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Amundson TR-2 Stand Up Paddleboard 12′ 6″

Blending Speed with Stability = Great SUP Design.

Note: The Amundson TR-2 SUP is currently out of stock on most sites.

The Amundson TR-2 SUP 12’6″ is a beautifully designed board perfect for long distance touring, flatwater cruising Amundson TR-2and recreational racing activities.

This is a fast ride with all the features you would expect from a top SUP design firm like Amundson.

The bow is designed with added volume and piercing front end to cut through chop and displace water, while the rear portion of the board is shaped for planning.

The board’s volume, at 230 litres, gives you nice leverage above the water. The inverted V shape of the hull also displaces water to keep you dry in the cockpit. This area is slightly recessed to give you a lower center of gravity.

The board’s designer, John Amundson, notably tested several of these boards to find the right combination of speed and stability before finalizing the TR-2.

This board is even appropriate for entry-level paddlers and first time racers.

Construction of the Amundson TR-2 includes an EPS foam core, fiberglass and mat fiberglass, australian pine, epoxy finishes and an EVA deck pad.

View the image below for more detail:

Amundson TR-2 Construction

Board Specs:
12’6” x 29” x 6¼”
381cm x 74cm x 16cm
239 liters, 32 ½ lbs. (14.8 kg)

Where to buy Amundson SUPs.

This board is available from Moosejaw for $1,499.95. Moosejaw also carries the Amundson TR-X, a highly specialized and advanced touring SUP.

Check out the Amundson TR Series in action:

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