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  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Great for flat water and small waves
  • A super stable beginner option
  • Usual superb iRocker quality
  • Upgraded bag and paddle

Allrounder Board iRockerNote: iRocker released a new model of the All Around. Read my review of the 2018 All Around here.

An ideal SUP company supplies its customers with the chance to make that choice by providing different types of boards.

The iRocker team introduced several new models this year. In addition to the Sport they now also added the Cruiser and All-Around 10′ and 11′ to their line. After reviewing the Cruiser last week, I now tested the iRocker All-Around 10′ and it was a terrific opportunity to see what this new member of the iRocker family had to offer.


The 10’ iRocker All-Around is an inflatable SUP suited for both waves and flat water conditions. All-rounders tend to be wide, so naturally, they make great choices for any extra activities like SUP yoga, fishing or taking your pet for a paddle. There’s also an 11’ version available, which again is even better suited to said activities or the heavier rider. Why? I’ll explain that later.

The Cruiser and All-rounder are very similar in some ways. They share the same sturdy materials, inflate/deflate process, board materials, bag, etc. However, dimensions and practicality of the boards differ slightly. You can read more on that further down.


Capacity350 lbs

Ocean Green Paddle BoardBoard Quality/Materials

Like all other iRockers, the same indestructible military grade PVC layers with an internal drop stitch fabric is used for the 10′ All-Around. If you think an inflatable wouldn’t be as sturdy as a hardboard think again, not only does the iRocker All Around ensure durability, it’s also lighter than most hardboards.

iRocker have a history of high-quality boards, and their customer service is an apparent priority. If ever an issue with something on the board, they are quick to help you out. There are boards on the market that cost less for what seems the same thing, however, the quality of this board makes the extra dollars worth it in my opinion.

Previously, I noted a con was the lack of color choice, they’ve listened and produced a stylish ocean green version!  I think it’s a great color and stands out a little from some more of the general color schemes in other brands. At the time of writing (1st of July 2017) the green version, which will be called “Aqua, is not available yet or listed on their website. However, the guys at iRocker told me that the board will be available in about a week. So in total, the 10′ will be available in blue, white and aqua. The picture on the right is a little sneak peak.

Update: The Aqua version is now available, and you can get it here.

Board Performance

All Around 10 vs 11
The All-Around 10′ next to the 11′ version

In comparison to a hardboard, the Fanatic Fly at about the same size weighs in at roughly 24 lbs whereas the iRocker is close to 22lbs. This weight difference even if not huge can make a big difference in and out of the water.

Positive – Easier to transport and carry when lighter

Negative – Can lose some momentum in the water, think about giving the Titanic a good push as opposed to a twig.

However even though momentum is helpful when you are a beginner as it reduces wobbles, there are other features that can provide the same stability.

You’ll feel rock solid on the iRocker All-rounder whether it’s your first time or not. The All-rounders 32” width provides a super steady ride, even getting close to the Cruisers at 33” wide ( or other cruiser styled boards with the same dimensions ). The 6” thickness seen across the whole iRocker range provides extra stability, many other boards average around 4” thick, and many others are now even stopping their 4” inch range, realizing the benefits of the extra 2”. Tower Paddle Boards for example recently stated that they discontinue their 4″ thick models. They are now moving to 6″ boards as well calling them “a magnitude better”.

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The deck pad is super grippy, so even if you are at first scrambling on and off, you’ll find the extra grip will improve your confidence in balancing. Want something more stable? The 10′ brother, the 11’ all-rounder is more stable, just keep in mind you may lose a little on maneuverability.

The iRocker All-Around does suit it’s title well as the iRocker team has taken into consideration all aspects needed to suit both flat-water and surf. The 3-fin setup means it’s maneuverable in the Surf and at 10′ and 32″ it’s easier to turn than the Cruiser. I’ve previously mentioned that shorter boards can lose some momentum compared to the slightly longer versions. iRocker made sure that the All-Around doesn’t speed for stability by making keeping the overall shape of the board the same as the shape of the Sport.  iRocker has found the balance of maneuverability for the surf without the loss of momentum that’s needed in flat water.

Full Range of boards
Cruiser 10’6″, All Around 10′, All-Around 11′, Sport 11′

Board Accessories

The paddle –  This is the upgraded fiberglass paddle from the iRocker Sport aluminum version. It weighs noticeably less, which if you aren’t familiar with the positives of a lighter paddle might not mean much. However, a lighter paddle means less stress on joints, and you’ll find your arms will tire slower on longer SUP adventures.  Not to mention….

  • It floats
  • Dismantles into three pieces and stores easily in the backpack
  • Adjustable 67-81 inches
  • Two pin locking system
  • Has a sturdy plastic edging so you don’t damage your paddle when pushing off rocks and other objects

Here is a picture of the old aluminum paddle next to the new fiberglass version:

Two SUP Paddles

Tie downs – Handy storage with loads of space up the front of the board with secure tie downs so you don’t lose your picnic to the fishes.

The bag – Another upgrade, well made out of quality materials and with good support. The support is vital if you’re planning on hiking anywhere with your SUP. It also zips all the way down making getting the board in and out a much simpler process than before. The All-Around also comes with the new and improved backpack that I already mentioned several times. It’s super high-quality and definitely one of the best backpacks you can currently get.

irocker bags
The old one on the left and the new and improved version on the right

Hand pump – A reasonable quality for this price. It also works as a dual action pump, (pumping air in as you push down AND pull up) saving you time on inflating and making more time for paddling! You can switch back to single action when PSI gets higher; it will make the pumping easier. You can also keep an eye on what level PSI you are up to with the integrated pressure gauge.

Repair Kit – Included in the repair kit is a valve wrench if you ever feel you’re inflation valve is coming loose and 2 PVC patches (not that I think you would ever need them with such a strong board).

Leash – Strong coiled leash with ankle strap that includes a spot to stash your keys safely so that you can get home safely at the end of the day too!

Kayak Bundle – This is separate purchase unlike the rest of the accessories, the kayak bundle transforms your SUP into a kayak essentially!

Extra SUP gear
Backpack, pump, fin, leash, the paddle with the extra kayak blade, kayak seat, and a repair kit.


Overall I found the all-rounder met all of my expectations. The added color choice has left me without much bad to say.

If you are in the market for a high-performance board, surf or racing, you’ll again find boards elsewhere that will accentuate the performance. However, this is an ideal board for beginners, intermediates as well suiting flat-water and surf conditions.  I feel you can’t do much better for what you get and cost comparison. Its priceless fun being about to paddle your SUP in both conditions and knowing that you’re board is indestructible and having comfort that a 2-year warranty is in place to back that statement up.

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If you’re a larger rider the All Around 11′ is always an option. Want something more stable to bring your kids or do yoga? Try the Cruiser instead. I reviewed it here. And last but not least if you’re mostly paddling on flat water and prefer to have a board that’s a little quicker you should take a look at the 11′ Sport. There is a picture of all 4 boards next to each other about halfway through the review.

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6 thoughts on “iRocker All Around 10’ Review”

  1. I have never been on a sup but am interested in doing yoga and cruising the lake, I am 5″2 and 130lbs which board do you think would be a better fit the cruiser or the all around? thanks

    • Hi Andrea.

      The Criser is the more stable out of the two. It’s also a little wider and offers plenty of space to do yoga. I’d say go for the Cruiser if yoga and relaxed paddling is your priority.

  2. Hi,
    we are beginners and are looking for a family sup. We have lots of lakes around and are every year for 3 weeks in sardinia at the beach. We have a 5 year old son, my wife is 5″8 and 138lbs, i´m 6″ and 185lbs. I don´t think we´ll start yoga…we want have some fun alone and together. The cruiser would be the safe option, but i think after little learning the all around will be more fun. Should we take the 10″ or the 11″? What do you think? thanks a lot, you have been already a great help…

    • Hi,

      The Cruiser is more stable but not as fast as the All-Around. The All-Around is likely the better choice for you. You will have an easier time cutting through waves and in choppy condition. It also comes with handles for kids to hold onto. I’d go for the 11′ version. The 10′ would be a little small for you and your wife can definitely handle the 11′ after a little practice as well. The longer board tracks better and glides better.

  3. I’m 5’4 – 180 lbs., intermediate boarder. I’ve tried both 10 ft and 11 ft in other brands and found the 11 foot boards feel more like paddling a raft–much slower and less tracking. I’d be interested in your perspective on the difference between the rocker 10 and 11 foot boards.

    • Hi.

      It’s usually the opposite. A longer board will have more glide so it should be faster in most cases. Same goes for tracking. A longer board should track better not worse and actually be harder to turn. Which boards did you use before?

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