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4 Ways to Improve Your Paddling | Paddle Boarding Tips

In this video we’re discuss how you go about improving your stand up paddleboarding. There is much more to it than just the actual physical action of what you do on the water. If you’re just wanting some quick tips on technique adjustments to improve your stroke or increase your speed then check out our other vids, but we’d strongly recommend watching this one first. If you really want to improve your paddling, whether it’s because you want to paddle further, to keep up with your mates, enter a competition, win a competition, or just because you want the challenge of raising your skills, then this chat is going to give you a much wider perspective on how to go about it.

There are essentially four factors that you need to think about. They all matter, and they’re all adjustable. They can all be changed. This video will tell you how.

Any plan to improve your paddling needs to start with consideration of your existing paddleboarding environment [0’50”] There’s no point having paddleboarding ambitions if the realities of your life aren’t going to allow you to fulfil them. As an extreme example, you’re simply not going to become world SUP surfing champion if you live 8 hours from the nearest wave. Indeed, your environment and circumstances can actually be the biggest factor of them all with regard to any ambition to improve your paddleboarding, but for some reason it hardly ever gets properly discussed. So, what can you do to stack the odds in your favour, to make it easier for you to go paddleboarding (ideally somewhere nearby, and with the right conditions for your ambitions). This is where your planning needs to start.

Next up, we consider your paddleboarding equipment [2’25”]. Does it need upgrading in order to achieve your ambitions, or is it OK? What will the advantages of upgrading be? Will buying a faster board make you a better paddler? What might the drawbacks be? These are vital considerations if you’re wanting to improve your paddling, so this too is a very important discussion to be had.

Number three on the list, we discuss fitness [5’22”]. How necessary is it to do any additional body work in order to achieve your paddleboarding ambitions? Is working out, getting fitter, getting into yoga or whatever, a necessity? For sure, improving your fitness is never ever a bad thing. However, is it actually necessary in order to improve your paddling – or indeed, can paddling do that anyway, and if so how? Another very important consideration in your planning.

Last but most certainly not least, is your technique [9’45”]. This is the one where you can make instant gains; everyone can improve their technique. As it’s such a big subject we don’t delve too deeply into the intricacies of it here, we’ll refer you to the other videos on our channel – start with ‘how to improve your stand up paddleboard technique’, and then watch ‘3 ways to paddle faster’. There’s a whole lot of information in those videos which will definitely help you raise your game, as it already has for many others, as you’ll see in the comments.

While technique is an undeniably vital aspect of improving your paddling, it’s most certainly not the only factor. The other three factors discussed in this video play a major role too. So if you do really want to improve your paddling you need to be thinking about all four of these factors. Your environment. Your equipment. Your fitness and wellbeing. And your technique. They’re not mutually exclusive. Where can YOU make the most gains? Give it some thought.

We really hope that you find the video informative and useful. Please give it the thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and please leave comments because we love to hear from you. And absolutely do check out our other vids, plus all the great information and articles on our website

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