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2 Must See Locations On The East Coast Of Australia

Stradbroke Island
Stradbroke Island, Cylinder Beach


I love to travel. (Says every person in their 20’s, we’re not on Tinder Sacky I can hear you saying)

Though every time I go anywhere that’s not my own country, I feel luckier and luckier. I fall more in love with the East Coast of Australia every day.

I know I sound rather patriotic right now. But, Australia has some of the most stunning scenery I have ever explored in my life. While we don’t have as much historical culture in our towns as say Europe, it’s the wilderness here that excites me.

Some of my favorite spots on the East Coast I saw in the last week…

Byron Bay (current address at the time of this article)

Mt Warning Byron Bay
Mt Warning From Wategos, Byron Bay

I live 5 minutes bike ride from the beach where horse rides happen every afternoon. From my favorite sand dune, I watch them frolic in the ripples that kiss their hooves and tourists faces show their sheer fear mixed with a forced and fake “I’m having the best time of my life” smile. Commuting is a breeze, I bike ride 2 minutes to my funky cool co-work space where I sit right now and type this.

Julian Rocks
Crystal Clear Waters, Byron Bay

It’s like a little family in there, we all work in different fields but share the same need of a productive working environment. Over that, we bond.

The town itself is a bustling mecca of constant underground tunes waiting for my ears to discover and my body to groove to. Not only music but inspiring projects, like last week I went to an amazing short film “Gutsy Girls” and also the showcasing of “We’re All Going To Die” book/short film release.

I’m also an avid outdoors-er. The surf around here is on the plentiful side complete with dolphins and whales. YES. I mean that I have literally had a dolphin share a wave with me and been close enough to a whale I could see it’s barnacles. It’s all very exciting and terrifying at the same time. Sometimes, I need a cleanse, and I head to the hills where fresh water tumbling from overhanging ferns on waterfall faces washes away the little worries I have.

Stradbroke Island

I recently renovated a Toyota Hiace van into a home of wheels. When I say “I renovated” I mean, I did some of the work under direction. You can tell where I have been by all the crooked screws and puttied up drill holes that were mistakes.

Van Renovations
My New Home

So I went on an adventure to Stradbroke Island for a few days. This place is just off the coast from Brisbane city. It’s a 45 min ferry ride where multiple dolphins and jellyfish the size of your head can be spotted. As you arrive, you feel like you’ve jumped back into the 60’s. Small tin roof homes with basic courtyard nestled under twisted paperbark trees and big gums all around.

Entering Lake On Redder SUP

There are some lakes on the island where I took a new board that needing testing out, the Redder Vortex. These lakes are the epitome of tranquillity and beauty. Seeing as its “winter” (I was still in a bikini) it was rather quiet on the island, so we got an amazing campsite right next to the ocean.

Getting Redder Vortex SUP Ready
Preparing For Redder Review @ Stradbroke Island

There isn’t much more I need in this world than my van parked under some trees merely meters from the ocean, some surf and sun and a morning coffee on the brew from my little handmade kitchen.

I don’t know how or when this amazing lifestyle became my “normal” but I know I’ll never change it for anything!

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