after a while. Users may want to consider adding a deck pad for more comfort. The only other downside is that the board is extremely light, so good balance is definitely a necessity to keep the board moving in a smooth way.

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Fin System

Check out the video below for an explanation of the Tri-Fin System.


  • The board weighs approximately 25 lbs.
  • The board is around 5.5 inches thick.
  • The core is 100% waterproof.
  • Tri-fin system.
  • Adjustable SUP paddle with exclusive blade shield.
  • The official weight limit is 300 lbs.


  • The paddle that is included in the package is adjustable, and so people of all heights can use it.
  • The paddle itself floats, so there is no need to worry about dropping it and it immediately sinking.
  • Even without a standing pad, the top is not at all slippery and is easy to stand on with bare feet.


  • The roof rack is considerably poorer quality than the other items in the package, and does not provide the level of security needed. It is also only designed to work with a 4 door car.
  • The top of the board punctures quite easily.


There may be models out there that offer better performance, and that can handle trickier waters, however for the price of the model this particular package is great value. The accessories that come with the board itself including the adjustable paddle really make it worthwhile and it’s a great option for the all the family to use to get to grips with paddle boarding. It can also be used as a surfboard, so to have this versatility is a really great benefit. It might not be quite as durable as a high-quality inflatable board but it will probably out last similar fiberglass models.

SUP Board Specs

FinTri Fin System
Volume236 Litres
Weight Capacity300lbs
Board Weight25 lbs
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  1. Can you review some of the newer boards? I like that their boards are not too expensive but the Keeper homepage doesn’t have that much information.


    • Hi Tim,
      I hope I will get a chance to review more Keeper boards soon! The next reviews coming up are for the 2016 Jimmy Styks line. I’ve been in contact with the guys over at Keeper Sports. What information are you looking for?

      Cheers Tobias

      • They have so many products but no real way to filter them. I am looking for a cheap touring board for beginners. I’m 5’9.

        Thank you!

  2. Hi , I’m looking for a touring board for the ocean since I’m beginner.
    I’m 5 feet and small. But other people are also using this.
    A more stable board would be preferred and not too costly.

  3. When will you be reviewing other Keeper boards? I honestly think they are decent boards but the company’s website isn’t much into details regarding their products, Thanks!

    • I’ll try my best to review newer boards Maurice, I’ll do my best to include all of the important details you’ll be looking for in a review.


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