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  1. Hello there Sarah!

    Loving your reviews but i’m torn between the models of the Blackfins.

    Looking to spend ~800€ for a SUP and i’ve heard the blackfins are great (on your, and on other websites) now i’m trying to decide to get one of those..

    Mostly i’m gonna be on the SUP myself, but also will take my brother/gf and maybe a third person for a few rides so that’ll be about 160kg-200kg (really rarely) on the paddle. I will be on calm switzerland lakes. Which one would you recommend?

    I thought of getting the Model V since it’s the most expensive (which i hope makes it the best) or do you recommend another Blackfin?

    • Hey Gutzi
      Thanks for the compliment!

      You sound like you’re looking to throw a party! The Model V is the newest of the line and I believe out of the Blackfins costs the most to make, hence the slightly higher price tag. It’s longer but it’s thinner, it’s made for touring. I would be looking at the Model X in your case.

      It’s stable and strong enough for a couple (perhaps a few depending weight like you said – I paddled it with 3 adults, a child, and a dog for fun once and we didn’t sink) and still a really fun board for just one person. You could go the XL and you’d definitely be fine with a crowd but you may find the X more enjoyable to ride around on when it’s just you.

      Let us know what you decide! 🙂


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