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Evaluating Three Options for My New SUP

I’m on the search for an all-around SUP. But even more specific than an “all-arounder”, I need something that will fit nicely within the parameters set by my surrounding environment, type of paddling, fitness goals, body type, and storage and transportation needs.

For starters, I plan on using the SUP to get to-and-from places within the often choppy waters of my local bay, so I’d like something that can track straight and glide nicely. It would be great if the board was equipped with tie-downs or storage compartments so I could bring some supplies along for the ride.

I also want to use the board for fitness – launching from different locations and finding “routes” along the shore to build up strength and endurance. However, the board also needs to be stable enough for others to use. This includes family members and guests of varying shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Below are three of the boards I am considering. Keep in mind that I’m also taking into account affordability, max weight capacity (it should be able to hold at least 200lbs), length (I’m trying to stay below the 12’6” category for storage and transportation purposes), board weight (the lighter the better), and overall versatility.