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Board Bag Review: FCS SUP Adjustable Dayrunner

This is a hands-on review of the FCS SUP Adjustable Dayrunner adjustable board bag wide version. I use this bag to carry, store and protect an 11’ x 31” stand up paddleboard with a keeled nose. The board is over 4” thick with a 9” fin attached. I keep the fin attached during periods of frequent use.

Why I like this SUP Board Bag:

I bought the adjustable SUP board bag to accommodate boards of different sizes. If I decide to use a different board as my primary SUP on any given day, I will switch it into this bag.
FCS Dayrunner Adjustable-1

My FCS Adjustable Dayrunner extends from 10.6 – 12’. FCS also makes an adjustable SUP bag for board lengths from 8.6 – 10’. The bag extends at 6” increments by sliding the nose piece forward to your desired length and attaching via heavy duty Velcro strips. The Velcro strips are 1.6” wide to allow for more precise adjustments.

This bag is the wide version. It can handle boards up to 35.5” wide. The actual bag width is 37″. There is also a narrow version for boards up to 30” wide.

Check for Prices

This SUP bag seems to be very lightweight and durable.  It has 5mm of closed cell foam padding to provide protection in transit and storage. It also includes a fin slot with Velcro enclosure. Overall, it’s ideal for temporary travel, short-term storage, and day-to-day use.

It is easy to slide my board in and out of this bag, and there is plenty room for a wider board and the added thickness of a displacement nose. This bag will accommodate boards up to 4.5″ thick.

While it is not recommended as a long-term storage paddleboard bag, it is certainly better than not using a bag at all, and many if us would find it to be sufficient for our storage purposes.


The FCS adjustable board bag includes heat reflective silver paneling. The material is reinforced at weight bearing points. There is also a very durable zipper that I have yet to have any difficulty with. The FCS Dayrunner also features integrated air flow vents, which is essential for quick drying and drainage.

Handles and Shoulder Strap:

The bag’s handles are placed at the nose, top rail side and double-hand grip in the center of the board. Thankfully, the handles are nicely padded. There is also a padded shoulder strap. You can offset the weight of the board by carrying with the shoulder strap and top or center handles.


One issue I have with this bag is the shoulder strap. Yes, it is padded and can definitely help reduce the carry load once you get used to it and find the right balance points. But it could use more width and padding to support the weight of most boards in the 10.6 – 12′ category.

This bag retails for $220 – $230. It is on the more expensive side for a day-to-day SUP board bag. However, it definitely has more padding and better overall materials and construction than other bags I’ve seen in the same category.

A better, higher-quality board bag provides a little piece of mind. It’s also equipped with more handles, along with nice features like the Velcro enclosed fin slot and heat protective fabric. These features add up to a more expensive bag.

Overall, this is a great bag for daily use. It will protect your investment and make it easier to lug your SUP around.

If you want to learn more about this bag, you can find the FCS SUP Adjustable Dayrunner narrow and wide versions on Amazon. I also found this bag at Austin Kayak.

Have you used this SUP bag? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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