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Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPS) Review – 2024

Who is Starboard

Founder: Svein Rasmussen
When: 1994
Head Quarters: Thailand

Over the course of this post we’ll be providing a brief review of each of Staboard’s stand up paddle boards (SUPs), as well as providing some background information about where Starboard got its start and how they’ve built up their reputation within the US and the larger SUP community.

Starboard is possibly the most recognizable name in the SUP industry, however that’s not where the company started. Founded in 1994 by Olympic athlete and windsurfing world champion Svein Rasmussen, Starboard began as a builder of performance windsurf boards and equipment. Starboard wouldn’t enter the Stand Up Paddleboard market until 12 years later in 2006.

As a company, Starboard’s vision is to “make the best and most innovative tools and toys for enjoying the ocean.” They focus on performance, accessibility, eco-innovation and other environmentally-friendly initiatives by making carbon net-positive products and using recycled materials when possible.

Starboard iGo Deluxe 12 x 33

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Since 2006, Starboard’s design ethos and innovation has made them one of the top players in the paddleboard industry from the world’s fastest SUP racers to the beginner purchasing their first inflatable paddle board.

Why We Love and Recommend Starboard SUPs

Starboard’s design and technology innovation make them not only an industry leader, but also a favorite brand among paddlers. While their range of hard boards is known for podium finishes and ultra-high performance on the wave, their inflatable products are likewise top performers and built to last.

When choosing an inflatable SUP its important to match the size and shape of the board to your desired activity. With a range of 14 different iSUP models, almost all of which are available in at least 3 different sizes and multiple construction configurations, you can be sure to find an inflatable Starboard SUP that suits your needs for surfing, racing, and everything in between.

Starboard’s inflatable construction is as well thought out as their design. All of Starboard’s inflatable SUPs have heat-welded rails for maximum strength and durability, and they now have three core inflatable constructions:

Deluxe Construction (DSC / DDC)
This is Starboard’s flagship construction using woven drop stitch cores, double-layer fusion PVC shells, and double-layer, double-reinforced rails. The Deluxe construction is available in both the standard Deluxe Single Chamber and Deluxe Double Chamber option on some boards creating a second air chamber

Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Construction Diagram
[Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Construction Diagram]

Zen Construction (ZSC / ZDC / Roll)
The Zen construction is lighter weight than the Deluxe construction. It uses a linear drop stitch core, single layer PVC shell, and reinforced rails. The Zen construction is available in a single chamber and double chamber option, and is now available in their new Zen Roll construction allowing the boards to roll into a very compact package for easy transportation.

Starboard Zen Roll iSUP
[Starboard Zen Roll iSUP]

Starboard’s iSUPs also have a large number of different features depending on the model. Some examples include:

  • US fin boxes and/or FCS fin boxes on all models
  • FCS Insert mounting points
  • Cargo Bungees
  • High-traction deck pads
  • Shoulder/Paddle straps
  • Windsurf mast mounts
  • Rail edge bars
  • Concave rails
  • Tension adjustment cable
  • Fins made with recycled fishing nets
  • Bags made with recycled plastic bottles
  • Trash pickers that attach to your paddle

Starboard’s inflatable paddle boards come as a mostly complete kit with board, leash, fin, pump, and bag, however they do not include a paddle. Starboard does make a great variety of high quality paddles at all price levels, though.

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Starboard Reviews – The Boards

Starboard 10’8 iGO Deluxe SUP (See Full Review)

Starboard 10’8 iGO Deluxe SUP

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Starboard’s 10’8 x 33” iGo Deluxe is a classic cruiser paddle board that’s stable, easy to paddle, and has great versatility for a fun time in any condition.

The classic Starboard Blue and Red color scheme looks fantastic, and the high quality Deluxe construction means this board will stick with you through thick and thin. Starboard has excellently blended the iGo’s performance so it’s maneuverable, but easy to track straight, stable, yet can get up to speed for catching waves.

If this seems like a good fit for you, head over to our more in-depth review of the Starboard 10’8 iGo Deluxe to get a better idea of our experience riding and testing this board.

Starboard 11’2 x 31+ iGO Zen SUP (See Full Review)

Starboard 11’2 x 31+ iGO Zen SUP

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The Zen construction is not only lightweight, but it’s also very budget friendly. The iGo 11’2 x 31+ is a great all-around iSUP that weighs less than 20 pounds. The “31+” name comes from the board’s 31.75” width that gives it comfortable stability and smooth paddling performance. The longer waterline and slightly sleeker shape make this a good option for those longer day trips compared to the 10’8 iGO

While the iGo 11’2 Zen does balance its performance characteristics well, it’s not as stiff as the Deluxe construction. It’s a good option for paddlers up to 200 lbs, however larger paddlers will find that the lighter construction is not as rigid and impacts performance and stability.

If you’re looking for a more efficient and lightweight all-around iSUP, check out our in-depth review of the Starboard 11’2 x 31+ iGo Zen iSUP.

Starboard 14’ x 28” All Star Airline iSUP (See Full Review)

Starboard 14’ x 28'' All Star Airline iSUP

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As one of the top names in professional SUP racing, it’s no surprise the Starboard has an equally high-performing inflatable race board. The All Star Airline shares the same outline as the 2022/2023 carbon fiber Starboard All Star and is one of the fastest paddle boards on the water, inflatable or not!

The 28” wide All Star Airline is a great option for the paddler who wants a race-ready board that can also be used for touring, fitness, and even expedition paddling. The built in cargo area makes it easy to bring along everything you need for a day crushing miles on the water. The All Star Airline is also available in other widths and lengths to match your specific needs.

For more information on the Starboard 14’ x 28” All Star Airline, visit our in-depth review.

Starboard 12’ x 33 iGO Deluxe Double Chamber iSUP (See Full Review)

Starboard 12’ x 33 iGO Deluxe Double Chamber iSUP

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Starboard’s 12’ x 33” iGO Deluxe Double Chamber is a hybrid touring and all-around iSUP that’s beginner friendly, built extremely well, and offers a little piece of mind while on the water.

The Deluxe Double Chamber construction has two air chambers – a small central air chamber and large main chamber for the bulk of the board. Not only does this give you a little extra safety margin, but it also makes the 12’ iGO extremely rigid. It’s extra length and width make it ideal for larger paddlers, and the sleek shape keeps it moving quickly and feeling sporty.

If you’re looking for a higher-volume iSUP for a larger paddler that doesn’t want to be held back by a bulky board check out our in depth review of the Starboard 12′ iGO DDC.

Starboard SUP Reviews- Accessories

Starboard not only makes high quality SUPs, but also has a range of great accessories to make your paddling experience even better. Included with each Starboard iSUP you get a basic set of accessories:

  • Single-chamber / dual-action pump
  • Lightweight ankle leash
  • Net Positive Fin(s) for your board made from recycled fishing nets
  • Repair kit
  • Re-Cover carrying bag made from recycled plastic bottles
  • 2 year warranty

Starboard’s commitment to net-positive carbon impact and other environmental concerns is fantastic. The Net Positive fins are made from recycled fishing nets, and their Re-Cover bags are made using at least 10 plastic bottles per meter of polyester fabric. This means most of their iSUP bags up-cycle at least 20 plastic bottles.

These paddle board kits are nearly complete. You only need to add a PFD/Life Jacket and a paddle to get going. Starboard also makes some excellent paddles you can add to your board depending on your specific needs.

Starboard Paddles

Starboard makes three types of paddles available with different material and artwork options

The Lima is Starboard’s race and touring style paddle with a rectangular shape, and scooped blade. It’s meant for paddling farther, faster. It’s available in the Tiki Tech, Carbon, and PrePreg Carbon constructions for the blade and with a single, 2-piece, or 3 piece shaft.

The Enduro is Starboard’s cruiser and surf style paddle with a teardrop shape and flatter (but not flat) face. It’s meant for cruising and surfing where you want either a more relaxed paddling cadence, or maximum power with just a few quick powerful strokes. The Enduro is available in 5 different constructions (the same 3 above, plus Foil and Balsa) and is likewise available with 1, 2, and 3-piece shafts.

The Tufskin is built for durability and affordability. The Tufskin paddle uses a shape similar to the Lima, but with a highly-durable ABS plastic material designed to weather high impact use.

Where to Buy Starboard Stand Up Paddle Boards

Starboard does not currently sell directly to consumers from their own website, but rather utilizes a retailer network to sell their paddle boards and accessories. In North America, the largest such retailer is Green Water Sports. Through Green Water Sports you can order your next Starboard SUP, Paddle, or other accessory even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar retailer in your area.

Customer Service/ Warranty

Starboard warranties their iSUPs for 2 years from the date of purchase, though in our experience they are built with top-tier quality and materials. As such, any Starboard iSUP should long outlive its warranty period. Returns and warranty claims are handled by individual retailers, and Green Water Sports offers a 30 day return period.

Likewise, customer service is also primarily handled by individual retailers. Our experience both in person and “secret shopping” Green Water Sports has been excellent with timely and high quality responses.


Starboard has been in the SUP industry essentially since the beginning and it shows in their passion for making high quality products. WIth such a large product lineup, Starboard has an iSUP for every paddler, and we think that choosing a Starboard iSUP is going to be a guarantee for a good time on the water.

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