Can You Leave a Paddle board Inflated?

You can leave a paddle board inflated. Afterall you put all that effort into inflating it; why would you want to deflate it after only a couple hours of use? We totally understand that. So if you plan on leaving your board inflated, then here are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep it out of the elements

Even though SUP boards are supposed to be used in the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean that they’ll do well stored out there. Sun can break down the PVC material and cause it to crack like an old tire. Eventually, it will get to the point where it’s not worth using, or it’ll look more like a fried egg than a SUP board.

It’s not only about keeping your board indoors because sheds and workshops get really hot too. As your board heats up, the air inside will expand; If you filled your board to its max PSI then this could put unnecessary strain on the board. That most likely won’t be an issue since many modern boards have Max PSI thresholds that generally exceed its recommended PSI use. But it’s a good thing to keep in mind just in case.

Keep it off the ground

Another solid piece of advice is to keep the board off the ground. There are many reasons why you should. Your pricey SUP could come in contact with many common elements and molecules found in simple dirt, or it could be chewed on by a mouse. It would be better to keep your board on a SUP board rack or sawhorses. Anything but the ground.

It will lose air over time

If you’re planning on keeping your board inflated so you can quickly get out and use it, then you can do that. You will see a change in air pressure as the seasons change, and heat levels rise and fall. Air will also just escape from the board. So now and then you’ll have to top off the board with some more air.

Glued Seams

Another thing to think about is that leaving an inflatable SUP board with glued seams inflated can increase the rate of reaction between the glue and PVC. This can lead to the glue losing its ability to hold the joined seams together. If you keep the board folded up and in its storage bag, there’s no increased stress or oxidative reaction on/with the glue.

Keep it clean

Dirt contains many common elements that can degrade PVC to the point that it begins to granulate. Overtime if your board is kept dirty or left on the ground, it will shorten the life of your board. This is especially true for cleaning your board after you use it in the ocean. Salt can wreak havoc on PVC if its left to sit for long periods. So if you’re going to keep your board inflated, at least keep it clean too!


Although you can leave a paddle board inflated, you do run a higher risk of degrading your board’s longevity. Keeping your board in its bag and stored in a climate-controlled area is your best bet to get the most use out of your board and to keep away from avoidable expensive repairs.

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