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Best Places to Paddleboard in the United States – Delaware 2021

Delaware Paddleboard

1: Dewey Beach/Delaware Seashore State Park

Dewey Beach Paddleboard
The Delaware Seashore State Park is one of the most popular state parks on the East Coast, largely because of the Dewey coastline. While the shore itself is mostly made up of soft white sand, the Dew/Seashore coastline water is ranked as the clearest and cleanest coastline water by the NRDC. Because of its crystal clear waters, Dewey Beach is packed during the summer, but thanks to the long length of the coast, it’s not hard to find a patch of water to float, meditate, or cruise.

Sailing and wind foiling are both popular activities for the area, and outside of fishing, you can paddle out to shallow spots for some clamming. If you find the beaches too busy, the Indian River Inlet offers excellent surfing and fishing, but without the crowds that flock to the other parts of the Seashore State Park.

So, if you don’t mind or find a way to ditch the crowds, be sure to head over to Dewey Beach and the Delaware Seashore State Park for a fun coastal paddling.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 203
Distance to Major Cities: 45 Minutes to Georgetown
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

2: Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach Paddleboard
Down south from Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach is another option with fantastic blue water, but without the crowds that Dewey Beach attracts in the summer. Bethany Beach offers easy touring along friendly beaches and sand dunes. If you’re in search of waves, paddle a little further out from shore for surfing, sailing, and wind foiling.

If you bring a camera, Herons and Osprey frequent Bethany Beach, especially the shore near Holts Landing State Park, with Songbirds and Hawks, rarer birds that also appear from time to time. Holts Landing State Park offers a look at Revolutionary and Pre-Columbian history, but most tourists who visit Bethany Beach and Holts Landing come for the crabbing. While it takes a bit of skill and practice to do it from a paddleboard, Bethany Beach has the only dock on the East Coast dedicated to harvesting Blue Crabs. Even if you don’t harvest one yourself, we anticipate you’ll have a blast as you check out the sand dunes and waves that mark Bethany Beach.
Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 202
Distance to Major Cities: 1 Hour to Georgetown
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

3: Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen Paddleboard
The last of the three main coastal Delaware beaches, Cape Henlopen State Park, offers the same clear water and surfing opportunities as the other beaches, but with a couple of other attractions. For those who want to take a photo of iconic lighthouses in America, two of them are located within the Cape Henlopen area, including the Harbor of Refuge Light and the Delaware Breakwater East End Light.

That’s not the only thing you’ll want to photograph, as several endangered birds make their homes in the area, including the Black Skimmer, Least Tern, and Piping Plover. Surf fishing is very popular among the locals and tourists alike, as you can expect a variety of catches, including Weakfish, Cobia, Flounder, Bluefish, and more. Cape Henlopen is windier than the other two beaches recommended above. If you are interested in some rare sights or are planning to take advantage of the wind, make sure to visit Cape Henlopen State Park.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 206
Distance to Major Cities: 1 Hour to Georgetown
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

4: Christina River

Christina River Paddleboard
The Delaware River is the most famous river within the state. In fact, the state itself is named after the river, not the other way around. While you can paddle almost anywhere on the river and have a great time, the tributary Christina River is your best bet for a fun and exciting experience.

At 35 miles long, you can start at the mouth of the river to visit the Port of Wilmington, one of the major ports for international trade in the United States. Once you start paddling into the river itself, you can experience up to Class III rapids, or you can choose to settle for something more relaxing as you fish for the Striped Bass that spawn in the area.

Depending on when you visit, you can also participate in several races put on by rowing and paddling clubs or by students visiting from the University of Delaware. If touring fits your taste more than surfing, or you find yourself in the Wilmington area already, opt to go inland and paddle on the Christina River.
Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 216
Distance to Major Cities: Direct Access to Wilmington
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

5: Silver Lake

Silver Lake Paddleboard
There’s excellent surfing and fishing if you head to the coast of Delaware and the many state parks, but they do require some paddling experience to navigate. If you’re a beginner, we suggest visiting Silver Lake in Dover. It is the perfect place to learn!

With 182 acres of water to explore, there’s plenty of space for paddlers to spread out and get adjusted to the water without bumping into each other or heading too far out from shore. Those who are learning to fish can catch Bass, Carp, and Catfish. Bird watchers and yogis will also enjoy the flight of Mallard ducks, Blue Herons, and Eagles that pass through the area.

Located in the heart of Dover, Silver Lake is just a short drive or walk away to get to the water and start learning how to stand up paddleboard.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 198
Distance to Major Cities: Direct Access to Dover
Motor Vehicles Allowed: No
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

Conclusion: Plan Your Paddle Board Trip and Have Fun!

Thank you for reading our top recommended paddleboard destinations for the coastal state of Delaware! While we’ve had a chance to visit a few of our recommended locations, we haven’t personally been to all of them, and so we rely on the reviews and opinions of other paddlers and our readers.

If you’ve been to one of these beaches listed above or want to suggest a different paddleboarding location that enthusiasts should visit in Delaware, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us an email with your thoughts.

As part of our fifty state series, you can look forward to our top paddleboard locations in Florida and other states or visit our top fifteen paddleboarding destinations in the United States. While you’re here, be sure to check out our latest reviews, guides, and videos and let us know how SUPBoardGuide.com can become the ultimate paddleboard resource on the internet.

Remember to stay safe by wearing a leash and PFD and have fun paddling around Delaware’s beaches and rivers!

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