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Jimmy Styks 11’ Scout Paradise

Jimmy Styks 11’ Scout Paradise













  • Great and versatile board
  • Can be used for anything from cruising to Yoga
  • Super stable


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Updated (31/1/2018)


The all-arounder in the Scout Series, the Scout Paradise offers a little bit of something for everybody. Whether you want to use this board for yoga, riding waves, going on long expeditions or trying things out for the first time, the Scout Paradise has it all.

Board for females by Jimmy StyksPerformance

With a non-stick traction pad running almost the entire length of the deck, finding yourself in comfort within any yoga position comes naturally. With its sleek curves and design for maneuverability, you can easily find yourself catching waves for the ride of your life. With a length of over 11’, it can comfortably cruise over long distances for further exploration. And, with its overall size and width, it has a lot of stability for those whose balance is still developing.


The Scout Paradise is uber strong. It has a core EPS foam with three layers of fiberglass on the deck and two on the bottom. It has a displacement hull designed for stability and balance.


At 11’ it can hold up to 220lbs with its 205 liters of board volume. It weighs 28lbs. The nose has 5 ½” of rocker, and the tail has 3” of rocker. It has a displacement hull for extra stability, a center box fin, and two side fins. It comes in seafoam green. And it comes with a 10’ coil leash, spare vent cap, fins and board bag.


It’s versatile. It works for whatever purpose you want it for. Because it’s so well rounded, it doesn’t bog in its ability to perform for whichever reason you choose to use it for.


If you are looking to focus solely on pushing the limits of one particular category – faster racing time, more challenging surf, longer distances – then you will want something that is less well-rounded and designed for one specific purpose. 


If you’re the kind of person who likes to do a little bit of everything, then the Scout Paradise is the right choice. It has the flexibility to perform with whatever our aquatic interests are, whether it’s enjoying a paddle through nature, a surf session at your favorite mellow surf break or an invigorating yoga class. This is a great board to get you started in the right direction.

Board Specs:

Nose Rocker5.5″
Tail Rocker3″
Board Volume221 liters
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2 thoughts on “Jimmy Styks 11’ Scout Paradise”

  1. I’m looking at purchasing either this board or the muse. Im 5’4 115 and a beginning/intermediate paddler who likes to do yoga. I live in Colorado so no surf but some really choppy waves and wind at times. What would you recommend?

    • Hi Kat,
      both boards are a great choice but given that you paddle in choppy conditions a lot I’d go for the Jimmy Styks. It has a slightly rocker shaped nose which will make it a little slower in flat water but definitely help you out in the waves.


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