Rave Soft Top Chevron SUPThe Rave Chevron Soft Top SUP is an affordable option for entry level paddlers looking for ease of paddling and stability.

The Chevron’s soft top makes it a good choice for newbies. You’ll also find this board in rental fleets and yoga classes because it’s designed for educational needs and stability.

What’s unique about the board is that is also has hard rails (EVA abrasion resistant), which adds an important level of durability.

Since this board is commonly used on lakes and other flat water environments, the durability factor is important because many times you’ll be launching from a dock or other platform.

Whether you’re using the dock or platform for added stability when getting on your SUP or to tie up temporarily, the board will likely bump and rub up against the float. That’s why you need the hard rails, and the Rave has you covered here.

Getting back to the main feature – its soft top and stability – this is why yoga enthusiasts and novices love this board. It acts a platform for many activities and is great for classes and family use.

Rave SUP Yoga

More on the construction details: The Rave is built with an EPS core and  EVA top skin. The bottom skin is layered with hard polyethylene. As we mentioned, the side rails, tip and tail are constructed with high density EVA for added protection.

Board Specs:
Length: 11′
Width: 31″
Fin: Single
Weight: 40lbs
Volume: 190-199 ltr

The Rave Sports company specializes in recreational water games and equipment. Their SUP line compliments an already broad range of water products, including water skis, wake boards, floats and trampolines, kayaks, and more. They’ve been at this for over 20 years and the line of SUPs for recreational and performance purposes continues to grow.

Where to Buy this Board:

You can find the Rave Soft Top SUP Paddleboard 11′ at the house, regularly $879.99 on sale for $799.99.

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