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Doctors Say Ditch The Medication, Take Up SUP

Whenever I feel blue, the first thing I do is reach out for my SUP and head out to the nearest beach. Within no time, I start to feel better. The positive effect is not just psychological, but physiological as well. After a bout of flu, I cruised around with my board and felt a new energy pulse through me. It helped me more than the medicines I was taking.

Now I don’t prescribe that you do the same, but for a very long time, I’ve felt that SUP, and surfing for that matter, can treat your body in a more holistic way than allopathic medicines.

What was just a feeling has now been confirmed by French doctors.

SUP Health Benefits
Photo: Guillaume Barucq

SUP Prescription

God bless the doctors in France who are actually prescribing a dose of SUP as a treatment for common ailments. Now we know that when a doctor tells you something, it usually is backed by cold, hard science. So, here is the science: When water breaks on the shore, or in the form of waves, they release molecules in the air. These molecules are invisible to the naked eye, but they affect us in very real way.

When we suffer from an ailment, our bodies store negative ions. The molecules react with these ions and liberate them. The result: More oxygen flows through tissues, we are able to sleep better, focus better, and our mood improves. This has been attested by Guillaume Barucq, a doctor himself, and an avid surfer, who resides in the charming town Biarritz – also known as the French surf capital.

The Scientific Study

The results mentioned above didn’t happen overnight. It took around six months for the doctors to confirm them.

Biarritz is the place where it all began when 20 doctors decided to replace standard medication of their patients with a 12-week course of SUP. The patients suffered from a range of ailments, including depression and back pain.

40-year old Karine had undergone surgery for her low back pain ten years ago. She, however, continued to suffer from it. Then came the SUP treatment.

Karine is now a SUP enthusiast with no trace of pain. She has described the new mode of treatment as, “a revolution”.

And it’s not just Karine. Most of the patients who took part in the program have reported real benefits and have discarded their medication.

Head Out To The Ocean

The next time you feel low, mentally or physically, chuck the medication and head out to the ocean. All you need are the waves and the fresh, open air.

Not convinced? Check out my five reasons to start SUPing.

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