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The Retro SUP Deck Bag Is A Dream Bag

Picture of deckbagz taken in Hamburg

Updated (4/8/2017)

Have you ever been cruising on your paddle board on a gorgeous summer day thinking: “I wish I had carried my sunscreen, or I wish I had carried my water bottle“? Well, you don’t need to anymore.

Deckbagz SUP Bag

Deckbagz has released a SUP deck bag that you will probably fall in love with at first sight. (I did). Stand up paddle boarding can be an addictive sport and you may end up spending hours on your paddleboard. (I do). This is exactly when a bag that could carry all your stuff can come in handy.

Now I must confess, I too have often wondered about carrying my stuff on board, but nothing really inspired me in the deck bag segment. And that’s when it happened. Like a manna from heaven, I received the Retro Deck Bag from Deckbagz (A big thank you to Andrew).

How much can you fit in a deckbag
I carried the free 2-liter dry bag, a 2-liter water bottle and some sunscreen in the bag and it wasn’t even half full.

A Dream Deck Bag

First things first, this deck bag is one of the most beautiful bags I have seen. I hadn’t imagined a ubiquitous SUP accessory to make such a style statement.

Crafted from a combination of vinyl mesh and neoprene, the bag looks like something that the crew of the Kon Tiki may have carried with them on their reef. A gorgeous floral pattern wraps around the bag in panels. The body sports a straw finish. Very earthy, very chic. The design team has indeed channeled the retro feel, which makes the bag stand out from the rest. The Retro Deck Bag is sure to garner attention wherever you take it.

Fanatic Ray SUP bagThe Real Review

Having waxed eloquent on the packaging and design, the time has come to test it out. I took the bag on my Fanatic Ray Pure and my Red Paddle Co Ride for a cruise. And this is how it performed:

  • The bag has a generous serving of clips that will allow you to fasten it securely to your board. There are four at each corner. It gave me the impression that even the if the board were to tilt over, the deck bag would remain fastened to it. You will also find an additional clip inside the bag to attach keys and other objects. I couldn’t ask for more.
  • The nylon zippers are a thing of beauty themselves. It shows how much thought went into designing the bag when you find zippers at the top, and at the bottom. I could access contents in the bag while standing on the board. It’s genius even though I used the bag the wrong way the first time. Make sure the top zipper points towards you!
  • Middle zippers making the deckbagz accessible
    The two zippers make it super easy to access your stuff even while you’re on the board.

    The body is not 100% waterproof. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is a dry case where you can store all your water-sensitive accessories – phone, wallet, house key, car key, sunglasses. This makes the bag extremely light to carry around and attach to your board.

  • At 18″x13″x5″, the bag is just the right size for your paddleboard. I carried a 2-liter wattle bottle, my sunscreen tube, and the dry case (I still had plenty of space for my flip-flops). This only filled the bag to half its capacity. You could easily carry some food and even your SUP companion’s stuff. Needless to say, it’s more than enough space without getting too bulky.
  • In addition to the clips, there are two loops and a cord attached to the bag. You can secure your paddle with the loops when not in use.
  • The bag also comes in several colors. I liked the blue one best, but you can choose anything, from pink to camo.

Red Paddle Co bag

Handcrafted To Perfection

Deckbagz is a true blue Florida company composed of designers with abundant experience in crafting handmade bags. Yes, you read that right. Every Retro Deck Bag is handmade and crafted to perfection. I can personally vouch for the superior quality make and finish of the bag. The price tag of $119 is high compared to other options out there. Looking at the quality it’s completely justified though.

If you’re interested in checking out Deckbagz yoursel, click here.

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  1. Love the bag, especially the center zipper so you can prop a water bottle in there for easy access. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to go see if they offer different designs.


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