SUP Video Clips

Our SUP video clip (YouTube) library includes views into different aspects of stand up paddleboarding from around the world. We’re always adding to the list, so be sure to stop by and check out new additions.

We search new videos posted on YouTube and curate the best clips that show the sport for pure recreational enjoyment, the thrill and excitement of riding waves on a SUP, river surfing, instructional videos, fishing SUP excursions, touring and endurance challenges and more.

Check out some educational footage on advanced river SUP riding. NOTE: This is truly for advanced river surfers only… we thought it would be inspirational for the rest of us, but definitely would not recommend attempting until you have a firm grasp of basic to intermediate river SUP skills.

Some inspiring words and footage from Dava Kalama at Imagine Surf. He talks about his board design process (every board is unique) and the need to stop thinking and just surf. There’s nice paddleboard footage in here too. The sport is about serenity, focus and beauty… well put.

From 2011, this clip shows professional stand up paddlers tackling the Colorado River after a historic Spring runoff.

Stand up paddling down the river Thames. This clip features a SUP charity event on a 4 mile course along the Thames River. This is a brief look into how SUPs can be used as a way to organize communities of riders and also gain a unique perspective from inland waterways.

Laird Hamilton . . .need we say more

Stand Up Paddling on the Bar (Amazing)

The Art of SUP

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