Cruise The Waves With The Best Paddle Boards My Top 5

Updated: 3/28/2017
Summer’s back!
It’s time to ditch whatever you’re doing and hit the beach. There is nothing that comes close to feeling the cool, blue waters on a hot, sunny day. And the best way to cruise the waves is with your Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).
Max Fun Under The Sun
I have handpicked the 5 best SUPs after careful consideration. I took a close look at the stability the board provides, how smoothly it glides over water, and the price point. All 5 are great boards that I can fully recommend. I also picked Allrounders for this list. Anyone, from a newbie to an expert, can use them. If you are looking for more specialized boards (racing, surfing, etc), you can check out our all-rounder sectionrace section or our touring section.

The Top 5

Here’s my top 5 SUPs. Grab’ em, glide’ em, and just enjoy the summer:

 BoardPictureDimensionsWeight CapacityWeightPriceCheck out on Amazon
Surftech SaberSaber SUP12’6″/31″/4.8″260 lbs35 lbs$$$Click Here
iRockeriRocker Paddle Board Against a Tree10′ and 11’/30″/6″385 lbs30 lbs$$Click Here
Solstice BaliBali SUP by Solstice10.8″/29″/4″250 lbs28 lbs$$Click Here
Earth SUP BiscayneBiscayne paddle board12.6″/28″/4.4″190 lbs28 lbs$$$Out of stock
California Board CompanyCBC SUP10.6″/30″/5″300 lbs25 lbs$Click Here

Surftech Saber

Saber SUPA few eyebrows may be raised with my choice of the Saber as No. 1 on the list. The board may not be the fastest on the water nor the most beautiful thing you laid your eyes on. But the fact that it won the 2015 Gear of The Year must mean that it has got something right about it. And I say that it has got a lot right about it.
The stability the board provides is perhaps unmatched. I don’t think any other comes close to matching the Saber on this aspect. The board does very well over the water too, providing a smooth glide. It may not be express quick, but you are guaranteed a good time on it.
With the Saber, you get excellent stability and very good glide at a RRP of 1299 bucks. I think it is a steal. Not to forget, the board is a tough beast, made from layers of fibreglass, epoxy, and wood.

iRocker Inflatable

iRocker Paddle Board Against a TreeIf you are looking for an inflatable that is also super affordable, then this is the board you need to buy. Period.
The iRocker is one of my favorite boards and is super family friendly. It finds the perfect balance between a nice and stable base and being fast and is available in 10′ and 11′. Those trying out paddleboard for the first time will find the board easy to stand on and manoeuvre. Even if they wobble, the board provides a firm support. Its lightweight nature allows for easy handling. The design is also top notch and reminds me of a retro-style race board.
I also wrote an in-depth review so be sure to check that our if the iRocker sounds like it might be a board for you.

Solstice Bali SUP

Bali SUP by SolsticeThe Solstice Bali is at No.3 because it’s one of the very few cheap inflatables that can compete with hard boards.
The board offers the best of both worlds in terms of speed and stability. You can zip across the waters without any worry of falling over. Made from a lightweight, durable material, the Solstice Bali offers excellent rigidity for an inflatable board.
What will appeal most is perhaps its price point. The board is one of the most economical ones you can buy and the cheapest on this list. It is a good option for those who want to try paddleboard without investing in a solid board.
The one issue you will face is getting the inflatable board pumped up just right. A hand pump is provided, but it is not the easiest of tasks. I go into more detail in the full review I wrote here.

Earth SUP Biscayne

Biscayne paddle boardThis is not just another SUP; it is art itself in the form of a board. The Biscayne is worth having for its looks alone, but there is more to this board than meets the eye.
The moment you step on it, you will feel that you’ve stepped on a cloud. It is that comfortable. The reason is that cork has been used instead of the usual EVA-foam deck.
Earth stays true to its name and uses sustainable materials, such as fast-growing paulownia wood and flax-fiber cloth to craft the Biscayne. The added benefit is that its lightening quick on water and the more experienced paddle-boarders will enjoy the slick manoeuvrability.
If you wanna impress the other dudes and babes on the beach, the Biscayne is the board to have, priced at $2200.

California Board Company (CBC) SUP

CBC SUPI end the list with another SUP that is ideal for beginners and amateurs – the CBC SUP.
If you are looking for a board that is easy to carry around, provides enough stability, looks cool enough, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you may be hard-pressed to find a better option than my No.5.
Crafted from high-density EPS foam, the board will feel like a feather in your hands. The foam adds to its durability as well when you’re riding it.  And because of its material, the SUP provides a soft landing if you were to wobble or trip.
The CBC SUP is one of the most economical solid boards and a great choice for families.
The downside to the foam construction is that you need to be extra careful while you carry it around. The slightest bump can cause a scratch. The deck is a bit slippery too, although it can be fixed with a coat of wax.
All in all, the CBC SUP is a pretty good option for your first board.
Paddle Away This Summer
There you have it…the top 5 SUPs that will make your summer that much more fun and happening. The boards that I have handpicked represent the best that paddleboard has to offer. I would love to know if you have anything interesting to offer as well.