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Can SUP Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

We live in a wonderful age where fitness and shedding those few kg’s can be fun! My preference for keeping in shape has always been to do it through an activity. I never liked the idea of working out inside or my view being a mirror image of myself or another, so I...

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The Real Bali SUP Traveler Part 4

Post by Sarah Sackville Finally, what I’ve been searching for. The real Bali. I know I mentioned “The Real Bali” in a previous blog about the jungle in central Bali, but that was more about the landscapes. This week I found the culture. I found the culture that is...

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Bukit SUP Traveler Part 2

Post by Sarah Sackville HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE CIRCLE WATER?! Bukit - A place of dreams. Home to the famous surf break Uluwatu and Bali’s most Instagrammed sunsets. Here you will find an array of popular surf spots; Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin, Impossibles,...

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Ubud & Medewi SUP Traveler Part 1

Post by Sarah Sackville So my life brings me to Bali. Home of epic waves, lush rice paddies, copious bintangs and terrifying monkeys. I’m working over here remotely for a while, I mean why not! I spend most of my time in a co-work space in Canggu writing about all...

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