The 5 Best SUP Schools In California

Cove Paddle Los Angeles

Having toured from coast to coast of continental America, bringing you the very best SUP beaches, I decided to take a breather in California. Now the sunny state is known for many things, but it definitely has an excellent vibe for SUP. I could feel the passion and the interest that the locals and tourists had … Read more

Frenchman Attempting to Paddle His Way Across the Atlantic Ocean

Nicolas training for his marathon ride

A French paddler and a firefighter by profession named Nicolas Jarossay, 38 years old, wants to be the first person to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean using a stand up paddle board. Jarossay has been planning this extreme expedition for two years and he wants to make an attempt for that title on January 2016. … Read more

6 Great SUP Locations: Beginner to Advanced

Where will you go for your next SUP adventure? As SUP has reached the mainstream world of outdoor recreation, more and more recommended locations are being discovered by our team of SUP enthusiasts. Whether you’re just starting out or ready for some whitewater SUP, here are some great choices. Beginner: A nice easy day on … Read more