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Best Places to Paddleboard in the United States – Georgia 2021

Georgia Banner Paddleboard

1: Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls Paddleboard
Many visitors passing through Georgia will wind up in Atlanta sooner or later, and when you do, you’ll want to visit Morgan Falls if paddleboarding is on your itinerary. The Morgan Falls Overlook Park sits on the northern edge of Atlanta and is a great launching point for paddlers who need to rent gear. Located next to the Morgan Falls dam, you can start to get your feet wet and learn how to paddle in the smooth waters, or head up or downstream if you want to tour the Chattahoochee River.

Morgan Falls is one of the most popular fishing spots in the area, with Striped bass, Largemouth bass, and Channel catfish being common catches. So, if you are visiting Georgia’s capital, Morgan Falls is among the best and easiest to reach reservoirs for those looking to get their SUP out on the water.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 217
Distance to Major Cities: Direct Access to Atlanta
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

2: Carters Lake

Carters Lake Paddleboard
Carters Lake has several features that make it another fantastic paddleboarding location to visit while you’re in Georgia, though you’ll likely have to drive a couple of hours to get there. Some of the biggest Spotted Bass caught in the state were reeled in here, making it a popular destination for anglers.

Outside of being the deepest lake in Georgia, Carters Lake is also home to the biggest earthen dam in the United States. Carters Lake is very calm, with 3,200 acres of surface water to spread out on, but if you are looking for a challenge, you can start paddling up the Cartecay River towards Ellijay for some Class II and III rapids. For those who wander towards the Georgia and North Carolina border, we suggest stopping by Carters Lake.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 208
Distance to Major Cities: 1 Hour to Rome, 1 Hour and 15 Minutes to Atlanta
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

3: Saint Simons Island

Saint Simons Island Paddleboard
Being located on the east coast means that Georgia is always going to have some excellent ocean paddling. Still, Saint Simons Island offers a unique experience you’ll rarely find in other eastern states. By paddling up the Mackey River, you’ll see the homes and businesses that litter Saint Simons Island from the water but also get to experience the salt marshes that mark the island up close.

Outside of the unique trees, shrubs, and other plants that prosper in salt marshes, the brackish water uniquely captures the sun’s reflection, providing especially great shots for photographers who visit dawn or twilight. You can also expect to see dolphins swim near and around the island, or head out even further if you want to get in some SUP surfing.

With several paddleboard vendors who are happy to rent gear or provide tours year-round, Saint Simons Island is a fantastic SUP spot to paddle for those visiting the southern edge of Georgia.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 202
Distance to Major Cities: Direct access to Saint Simons Island, 1 Hour and 30 Minutes to Savannah
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

4: Altamaha River

Altamaha River Paddleboard
If you have a touring board, and had your fun paddling around Saint Simons Island, head inland and start exploring the Altamaha River. At 137 miles long, the Altamaha River is full of sights that make exploring the whole stretch worth it. Take in the view of historical buildings and leftover structures from indigenous natives and early settlers marking parts of the shoreline.

Over 125 endangered species make their home on the Altamaha River, 7 of which can now only be found on the Altamaha River. Lastly, while the river is wide enough and offers multiple routes to avoid such rapids for those who prefer an easier experience, there are up to Class IV rapids you can challenge if you’re the more daring type. For touring enthusiasts, there aren’t many places better in the United States than the Altamaha River.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 202
Distance to Major Cities: Direct access to Saint Simons Island, 1 Hour and 30 Minutes to Savannah
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

5: Tybee Island

Tybee Island Paddleboard
Last but certainly not least, Tybee Island is our top recommended paddleboarding destination if you’re in the Savannah area, and our top recommended surfing SUP location as well. Tybee Island has some of the most recommended paddleboarding surfing instructors in the state, great for beginners who want either group or private lessons to ride the waves.

Tybee Island’s beaches and waters tend to be warmer than the other coastal parts of Georgia, making it better for surfing with its more consistent waves. If you’re not into surfing, you can still have plenty of fun by exploring Cockspur Island or the still-functioning 18th century Light Station and Museum, or even check out the remnants of the 19th century Fort Screven. History, waves, and other surprises await paddlers who make the trip down to Tybee Island.

Average Clear Weather Days per Year: 216
Distance to Major Cities: Direct Access to Savannah
Motor Vehicles Allowed: Yes
Paddleboard Rentals Available: Yes

Conclusion: Plan Your Paddle Board Trip and Have Fun!

Thank you for checking out our top recommended paddleboard destinations for the state of Georgia! As we haven’t had the chance to visit every place we’ve recommended personally, we are relying on other paddlers’ reviews for some locations, we want to hear your thoughts on our list!

If you’ve been to one of these suggested SUP locations or feel we left a secret spot off our list, leave a comment below or send us an email with your thoughts.

As part of our fifty state series, you can also look forward to reading about our favorite paddleboarding locations in Hawaii next, or you can visit our top fifteen paddleboard destinations in the entire US right now. While you’re here, be sure to check out our reviews, instructional guides, and videos posted here at SUPBoardGuide.com!

Thank you again for reading! Make sure to stay safe and have fun SUPing!

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