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The Art of SUP . . . on Land

First introduced by Kahuna Creations back in 2006, land paddling combines the skill and beauty of longboarding with balance and power of SUP.

In addition to the endless fun of cruising the streets with a land paddle rig, this sport is now one of the best ways to cross train for stand-up paddle boarding.

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What is Land Paddling?

Land paddling takes longboarding and adds the stability, control and propulsion benefits of a paddle. The “paddle” (aka Kahuna Stick) is actually a rubberized road blade designed so you can drag, turn and propel forward on the longboard.

Land paddling is a great workout too. When longboarding, your legs, and core are always working. Now add in the benefits of paddle strokes. Just as with SUP, this is a full-body activity.

It will also greatly increase your paddling balance and strength. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to train for SUP in the off-season.


How to learn

It’s important to take your time learning the basics and getting comfortable on the longboard.

We found that cruising on some long flat stretches of relatively smooth road was a great way to test out the sport and slowly build up our confidence.

Now that you’ve conquered the flats and feel comfortable cruising on the board while using the paddle for support and speed control, you’re almost ready for your first downhill land paddle run.

But first start practicing on some short, gradual slopes.

Once you’re comfortable, you’re on your way to true carving. Use your land paddle to lean into turns, generate power and get lower than ever thought possible on a longboard.

Check out some videos from Kahuna to learn how to start and progress with this new and exciting sport. Then take your new found balance, strength and skills back to the water.


Gear Up

Kahuna longboards are custom crafted cruising and carving machines ranging in lengths from 43” – 59”.

Land paddle shafts, available in adjustable and fixed length versions, are made from different materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass, and bamboo.

Have you tried land paddling? Please feel free to share your experience!

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