iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ Review

Nose of SUP

Updated: 1/19/18 You know you’ve hit the jackpot when part of your work is getting SUP boards sent to you that have just hit the market to test out and review. Recently, the team at iRocker generously sent me the new 10’6” iRocker Cruiser SUP. **Thankyou iRocker!!** What follows is my review after testing the … Read more

The Mistral Fit Kailua Is A Floating Fitness Machine

Review Mistral Kailua Fit

Note: The Mistral Kailua is not available anymore. Check out the iRocker Cruiser instead. It’s just more stable and more versatile. Mistral Fit Kailua Imagine floating across a calm, serene lake. You can hear the birds chirp, the languid branches rustle in the gentle wind, and fresh air filling up your lungs. In the midst … Read more

My Review of The iRace by Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddle Boards iRace Review

Another week, another interesting inflatable board up for review. It kind of feels like the inflatable SUP segment is abuzz with productivity and creativity. Having reviewed the Solstice Bali and theWekender, I was certainly looking forward to what the iRace by Tower Paddle Boards had in store for me. Before I begin the review, here’s … Read more