Jimmy Styks 10'6

Jimmy Styks 10'6












            • Super strong board
            • Really stable
            • Great entry level board
            • Rocker making it easy to maneuver


            • Really a beginner board. If you have some experience you probably want to consider a shorter board


            This is a great board for those who want to just get out in the water on a nice calm day and go for a paddle. It does really well in flat conditions and can even handle a little bit of chop. The extended rocker allows the choice for those who want to try their hand at catching waves. The best surf conditions for this board are from small point breaks to more intermediate reefs with some hollowness. The more advanced SUPer can use it in more challenging surf.

            Lil Billy SupConstruction:

            This board is ultra strong. With an EPS core, triple epoxy glass job on the deck, and double epoxy glass job on the bottom, there’s a good chance that you will have this board for the rest of your life (unless you’ve got a thing for low tide slabs). It also has a gloss coat around the whole board and a protective skin that’s been polished, both of these giving the board an even smoother feel in across the water.


            It has a wide platform that makes it ideal for easy stability and covering a lot of distance with each stroke. It has some maneuverability that is aided by the elevated nose rocker. Its main application is for cruising and enjoying a nice ride


            This board has a good amount of volume. At 10’6”, 29” and 172 liters, it can easily hold a medium to bigger build at 190lbs. If you’re a smaller body type you may need some help getting to the beach as it weighs almost 30lbs. It comes in two colors: red and white. It comes with a paddle, board bag, and three fins.


            This is a really fun board for cruising around on a nice sunny day. It’s very stable and easy for beginners to have a good time on right away. It has a good amount of maneuverability, so if you ever decide you want to start catching waves and doing tricks you won’t have to buy a different board.

            Lil Billy SUP packageCons:

            This board would only be bad for a more advanced person who wants to try catching really big and gnarly waves. Once you get to a higher level of surfing, this board may not perform as quickly as you’d like.


            This is the perfect board to bring for an all day outing to the beach. It provides a wonderful way to get out on the water and explore the scenery and wildlife while getting a bit of exercise. This board is the best option if you’ve never tried SUPing or if you have tried it and are thinking of learning how to catch waves. If you’re a more advanced rider, you’ll want to look for something that’s a bit shorter and has more maneuverability.

            Nose Rocker6″
            Tail Rocker4.25″
            Board Weight29lbs