Naish Nalu 10’6 GS Review

Nalu board range

Who is it for? Versatile paddlers wanting a standup paddleboard that can do it all. This board is perfect for both flatwater paddling as well as small to medium sized waves. Size Options and Variations 10’0”, 10’6”, 10’10”, 11’00”, 11’4”, 11’6” – The 10’6” is perfect for lighter paddlers while heavier paddlers (over 80 kg) … Read more

Starboard’s Astro Atlas Zen Is A Jack Of All Trades

Starboard Atlas Zen Review

The Starboard Atlas Zen is the little brother of the Atlas Deluxe. It’s one of the most popular inflatable touring boards by Starboard and definitely one you want to check out if you’re in the market for a touring board that does well in a variety of conditions. I got a chance to take it out for a few test runs and here is my hands on review.

Starboard ASAP Atlas

Updated: 10/01/2016 Note: This review is outdated and the board reviewed is no longer for sale. I recommend you read my new 2016 Starboard Atlas Zen Review instead.   Stable board designed for larger riders with flatwater cruising in mind. ASAP = “As strong as possible.” Overview The Starboard ASAP Atlas is an economical, beginner friendly cruising … Read more