Race Paddle Boards

Wanting speed and a challenge? Racing boards are a lot narrower in the body and nose (25’-29’) than the rest of the SUP family. This is to improve it’s speed and momentum once going. These are not ideal boards for beginners as the narrower board will make it hard to shake those beginner wobbles.

Bordworks Carbon Inegra


Boardworks Eradicator

Price: $1500+Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: ExpertUse: Racing
Weight: 47lbsSizes: 12’6″x26″

Woodpecker SUP


Jimmy Styks Woodpecker

Price: $500-$1000Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: Advanced-ExpertUse: Racing
Weight: 33lbsSizes: 12’6″x30″

Naish Glide Touring


Naish Glide GS

Price: <$500Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: AdvancedUse: Touring/Racing
Weight: 22lbsSizes: 12’x31″

Tower Paddle Boards iRace Review


Tower iRace

Price: $500-$1000Build: Inflatable
Skill: Advanced-ExpertUse:Racing
Weigh: 27lbsSizes: 12’6″x30″