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Jimmy Styks 11’ Scout Skipper The Soft SUP for Beginners

Jimmy Styks Skipper













  • Great for beginners and very reasonably priced
  • Super stable and durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Can be used be the entire family


  • You might outgrow the board fairly quickly
  • A bit unstable when riding small waves

Updated (4/8/2017)


The Scout Skipper is the perfect board for those who are just picking up the sport of SUPing. The price is much lower than most other beginner boards and it has a soft deck which makes those inevitable falls a little less painful. It’s also super durable so you can pass it off to the next generation of adventurers. Its length gives it lots of stability for the learner to get used to the balance needed for SUPing.


A simple cruiser all the way. This board isn’t meant for those who are pushing the limits. It’s more for those who are getting pushed into small surf. It has a lot of stability, which is beneficial for beginners, but can be a bit too stable on waves.

Scout SkipperConstruction:

The bottom is made of a high-density polyethelyne. The top has a full layer of 6oz fiberglass and another partial layer of 6oz plus a final layer of soft foam across the entire deck. Its extra strength comes from three stringers which are molded in from tip to tail.


At 11’ the Scout Skipper can carry up to 250lbs with its 195 liters of board volume. It weighs only 24lbs and has a generous width of 31”. It comes in gray. And it comes with planning hull, center fin with hardware, and a 10’ coil leash.


Very stable and very soft. It’s a really fun board for cruising on and learning the basics of SUPing. It’s relatively light. It will last a long time.

Skipper board by Jimmy Styks for beginnersCons:

Not the best at covering long distances or handling heavy chop. It can get a bit unstable when riding waves.


Best to stick with the basics on this board. It’s a great board for those who are just beginning. Its soft deck prevents a lot of potential pain for learners who need more practice with their balance, and it also prevents a lot of potential pain for any recipients of a collisions. Get this board if you have very little experience with SUPing. If you have some ability on an SUP you will most likely grown out of this board very quickly, so it would be best to skip over this one and move on to something more challenging.

Board Volume195 liters
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